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1 All Arabs Are Terrorists

This is extremely ignorant and racist

Not all Muslims or Arabs are terrorist, I am a Muslim, Do terrorists stay on their laptops all day or go to malls and buy normal cloth or upload videos on YouTube do terrorist study English and french at school, well I do not think so in fact terrorists or not Muslims they are some dumb ass people that make there self Muslim so people can think we are

swear down you say it as a joke at school and everyone starts making tic tock noising while passing you
bloody hell - hamadharoon

The terrorist groups who claim to be following Islam like ISIS, have clearly never read the Quran. Notjing in there tells people to terrorize others

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2 Asians Are Good at Math

I'm Asian and my math is so bad. What makes people think that all Asians are smart? Is there any proof that Asians are good at Math than others? It just depends on how the students understand and work hard, that's it!

Not true. Even though lots of my classmates in my math class ( advanced math) are Asian, I know quite a few who are struggling.

It is true though that overall they're probably a bit worse in fact than say Europe is probably best but places like China and Japan's especially are some of the best countries in the world in maths

Which scientifically saying a certain countries strength is this while the other subject is this. - htoutlaws2012

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3 All Black People Listen to Hip-Hop

I'm black and I don't like any of that stuff, I listen to pop like Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Demi lovato, Katy Perry, and all the other pop singers, and I don't like fried chicken my favorite is ice cream

Don't really like your music taste, but I totally agree with the rest of it. - peaceswagtv

I'm black and I listen to rock, its super annoying cause people will be like "Why do you listen to that music" um its also music like all the other genres jeezz. - Hurricane6277

There are so many black people who don't. but there are tons of white guys who listen to it.

P. S. most white guys are pretty close minded towards other culture. I should know I'm white. - beasthound

This is literally easy first impression trap for many people. - htoutlaws2012

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4 All Muslims Are Terrorists

Completely Untrue. I go to a Muslim school and their biggest point there is that we should properly educate the terrorist because they are not following the Quran.

Uh, this is already number one. Don't post the same item twice.

I am Muslim and I am not explosive or feel like I wanna kill someone.

Wouldn't the term be ''dreamers'' if you look at it like that ugh... - htoutlaws2012

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5 Metal is All Screaming

No, metal is deep and meaningful. Why does society accept a song with a woman calling a person a stupid hoe and think metal songs about staying strong and carrying on are evil and satanic?

This stereotype should rot and die. Metal can have really profound lyrics and convey great emotion. Just because it's heavier than most music does NOT mean it's all screaming. - Ku

Most metal isn't even screaming. Plus its the best music genre because of the raw emotion and talent

There are songs that aren't as screamy as you think in fact they have a great melody depending on the choice of song varies. - htoutlaws2012

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6 All Black/African People Have Ebola and Aids

I'm pretty sure no one thinks this. But if they do, then they have a sad mind. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

That is so wrong first of all Ebola at its worst was probably 800,000 (I'm not really sure)

This is extremely pathetic. - madoog

Oh I'm sorry is this 2014 all over again? Get outta that nonsense excuse. - htoutlaws2012

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7 All British People Drink Tea and Are Rich

Totally untrue like another nation England has its fair share of rich snobs and tea lovers I am British and I like coffee and I am middle class also many people in the UK aren't rich and powerful just ordinary people like you and me and the rest of the world

What the heck?!? I have a british friend, and she's not rich, she's definitely not a snob, and she HATES tea!

I'm not rich, I don't drink tea, but I find this very offensive even though I'm black british. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

My british teacher hates tea and is average in money - Ihateschool

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8 Whites Are Closed-Minded to Other Cultures

I'm a white (German to be precise), and I am an anthropologist that visits numerous countries and countless people.

I love other cultures! - MeowMix

I am white and I love to learn about the world outside and I make an effort to learn about the world as a whole with the resources I have. I love to learn about places like China, Greece, India, and Japan

Foods from other countries are really popular in the Western World. Plus, some of us know our geography. - ethanmeinster

I respect most countries, but not those who hurt our own land intentionally. - htoutlaws2012

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9 All Heavy Metal Artists Are Devil Worshipers

Just because we love metal doesn't mean that we're "devil worshipers." Have you ever once looked at the lyrics to metal and rock songs? They are deep and give you a new, more open perspective on life. (At least to me.)

Guys that doesn't say All Heavy metal listeners, it says All heavy metal artists... Like the people that sing the music... Either way it's WRONG

Only the second wave of black metal.

90% of this site are not exactly worship satan nor are they of an atheists although there might be some who actually are, but don't worship there own would that person be the most neutral metalhead you ever known? - htoutlaws2012

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10 Mexicans Are Dumb Drunkards


Anybody's dumb when he's drunk

Since when is this a stereotype? The top two mexican stereotypes (which are not true) are: 1. They are illegal immigrants and smuggle drugs and are super poor so they join gangs. 2. They go to fiestas all the time cause they are party lovers and wear huge sombreros while shaking some maracas. - StarsNSand

I'm Mexican and although some of my family members drink, they only drink during special occasions and not all the time. - Pegasister12

Not sure about ''Drunkards'', but moreless would of selected the casual drug lords was what I expected to see. - htoutlaws2012

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? All Animation is for Kids

How was this not already on here? - 445956

South Park is a cartoon but it is T.V.-MA - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

? Anime is for Kids

Anime porn? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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11 All Americans Are Fat

I am in great shape, in fact a lot of us are. Yes, there are also a lot of fatties in this country, but guess what? There are in also EVERY OTHER COUNTRY, too! We just have a lot of people so it SEEMS like we're all fat, but we're not.

This is so annoying people always assume "fat" when the hear the word America. There are fat people everywhere not just in America. I don't like burgers I hate them so burgers are not an "American food" I'm really skinny actually so yeah

The United States does have a large portion of the population that is obese, more than Germany, for example. However, they are not the fattest country. What's going on down in the South Pacific? A huge obesity epidemic, if my research is correct!

Yet nobody hardly mention obesity crisis instead here is opioids crisis. Usually the big known states are always listed with this minor problem of america. if I said I was about 130 pounds would that still make me fat despite the description shown as ''skinny.'' - htoutlaws2012

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12 Blacks Are Ghetto

This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard, people who say this are redneck people in Ohio that can't afford gum, that are 1,000 pounds.

I'm black and I'm not even ghetto. I'm in a middle clas family and I don't speak, act, or even have that ghetto edge in my voice. I usually stay away from these kids in my school, because all they talk about is dating and Instagram. Plus my real name is not ghetto, and some people think its almost a white person type name. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

People think this because in some ghetto areas most people are black. In my year there are ghetto black people but then they're friends are mix and also white. - StarsNSand

Such a strong words for one that may secretly be one of his very own kind. - htoutlaws2012

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13 Germans Are Nazi's

It's just plain stupid and offensive. They were once, but has anyone noticed that Germany was de- Nazied by the allies after the war?! Look at Germany now; low corruption, many a multinational firm, democracy, many science institutes, and I can see that Germany gets on well with the UK (where I am); it's a great country! The whole Nazi stereotype should have been debunked long ago.

I can't stand how Hitler, one man out of a nation, ruined the entire reputation of that nation by brainwashing them. News flash to the world. Just because hitter was a horrible person doesn't mean that his entire country should share the blame.

Whoever says this is really stupid... There are more Nazi's in the US anyways. - MeowMix

By that logic then the same goes for Olympians are still Nazi's okay then... - htoutlaws2012

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14 Every Autistic Person is a Hopeless Manchild

Not everyone that has Autism is like this, they may have an anti social disability, but they know there capable of changing the world. Things happen... thus like the valentine's day massacre, unfortunately things happen at such a dull period where it seems history repeats itself by not making quick enough adjustments when enough is ENOUGH! - htoutlaws2012

My sister is autistic and is one of the smartest people in her grade AND had many friends. How dare you if you think this

, I have autism, and this one makes me want to buy that katana online and stick it into this comment. I mean, we all have talents and disadvantages, don't pin the whole disadvantage on autism and ignore the benefits. Like seriously.

I have autism and score in the 96th percentile in math, totally ridiculous to say that

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15 Gay Men Act Like Girls

I hate how everyone believes this. I'm gay and everyone thinks I'm the manliest in the class in terms of actions! There is no difference between us and straight guys, other than the fact we are attracted to the same sex! Seriously, some people.

A lot of gay men do act like girls and talk like them but just not all of them. Is it just a natural thing to call people girrl in a valley girl voice or just like instinct like when you move to another country and start speaking like them?

Not true. I live with gay men and they act twice as manly as a normal man - AnonymousChick

I'm just gonna beg to differ in saying I'm with this completely. - htoutlaws2012

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16 All Finnish people are gamers or metalheads.

Pewdiepie is Swedish - Carri796

Pewdiepie and Minecraft are proof

Pewdiepies not finnish

17 A Woman's Place is In the Home

Sofia Paredes not true at all women are very important and are just as strong and smart as men and women are just as brave they stood up for their rights to be treated like men to be equal to not be treated like nothing without women who will populate the earth without women lots of things wouldn't be here today

People who think this are fat, racist men in the South who beat their wives and shoot animals. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Oh so many kitchen jokes to pull here, but I know better than to respect the admiration for women there is today as equal (almost). - htoutlaws2012

That's sexist - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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18 All Americans are Racist

Some people are. I'm not naming certain presidents here, but you know who you are. Some Americans are super nice. I absolutely despise all of the American stereotypes. - SansTheComic

One racist American is the president not saying his name but I'm talking about the president with the bad hair whose father gave him a small loan of a million dollars - Lunala

No... All racist people are racist

You know its scary when the ''racist are coming'' once Donald Trump took office we have been one of the most offensive countries in just those some quick years. - htoutlaws2012

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19 Mentally Ill People Are Violent

Mentally Ill people are more often victims of violence and abuse than causing violence. - Rue

I have schizoid personality disorder and I'm not even violent... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Okay, Aran Ryan seems mentally ill, and he's totally violent, but that's probably more the "Fighting Irish".

Actually Mentally Ill people tend to get bullied and harassed by others because of what they have/lack - Ohno

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20 French People Are Cowards

I'm not even French and I don't know why this stereotype makes me angry, but it just does. I've read a lot of French history, and you should see the good they've done for other countries! How are they cowards?!

French people are not cowards. Hell they fought more wars than the USA!

Don't bring the british into anything @"ridiculously inaccurate..."
I'm English and my boyfriend and my one of my best friends are both French (brother and sister) and they're extremely brave and adventurous.

For an obvious example of that play Punchout's Glass Joe... that's all you can figure out from there. - htoutlaws2012

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