Top Ten Best Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

The Top Ten
1 Reptile's Acid Bath
2 Mileena's Tasty Treat
3 Scorpion's Who’s Next!
4 Johnny Cage's Here’s Johnny

In all honesty, I think that this should be number one. I mean, come ON, who doesn't love The Shining?

5 Kenshi's Tele-Copter
6 Ermac's Inner Workings
7 Liu Kang's Splitter
8 Reptile's Bad Breath
9 Kenshi's My Puppet
10 Johnny Cage's Little Improv
The Contenders
11 Kung Lao's Flower Pot
12 Kano's Knife to Meet You
13 Jason Voorhees' Sleeping bag Killer
14 Scorpion's Stop Ahead
15 Quan Chi's Mind Game
16 Cassie Cage's Selfie

This was the best fatality no competition.

17 Sub-Zero's Chest Kold

Come on chest kold waz wayyy better that bed of ice. Just saying

18 Liu Kang's Sore Throat
19 Erron Black's Six-Shooter
20 Kitana's Dark Fan-Tasy
21 Jax's T-Wrecks
22 Goro's Shokan Amputation
23 Takeda's Whip It Good
24 Sub-Zero's Bed of Ice
25 Quan Chi's Both Ends
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