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All Arabs Are Terrorists

This is extremely ignorant and racist

Racist. There's also a stereotype that Christians act as they think this is true.

Not all Muslims or Arabs are terrorist, I am a Muslim, Do terrorists stay on their laptops all day or go to malls and buy normal cloth or upload videos on YouTube do terrorist study English and french at school, well I do not think so in fact terrorists or not Muslims they are some dumb ass people that make there self Muslim so people can think we are

Run for your lives! It's the terrors of the terrorists! Wait! False alarm!

Metal is All Screaming

No, metal is deep and meaningful. Why does society accept a song with a woman calling a person a stupid hoe and think metal songs about staying strong and carrying on are evil and satanic?

Most metal isn't even screaming. Plus its the best music genre because of the raw emotion and talent

Of course it's not true. And why people enjoy screams from Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, or The Beatles, but when a metal singer does a really great scream, non-metal fans think it's not good?

No, not all metal is screaming, but it probably seems that way to your elders, because it's "rebellious". In WHAT way is any music rebellious?

Asians Are Good at Math

Yup and they are also great/good teachers my favorite subject was art class because I could not even look at their eyes

Why is this a stereotype?! I always feel like I'm an alien if I get a problem wrong, god this needs to stop.

I'm Asian and my math is so bad. What makes people think that all Asians are smart? Is there any proof that Asians are good at Math than others? It just depends on how the students understand and work hard, that's it!

One answer for that stereotype could probably the upbringing of children from many Asian families. - PhoenixAura81

Not true. Even though lots of my classmates in my math class ( advanced math) are Asian, I know quite a few who are struggling.

All Black People Listen to Hip-Hop

I'm black and I don't like any of that stuff, I listen to pop like Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Demi lovato, Katy Perry, and all the other pop singers, and I don't like fried chicken my favorite is ice cream

Don't really like your music taste, but I totally agree with the rest of it. - peaceswagtv

I'm black and I listen to rock, its super annoying cause people will be like "Why do you listen to that music" um its also music like all the other genres jeezz.

There are so many black people who don't. but there are tons of white guys who listen to it.

P. S. most white guys are pretty close minded towards other culture. I should know I'm white.

Okay. I'm black. I like hip hop (though almost all hip hop songs I like aren't new), but I don't only/mainly listen to that genre. And I pretty much prefer R&B and VGM over it.

All Americans Are Fat

As an American, I can confirm that not everyone is overweight. A lot of people are, though

I am in great shape, in fact a lot of us are. Yes, there are also a lot of fatties in this country, but guess what? There are in also EVERY OTHER COUNTRY, too! We just have a lot of people so it SEEMS like we're all fat, but we're not.

Gentleman Johnathan People have different opinions. Don't tell me to shut up you ignorant jerk!

This is so annoying people always assume "fat" when the hear the word America. There are fat people everywhere not just in America. I don't like burgers I hate them so burgers are not an "American food" I'm really skinny actually so yeah

Germans are Nazis

No. My family is mostly German and we are against Nazis. In fact, my great grandparents fled Germany to ESCAPE the Nazis

It's just plain stupid and offensive. They were once, but has anyone noticed that Germany was de- Nazied by the allies after the war?! Look at Germany now; low corruption, many a multinational firm, democracy, many science institutes, and I can see that Germany gets on well with the UK (where I am); it's a great country! The whole Nazi stereotype should have been debunked long ago.

I can't stand how Hitler, one man out of a nation, ruined the entire reputation of that nation by brainwashing them. News flash to the world. Just because hitter was a horrible person doesn't mean that his entire country should share the blame.

I have friend who's ancestors were German if you consider her a Nazi then you have consider me a Nazi too by the way I'm Asian. I dare anyone to challenge that has the stupidity to so

All Muslims are Terrorists

Completely Untrue. I go to a Muslim school and their biggest point there is that we should properly educate the terrorist because they are not following the Quran.

I am Muslim and I am not explosive or feel like I wanna kill someone.

This gets me angry. For the last time, Muslims aren't terrorists! I hate it when people always think that.

This stereotype is so absurd it had to be put twice

Whites Are Closed-Minded to Other Cultures

I'm a white (German to be precise), and I am an anthropologist that visits numerous countries and countless people.

I love other cultures!

I am white and I love to learn about the world outside and I make an effort to learn about the world as a whole with the resources I have. I love to learn about places like China, Greece, India, and Japan

Foods from other countries are really popular in the Western World. Plus, some of us know our geography.

(If you a White American) THIS IS TRUE!

All Teenagers Smoke

Smoking is disgusting. The smell sucks, is gross and from a young age teachers always have taught the class about the bad things smoking does so I am anti-smoking and put off by it.

I'm a teen and I find smoking disgusting.

Since this site seems to mostly teens, like me, it's hard people actually believe this.

Whoever thinks this stereotype is true is so retarded. Most parents get stricter with their kids when they grow into teenagers.

A Woman's Place is In the Home

This is a VERY ANNOYING stereotype that has been seen everywhere! (even in this add I saw) but this is VERY false!
(I actually know someone who punched someone after they said this to her)

We let you in this world, and THIS is where you're telling us to go?!

Sofia Paredes not true at all women are very important and are just as strong and smart as men and women are just as brave they stood up for their rights to be treated like men to be equal to not be treated like nothing without women who will populate the earth without women lots of things wouldn't be here today

People who think this are fat, racist men in the South who beat their wives and shoot animals.

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All Americans Are Stupid

Factually the smartest country ever is a load of hogwash. I met an American university student who'd never heard of Indonesia, let alone know where it's situated. Americans are so parochial and if you don't know what parochial means, look it up.

I'm NOT American myself but NOT all Americans are stupid, they're smart, educated, open minded to other cultures and maybe religions, invented most things and sometimes outspoken.

Well, in my area, this is...sort of true? It sometimes feels like I'm the only one who is decently intelligent (only decently). Sure, that may be because I go to a school with kids who either have anger issues or whose minds are totally destroyed.

We aren't all stupid. To broaden this out, let's make this "Whites are Stupid." I"m mostly white, and I'm smart. I know a few white people better than me at math. I know a few Asians only in the average. I am not trying to flip the stereotypes, but still, just get rid of them. Oh, and let's take into mind that Einstein was white?

All Brits are Snobs and are Rich

If I was a spoiled brat I would've had Furby not a McDonalds Shelby.
I live in a town for the poor lower class.
I used to live in a flat that had an outdated boiler cupboard from the 1960s or something. I liked the flat though before it was demolished...but the garden was bad you could never grow vegetables there.

I am a proud American. The British are not snobs and rich if they were rich they would buy the world. Why can't everyone be happy? We have all something special. Don't take anger out on another country

We're not all snobs. Don't believe a word these Americans spout. I'm from Kensington, which is in London, and yes the majority of us earn around 120,000 a year doesn't mean we're snobs. Not everyone is rich, some areas, such as Birmingham, brixton and generally up north are quite poor. Also the Scottish, northern Irish and the welsh aren't that rich at all.

Whoever is the proud American if we are rich we wouldn't buy the world that is just stupid we would have to be incredibly thick to do that also no one has enough money to do that if we added up all the money in the world there would be even a fraction of what was needed to but the world

Gay Men Act Like Girls

This one is partly true. I've seen a lot of gay men at school and college and they all clearly had a girly behavior. There was just one that admitted he was gay and we all thought he was straight all this time, he didn't look girly. I guess the extroverted homosexuals act more girly and the introverted ones have a normal behavior.

A lot of gay men do act like girls and talk like them but just not all of them. Is it just a natural thing to call people girrl in a valley girl voice or just like instinct like when you move to another country and start speaking like them?

Not true. I live with gay men and they act twice as manly as a normal man

I had a Spanish teacher whom I just founded out that he's gay (he now has a boyfriend.) He doesn't act like a girl at all.

All Blondes are Dumb

I am NOT blonde but I HATE THIS ONE SO MUCH! Nobody should be judged on something they are.

I'm blonde and I hate this stereotype! People always assume that I'm girly and dumb just because of my hair color! It sucks!

I'm not blonde myself but many of my friends are and they're not dumb! This stereotype is really stupid and rude.

I had a blonde math teacher and she's pretty smart. She rarely makes a mistake in doing math.

Mexicans Are Dumb Drunkards


Anybody's dumb when he's drunk

I know some Mexicans and they don't get drunk and aren't stupid. One of them was even a valedictorian.

Since when is this a stereotype? The top two mexican stereotypes (which are not true) are: 1. They are illegal immigrants and smuggle drugs and are super poor so they join gangs. 2. They go to fiestas all the time cause they are party lovers and wear huge sombreros while shaking some maracas.

I'm Mexican and although some of my family members drink, they only drink during special occasions and not all the time.

All Black/African People Have Ebola and Aids

I'm black, and I don't have any relatives who had either one of them.

I'm pretty sure no one thinks this. But if they do, then they have a sad mind.

That is so wrong first of all Ebola at its worst was probably 800,000 (I'm not really sure)

That's rude and stupid. Not everywhere in Africa has Ebola.

All British People Drink Tea and are Rich

Not all. Even for the rest, it depends on what 'rich' means. Many get good salaries but aren't that good at saving money.

I think this might mean something. About British people are rich. They currently have one of the highest currency around the world, and most of them seemed to live pretty good in their home country. And when they move out or travel to other countries, their money would cost a lot more than the average living cost of the people in that country. (Very messy English. Hope you guys understood what I was trying to say).

Totally untrue like another nation England has its fair share of rich snobs and tea lovers I am British and I like coffee and I am middle class also many people in the UK aren't rich and powerful just ordinary people like you and me and the rest of the world

What the heck?!? I have a british friend, and she's not rich, she's definitely not a snob, and she HATES tea!

Afghans are Dumb Horse-Riders

What? I'm part Afghan and I've never heard of this before

All 12 Year Olds are Immature Brats

Some are. Then there are lonely, suicidal 12 year olds crippled by social anxiety. Source: my life.

I'm 12 and I'm trying to fix my mistakes and be a better person, not a immature brat.

No offense but What have you done that has caused that big of mistakes at 12?

Only the bullies.

Not true they can be nice but the nasty ones are NASTY

Americans Suck At Everything

I'm an American technically, as I'm African American/Black, and I'm good at plenty of things, such as writing essays, drawing, being nice, etc.

This is seriously untrue. One does not simply "suck at everything." I suck at a fair amount of things (gymnastics, hiking, running, singing) but those aren't everything. According to this stereotype, I'm either a talentless eggplant or secretly Canadian.

I'm not American myself, but Americans don't suck at everything.

This is wrong. We didn't suck in wwII. We are one of the most influential countries on earth. That alone proves we don't suck at everything.

All Americans Are Bad At Cultural Geography

I'm American and I'm an expert at different cultures. Geography is actually one of my passions.

That is half true.

I won the geography bee at my school in 8th grade and I’m American.

Asians Wear Straw Hats

I've never heard of this stereotype before.

Asian parents: what u want to do when u grow up
Me: rice farmer

Not all of them do.

Only farmers

All Heavy Metal Artists Are Devil Worshipers

Take Slayer's Tom Araya for example, he's Catholic. The man is the frontman of a band with satanic-like lyrics and he's Catholic. This proves this stereotype wrong.

Just because we love metal doesn't mean that we're "devil worshipers." Have you ever once looked at the lyrics to metal and rock songs? They are deep and give you a new, more open perspective on life. (At least to me.)

Guys that doesn't say All Heavy metal listeners, it says All heavy metal artists... Like the people that sing the music... Either way it's WRONG

Only the second wave of black metal.

All Americans are Racist

Some people are. I'm not naming certain presidents here, but you know who you are. Some Americans are super nice. I absolutely despise all of the American stereotypes.

No... All racist people are racist

As a non American, I say that Americans are not really that racist at all.

One racist American is the president not saying his name but I'm talking about the president with the bad hair whose father gave him a small loan of a million dollars

Blacks Are Ghetto

This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard, people who say this are redneck people in Ohio that can't afford gum, that are 1,000 pounds.

I'm black and I'm not even ghetto. I'm in a middle clas family and I don't speak, act, or even have that ghetto edge in my voice. I usually stay away from these kids in my school, because all they talk about is dating and Instagram. Plus my real name is not ghetto, and some people think its almost a white person type name.

People think this because in some ghetto areas most people are black. In my year there are ghetto black people but then they're friends are mix and also white.

Barack Obama wasn't Ghetto!

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