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1 "Where is My Super Suit?"

Frozone's best moment in the whole movie while getting himself ready he notices the wreckage going on outside and immediately goes to get his super suit and finds it missing as he asks his wife Honey of where she put his suit as the two exchange dialogue with Lucius telling her he needs it as Honey objects as she's preparing a dinner for that evening while Lucius tells her the public is in danger and Honey replies "My evening's in danger" before Lucius shouts "YOU TELL ME WHERE MY SUIT IS WOMAN, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE GREATER GOOD! " - egnomac

In the basement that reeks of mustard. - TriggerTrashKid

Frozone at his best - codgtamk34

The best one - ElSherlock

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2 The Parr Family and Frozone vs The Omnidroid The Parr Family and Frozone vs The Omnidroid

After Syndrome loses control of the Omnidroid it wrecks havoc in the city as the Parr family unite along with Frozone to battle the giants robot. - egnomac


Bob visits Enda Mode who designs all the super heroes super suits to get her to patch up his old suit but Edna instead wants to design him a new costume Bob asks her to include a cape but Enda refuses as she points out how previous super heroes had died because of their capes getting caught in something before she screams out "NO CAPES! ' - egnomac

Can't forget that - codgtamk34

4 Bob and Helen Argue

Bob returns home late only to find Helen waiting for him and confronts him about where he's been, she notices a bit of rubble on his jacket and realizes that he's been out uprooting the family again by performing super hero acts this leads to the two getting into a heated argument with Helen furious with Bob for being more focused on wanting to relive his glory days then being their for his family and having the kids grow up in a stable environment and not having to move all the time and Bob's counter argument about them having to give up their uniqueness just so they'll fit in with everyone and possibly lose their true identity or something like that. - egnomac

5 Syndrome's Demise

Ironically Syndrome dies after his cape gets caught in the jet turbine. - egnomac

6 Dinner Scene

As the Parr family are sitting down for dinner when all hell breaks lose first Helen tells Bob about Dash getting sent to the principals office for placing tack on the teachers desk and being caught on tape though he was moving too fast for the camera to catch him and all Bob can think about is Dash being caught on tape and still getting away with it then ask how fast he was possibly going as Helen tells hi not to encourage the kids to abuse their powers in public as Bob accidentally cuts through the plate breaking it and cutting the table, meanwhile Violet is too depressed to eat as Dash teases her about her crush Tony Rydinger as she orders him to stop and of course he continues and says she'd eat if we were eating Tonyloaf which sets her off and the two fight as Helen attempts to restrain the two while Bob is in the kitchen reading the papers before Helen orders him to intervene which he's more than willing to do as he lefts the table as Helen continues to try and stop Violet and ...more - egnomac

7 Meeting Syndrom

Bob returns to the island for another mission only to find himself at the mercy of another Omnidroid robot that is more stronger and smarter then the last robot as Syndrom appears to confront him and to Bob's surprise Syndrom is actually his number one fan Buddy who holds a grudge against him for shunning him and not allowing him to be his sidekick and now resents all superheroes in general, at one point Bob gets Syndrom to monologue so he can attack him but it fails as Syndrom realizes what he was up to as he uses his abilities to thwart his advances as he sends Bob flying into the waterfall. - egnomac

8 "Showtime"

Mr Incredible says this twice. When attending his wedding and landing on the island - codgtamk34

9 Bob Discovers Syndrome's Plans

Badass scene - codgtamk34

Bob sneaks into Syndromes secret base and discovers his horrible plan which involved killing off many of the supers who died battling his previous Omnidroids and that he plans to send the latest to attack the city unfortuantly before he can get out Helen sets off the homing device and gets Bob caught. - egnomac

10 Dash Runs Through the Water

EPIC - TriggerTrashKid

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11 Helen Walks in on Bob and Mirage Hugging and Punches Mirage

Mirage feeling bad for what Syndrome has done to Bob Mirage goes to free him as Bob grabs her by the neck ready to strangle her when Mirage tells him that his family survived the crash and are safe on the island which causes Bob to release his hold on her and is overjoyed that he didn't lose his family as he hugs Mirage who hugs him back before noticing Helen staring at the two with a blank stare on her face as Mirage awkwardly tires to clear things up and gets punched as Bob grabs her arm and explains that she was helping him to escape as Helen replies "No, that's what I was doing" as Bob pulls her towards him Helen continues to yell at him angry for lying to her and the possibility of him cheating on her with Mirage as he kisses her then tells her "How can I betray the perfect woman" as Helen replies "Oh, you're referring to me now" as he asks about the kids as Mirage tells them they may have triggered the alert as the two rush off to save them. - egnomac

12 Violet Creates a Giant Force Field to Protect the Family from Syndrome's Exploding Jet

After Syndrome's jet crashes down on the Parr family's home Violet manages to create a force field in time sparing them from the wreckage. - egnomac

13 Bob Meets Tricycle Kid


14 "I Can't lose You Again!"

Very underrated scene after the Parr family arrive in the city Bob tells them to stay behind and let him battle the Omnidroid alone but Helen refuses to let him do this alone this leads to a back and forth argument between the two with Bob trying to come up with a legit reason for him to go alone and Helen beleving that this is nothing more than for Bob be Mr. Incredible again until Bob comes out and says it "I can't lose you again! " as he fears he could lose his family again when Syndrom sent the missiles to destroy the airplane with his family on board earlier as Helen consoles him telling him if they work together then they won't have to - egnomac

15 Opening Interviews
16 The Parr Family Reunite in the Jungle The Parr Family Reunite in the Jungle
17 "I'm just getting a drink"
18 Frozone and Mr. Incredible Going Out for the Night
19 Elastigirl Returns (to Being a Badass Female Super)

Raise your hand up if you know what I'm referring to. In fact, the whole movie in general is the greatest moment of The Incredibles (2004)!

20 Elastigirl Gets Stuck in the Doorway
21 Coincidence I Think Not!
22 Bob Throws Mr. Huph Through a Series of Walls

After Bob's boss Mr. Huph prevents him from stopping a robbery Bob takes out his frustration on Mr. Huph by grabbing him by the neck and hurling him across several walls as Bob realizes he's in big trouble. - egnomac

23 Syndrome Captures the Parr Family
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1. "Where is My Super Suit?"
2. "NO CAPES!"
3. "Showtime"
1. "Where is My Super Suit?"
2. The Parr Family and Frozone vs The Omnidroid
3. "NO CAPES!"

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