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1 All Arabs Are Terrorists

This is extremely ignorant and racist

Not all Muslims or Arabs are terrorist, I am a Muslim, Do terrorists stay on their laptops all day or go to malls and buy normal cloth or upload videos on YouTube do terrorist study English and french at school, well I do not think so in fact terrorists or not Muslims they are some dumb ass people that make there self Muslim so people can think we are

This is the most racist, idiotic one yet. I still can't believe people are mentally retarded enough to believe this. You would know if you were just having a nice walk in broad daylight with a Muslim friend, and some Christian moron yells "terrorist! " In our direction.
Firstly, each religion has both good AND bad in it. (Had to capitalize the "and" just in case a physco anti-Muslim idiot was reading this so they could process the information into their uneducated brain.)

This is true!

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2 Metal is All Screaming

No, metal is deep and meaningful. Why does society accept a song with a woman calling a person a stupid hoe and think metal songs about staying strong and carrying on are evil and satanic?

Most metal isn't even screaming. Plus its the best music genre because of the raw emotion and talent

Of course it's not true. And why people enjoy screams from Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, or The Beatles, but when a metal singer does a really great scream, non-metal fans think it's not good? - Metal_Treasure

Metal is amazing. It saved my life. Like MIW.

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3 Asians Are Good at Math

I'm Asian and my math is so bad. What makes people think that all Asians are smart? Is there any proof that Asians are good at Math than others? It just depends on how the students understand and work hard, that's it!

One answer for that stereotype could probably the upbringing of children from many Asian families. - PhoenixAura81

Not true. Even though lots of my classmates in my math class ( advanced math) are Asian, I know quite a few who are struggling.

It is true though that overall they're probably a bit worse in fact than say Europe is probably best but places like China and Japan's especially are some of the best countries in the world in maths

The person I know that's best at math is Indian

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4 All Black People Listen to Hip-Hop

I'm black and I don't like any of that stuff, I listen to pop like Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Demi lovato, Katy Perry, and all the other pop singers, and I don't like fried chicken my favorite is ice cream

Don't really like your music taste, but I totally agree with the rest of it. - peaceswagtv

I'm black and I listen to rock, its super annoying cause people will be like "Why do you listen to that music" um its also music like all the other genres jeezz. - Hurricane6277

There are so many black people who don't. but there are tons of white guys who listen to it.

P. S. most white guys are pretty close minded towards other culture. I should know I'm white. - beasthound

I don't like hip-hop music and I'm black

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5 All Americans Are Fat

I am in great shape, in fact a lot of us are. Yes, there are also a lot of fatties in this country, but guess what? There are in also EVERY OTHER COUNTRY, too! We just have a lot of people so it SEEMS like we're all fat, but we're not.

This is so annoying people always assume "fat" when the hear the word America. There are fat people everywhere not just in America. I don't like burgers I hate them so burgers are not an "American food" I'm really skinny actually so yeah

I hate this stereotype. What about the sumo wrestlers in Asia, I'm not trying to sound stereotypical towards Asians, but American isn't the only place with fat people, and there's fat people everywhere.
And just because somebody is chubby, it doesn't mean that they're unhealthy and morbidly obese.

I’m American and underweight

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6 Whites Are Closed-Minded to Other Cultures

I'm a white (German to be precise), and I am an anthropologist that visits numerous countries and countless people.

I love other cultures! - MeowMix

I am white and I love to learn about the world outside and I make an effort to learn about the world as a whole with the resources I have. I love to learn about places like China, Greece, India, and Japan

Foods from other countries are really popular in the Western World. Plus, some of us know our geography. - ethanmeinster

It is so annoying how people think that! I love other countries and cultures!

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7 All Muslims are Terrorists

Completely Untrue. I go to a Muslim school and their biggest point there is that we should properly educate the terrorist because they are not following the Quran.

Uh, this is already number one. Don't post the same item twice.

I am Muslim and I am not explosive or feel like I wanna kill someone.

I don't like this... We Muslims r not terrorists people think wrong about us. We r not terrorists😡😡

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8 Germans Are Nazi's

It's just plain stupid and offensive. They were once, but has anyone noticed that Germany was de- Nazied by the allies after the war?! Look at Germany now; low corruption, many a multinational firm, democracy, many science institutes, and I can see that Germany gets on well with the UK (where I am); it's a great country! The whole Nazi stereotype should have been debunked long ago.

I can't stand how Hitler, one man out of a nation, ruined the entire reputation of that nation by brainwashing them. News flash to the world. Just because hitter was a horrible person doesn't mean that his entire country should share the blame.

Whoever says this is really stupid... There are more Nazi's in the US anyways. - MeowMix

Marilyn Manson is German and isn't a Nazi

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9 All Americans Are Stupid

Well, in my area, this is...sort of true? It sometimes feels like I'm the only one who is decently intelligent (only decently). Sure, that may be because I go to a school with kids who either have anger issues or whose minds are totally destroyed.

We aren't all stupid. To broaden this out, let's make this "Whites are Stupid." I"m mostly white, and I'm smart. I know a few white people better than me at math. I know a few Asians only in the average. I am not trying to flip the stereotypes, but still, just get rid of them. Oh, and let's take into mind that Einstein was white?

Lol americans might not have the best education system in the world but we are FACTUALLY the smartest country ever

Americans are pretty dumb I mean they let Hillary run for president - Carri796

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10 Gay Men Act Like Girls

A lot of gay men do act like girls and talk like them but just not all of them. Is it just a natural thing to call people girrl in a valley girl voice or just like instinct like when you move to another country and start speaking like them?

Not true. I live with gay men and they act twice as manly as a normal man - AnonymousChick

I hate how everyone believes this. I'm gay and everyone thinks I'm the manliest in the class in terms of actions! There is no difference between us and straight guys, other than the fact we are attracted to the same sex! Seriously, some people.

No we do not, we carry a lot of SASS but that doesn't mean we're girls! You turkeys!

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11 All Brits are Snobs and are Rich

I am a proud American. The British are not snobs and rich if they were rich they would buy the world. Why can't everyone be happy? We have all something special. Don't take anger out on another country

We're not all snobs. Don't believe a word these Americans spout. I'm from Kensington, which is in London, and yes the majority of us earn around 120,000 a year doesn't mean we're snobs. Not everyone is rich, some areas, such as Birmingham, brixton and generally up north are quite poor. Also the Scottish, northern Irish and the welsh aren't that rich at all.

Whoever is the proud American if we are rich we wouldn't buy the world that is just stupid we would have to be incredibly thick to do that also no one has enough money to do that if we added up all the money in the world there would be even a fraction of what was needed to but the world

It's a shame people take the mick out of Britain so much. It's a brilliant country, and I'm sure every country is brilliant in its own way. - Rocko

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12 A Woman's Place is In the Home

Sofia Paredes not true at all women are very important and are just as strong and smart as men and women are just as brave they stood up for their rights to be treated like men to be equal to not be treated like nothing without women who will populate the earth without women lots of things wouldn't be here today

People who think this are fat, racist men in the South who beat their wives and shoot animals. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I am a woman and I prefer to visit places and go on holidays.

Very sexist - ParkerFang

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13 All Teenagers Smoke

Smoking is disgusting. The smell sucks, is gross and from a young age teachers always have taught the class about the bad things smoking does so I am anti-smoking and put off by it. - Lunala

I'm a teen and I find smoking disgusting. - RoleplayerR

Whoever thinks this stereotype is true is so retarded. Most parents get stricter with their kids when they grow into teenagers. - Ohno

I’m 15 and I have absolutely zero desire to ever smoke. - 3DG20

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14 Mexicans Are Dumb Drunkards


Anybody's dumb when he's drunk

Since when is this a stereotype? The top two mexican stereotypes (which are not true) are: 1. They are illegal immigrants and smuggle drugs and are super poor so they join gangs. 2. They go to fiestas all the time cause they are party lovers and wear huge sombreros while shaking some maracas. - StarsNSand

I'm Mexican and although some of my family members drink, they only drink during special occasions and not all the time. - Pegasister12

Not every mexican is a drunkard

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15 All British People Drink Tea and are Rich

Totally untrue like another nation England has its fair share of rich snobs and tea lovers I am British and I like coffee and I am middle class also many people in the UK aren't rich and powerful just ordinary people like you and me and the rest of the world

What the heck?!? I have a british friend, and she's not rich, she's definitely not a snob, and she HATES tea!

I'm not rich, I don't drink tea, but I find this very offensive even though I'm black british. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I'm hispanic but

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16 All Black/African People Have Ebola and Aids

I'm pretty sure no one thinks this. But if they do, then they have a sad mind. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

That is so wrong first of all Ebola at its worst was probably 800,000 (I'm not really sure)

This is extremely pathetic. - madoog

That's rude and stupid. Not everywhere in Africa has Ebola.

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17 Afghans are Dumb Horse-Riders
18 All Blondes are Dumb

This is so annoying...

So stupid it had to be on the list twice. - SansTheComic

Whoever said this is true you're wrong

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Salem saying he is blond and his IQ dropped. Blonde Blonde Blonde Hilda, Zelda and Sabrina.

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19 Americans Suck At Everything

This is seriously untrue. One does not simply "suck at everything." I suck at a fair amount of things (gymnastics, hiking, running, singing) but those aren't everything. According to this stereotype, I'm either a talentless eggplant or secretly Canadian.

This is wrong. We didn't suck in wwII. We are one of the most influential countries on earth. That alone proves we don't suck at everything.

We have the best Basketball Players, Football Players, the best military (at times), best Leaders (Sometimes), Most Diversity. And theirs some more - 2storm

No, that's me - SpectralOwl

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20 All 12 Year Olds are Immature Brats

I disagree However, it applies for about 40% of them

Only the bullies.

I wasn’t the best example myself, but there were a few people in my grade 6-7 classes who were much better than 95% of my classes now. - 3DG20

21 All Americans Are Bad At Cultural Geography

I'm American and I'm an expert at different cultures. Geography is actually one of my passions. - Redrocm

22 Asians Wear Straw Hats

You've been watching too much One Piece (though I'm unsure if Luffy is Asian? ) - GlassweighanCountess

I've never heard of this stereotype before. - LordOfTheOnionRings

Not all of them do. - Lunala

What is this?

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23 All Heavy Metal Artists Are Devil Worshipers

Just because we love metal doesn't mean that we're "devil worshipers." Have you ever once looked at the lyrics to metal and rock songs? They are deep and give you a new, more open perspective on life. (At least to me.)

Guys that doesn't say All Heavy metal listeners, it says All heavy metal artists... Like the people that sing the music... Either way it's WRONG

Only the second wave of black metal.

False - Mranonymously

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24 All Americans are Racist

Some people are. I'm not naming certain presidents here, but you know who you are. Some Americans are super nice. I absolutely despise all of the American stereotypes. - SansTheComic

No... All racist people are racist

One racist American is the president not saying his name but I'm talking about the president with the bad hair whose father gave him a small loan of a million dollars - Lunala

You know its scary when the ''racist are coming'' once Donald Trump took office we have been one of the most offensive countries in just those some quick years. - htoutlaws2012

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25 Blacks Are Ghetto

This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard, people who say this are redneck people in Ohio that can't afford gum, that are 1,000 pounds.

I'm black and I'm not even ghetto. I'm in a middle clas family and I don't speak, act, or even have that ghetto edge in my voice. I usually stay away from these kids in my school, because all they talk about is dating and Instagram. Plus my real name is not ghetto, and some people think its almost a white person type name. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

People think this because in some ghetto areas most people are black. In my year there are ghetto black people but then they're friends are mix and also white. - StarsNSand

Ugh - Puppytart

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26 You Have to Be at Least This Tall and Black in Order to Play Basketball

I'm short - Carri796

Hi, I'm Michael Jordan.

Stop it. Get some help. - xandermartin98

27 Piercings and Tattoos Are Goth

Sofia Paredes this also isn't true anybody can have a tattoo or a piercing that doesn't mean that they're goth I am GOTH and there are people who are goth and don't have any tattoos or piercings having those things done doesn't mean you're goth being goth is enjoying skulls the color black beliving in ghosts demons spirits so if you don't know what it is don't say you do

Can't really argue with this honestly, I don't see those who like pop music having either of these facial looks to them. - htoutlaws2012

Look, I'm Goth and I don't have any tattoos NOR piercings whatsoever.

Who even came up with this stereotype? I know many people with piercings and tattoos, and very few of them are even remotely close to being goth, plus there are people who are goth that don’t have either. - 3DG20

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28 Every Autistic Person is a Hopeless Manchild

Not everyone that has Autism is like this, they may have an anti social disability, but they know there capable of changing the world. Things happen... thus like the valentine's day massacre, unfortunately things happen at such a dull period where it seems history repeats itself by not making quick enough adjustments when enough is ENOUGH! - htoutlaws2012

, I have autism, and this one makes me want to buy that katana online and stick it into this comment. I mean, we all have talents and disadvantages, don't pin the whole disadvantage on autism and ignore the benefits. Like seriously.

My sister is autistic and is one of the smartest people in her grade AND had many friends. How dare you if you think this

Lots of people with autism are actually really intelligent. - PhoenixAura81

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29 Blondes Are Stupid and Ditzy

I totally agree, this is a very common stereotype and it's just so mean, like the colour of your hair defines who you are.

A Redhead, a brunette and blonde woman are running from the police, they see a farm nearby and hide in the barn. The redhead hides behind some pigs, the brunette hides behind some horses and the blonde hides behind a sack of potatoes. When the cops enter the barn the start searching for the women they shine a flashlight on the pigs, the redhead says "oink oink". The cops move on and shine the light on the horses. The brunette says "neigh neigh". The cops move on and shine the light on the sack of potatoes. When they shine the light on the potatoes, the blonde says "potato potato"

Most blondes I know are really smart!

Just because someone’s hair is a certain colour doesn’t make them dumb. - 3DG20

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30 Nintendo is for Little Kids

Some timeless classics are created by Nintendo. I never thought it was kids only. - PhoenixAura81

I'm 23 and I love pokemon. I've never thought nintendo is only for kids.

I’m 26 and I like to play Nintendo

31 Emos Cut Themselves

Emo, depression, and suicidal are all different.

Emo= Sensitive, grumpy at times, bit sad

Depressed= Sad, hates self, cries

Suicidal = cuts, has suicidal thoughts.

THERE now the world know a bit about those stages - AnonymousChick

Emo is liking music in the emo genre and being in touch with your emotions. People view emos as outcasts and depressed losers but they have a heart and are usually the kindest people alive so anyone who discriminates emos are stupid.

Hi Sofia Paredes again I'm EMO and not once have I cut myself being emo is being very emotional not suicidal and depressed all the time to the point you cut yourself being emo includes being happy sad frustrated angry furious excited suicidal depressed and nervous not every emo cuts and plus everybody is EMO everybody is emotional at times so... this sterotype is just immature (sorry for any misspelled words)

Wrong. - Ashes

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32 Men are Sexist

I am a woman and I find this stereotype to be extremely annoying. Not all men are terrible just because you believe that they think that they are better than you.

Believing this stupid stereotype proves that you yourself are a sexist. - 3DG20

Son we aren't damn

I know plenty of men who are NOT sexist and this stereotype is sooo stupid

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33 All White Emos Want to Shoot Up Their School

Why is coming from the South Park people. I went to school with an emo person and they liked the school

My friend is emo but she likes the school and most of the people, she just doesn't like the mean and snotty popular girls

You know, I could see where most people who say this are coming from.

This literally sounds like a south park episode. - htoutlaws2012

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34 All Americans are Uncultured
35 Mentally Ill People Are Violent

Mentally Ill people are more often victims of violence and abuse than causing violence. - Rue

I have schizoid personality disorder and I'm not even violent... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Actually Mentally Ill people tend to get bullied and harassed by others because of what they have/lack - Ohno

I'm mentaly ill and homeless and I killed my gay friend rowan with my willy

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36 All Mexicans are Illegal Immigrants

Are you kidding me. Are you really kidding with me?! People, when given the chance to support their family, are even to try to have a better life quality, they need to sacrifice something. This case, it's what? Safety, hunger, peace, etc! You need to learn both perspective and then make your choice. I know, I know. I would be angry *sort of* if illegal people enter and make a bad reputation. But that's some of the people! Not all Mexicans are drunk! Not all Mexicans are drug lords. Not all Mexicans are useless. Sure, we may have a bad government an some bad people, but this is just ridiculous. Imagine you being poor, and USA is like a paradise for you to earn a job and support both you and your family's life. You'll obviously go there no? Same thing. Don't be ignorant! See things both perspectives! Please. You're ruining many people's lives. They are risking their lives to try to live better while you and I are leisurely living in our homes without a care in the world! Please, please, ...more

Donald Trump probably made this list and he agrees with every one of these stereotypes. He's racist, evil, and plagues our world. GET RID OF HIM!

Trump just speaks his mind. I'm not a supporter. But why are you all getting so offended? He just doesn't want the illegals entering. But believe what you want to believe.

Was added by Trump. - Userguy44

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37 French People Are Cowards

I'm not even French and I don't know why this stereotype makes me angry, but it just does. I've read a lot of French history, and you should see the good they've done for other countries! How are they cowards?!

French people are not cowards. Hell they fought more wars than the USA!

Annoying and completely false. France's military history is actually pretty impressive and I should remind people that many military terms (Colonel, Admiral, Regiment, Battalion...) are derived from French and that America gained her independence because of French support. - WatcheroftheSkies

Ever heard of Joan of Arc? Would you call her that.

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38 Bronies Are Fat, Sweaty, Unwashed, Autistic Neckbeards That Live In Their Mother's Basement

And you haters say they have no life yet you're making fun of them all along. I'd laugh at you for liking Gravity Falls - Neonco31

What about the autistic people reading this? Think about them. Don't drag them down with this insult. They hate rude bronies (nice ones are ok) and don't want to be dragged down and associated with these abominations. THINK people! - Lunala

And they want to have sex with cartoon horses. - FrozenHatingPokefan

There are good bronies if you din't know - Mranonymously

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39 Girls That Wear Makeup Are Barbies


40 Men Are Gross and Fat

There is nothing gross about storing leftover food underneath our fat rolls

Ahem, my class made this up.

A girl obviously texted this from seeing one fat guy

41 All Americans are Rednecks from Texas.

Two things.
1.) most people aren’t rednecks
2.) there’s 49 other states outside of Texas - Randomator

42 Asians Are the Model Race

... I'm not even sure how this was developed. I think that humans in general are the model race. After the dolphins and the white mice, of course.

Asian is not a race. Does this mean south-east Asia with countries like China, Taiwan, Japan. North with Russia. West with countries like Turkey, India, Pakistan. Its not clear at all. - StarsNSand

It's true because it is dedicated to all Asian that doing best in life will determine your future.

By ''model race'' what do we refer it to exactly actual beauties, or actual hard working model manufacturers? - htoutlaws2012

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43 Homosexuals Are Devil Worshipers

Whoever thinks this is true is Christian or Catholic because being gay or lesbian is against their religion - Ohno

What? This is a dumb stereotype - Neonco31

Which is a hilarious ridiculous statement, I mean I know Christians and all, but seriously? I never knew the deep spawn of hell could possess such sissy talking people for their own. As one says ''BY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! '' - htoutlaws2012

I'm Christian and a ally ( lgbt lover ). This is stupid in my opinion ( I make ocs and lots of them are homo and lgbt so... Yeah )

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44 All Finnish people are gamers or metalheads.

Pewdiepie is Swedish - Carri796

Pewdiepie and Minecraft are proof

Pewdiepies not finnish

45 Latinos Are Poor

I'm not sure, but I saw on TV (like 1 year ago) that the richest person of the world is latin (maybe I'm wrong). - rock2metal

I have a lot more money than a majority of my white friends, thankyouverymuch! It is annoying how disrespectful some people can be to a specific race just because they can. What's even worse it that people either lave to make sure to be the exact opposite of the stereotypes or else they're just further enforcing it!

Sofia Paredes again This isn't true latinos aren't poor some are filthy rich some don't have as much money and yes some are on the street but anybody can be poor not just latinos

Rock2metal you are right. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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46 Native Americans Are Gamblers

I'm Native American and have even worked at a casino while in college. But I hate gambling, I have zero interest in it. I find gambling dull, boring and a waste of money. Although I do have family members who take it a bit too seriously laugh out loud anyways, the most common race of people who frequent casinos are whit people and old people but mostly white old people are the majority at casinos. I don't mind though, I'd rather have white people blow all their money at our casino anyways JK

I thought the stereotype was that Native Americans are stoic and unfeeling.

Well they sure gambled on European settlers and that ended in smallpox...

Well in defense they do own the Casino's. - htoutlaws2012

47 Canadians live in igloos

In a survival situation, maybe, most Canadians live in houses like in the US, and some Canadians who live remote and/or off the grid, would settle for something as small as a log cabin

I'm from western Canada so I don't say eh like the eastern people. But I live inside a house and did even back when I lived in the Yukon.

I live in eastern Canada and some Canadians rather to not live on the cold areas - Ohno

Whoever actually believes this stereotype most likely has no idea what Canada even is. Yeah, it’s cold during the winter, but in the summers, it can get up to 35°C. - 3DG20

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48 Filipinos Are Always Late

..The hell? I've never heard that one before, but it sounds unbelievably stupid... - Johannes9

Especially old school Filipinos, they never want to be the first one at a party or event

That was my face when I saw this rumor

The HECK ya just say? NO they NOT

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49 All Atheists Are Evil

Look, Atheism is not the hating of God, but the rejection of spiritual beliefs. That doesn't make me evil! In fact, people are often shocked when they learn I'm Atheist and they say "But, you're so... sweet...". - DogsUnleashed

I'm an atheist and Christians always say that because I don't think that God is real I'm a terrible person. Despite the fact that they said good things about me up until they learned I know God is not real. I am 100% sure I am correct.

Atheism is the lack of beliefs. How does that make them evil?

Why are we evil? Because we don’t believe in something that’s never been properly proven to have existed? - 3DG20

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50 Arabs Ride Camels to School

Now this is just goofy, who thinks this is true, not just as a joke?

Yes, in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait, they have Camel Stops at the neighborhoods.

I thought they rode magic carpets to school.

No one actually thinks this, (not joking) right? - 3DG20

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