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21 Bronies Are Fat, Sweaty, Unwashed, Autistic Neckbeards That Live In Their Mother's Basement

And you haters say they have no life yet you're making fun of them all along. I'd laugh at you for liking Gravity Falls - Neonco31

What about the autistic people reading this? Think about them. Don't drag them down with this insult. They hate rude bronies (nice ones are ok) and don't want to be dragged down and associated with these abominations. THINK people! - Lunala

And they want to have sex with cartoon horses. - FrozenHatingPokefan

And what they play World of Warcraft like that dude in South Park? PC master race! - htoutlaws2012

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22 All White Emos Want To Shoot Up Their School

Why is coming from the South Park people. I went to school with an emo person and they liked the school

My friend is emo but she likes the school and most of the people, she just doesn't like the mean and snotty popular girls

You know, I could see where most people who say this are coming from.

This literally sounds like a south park episode. - htoutlaws2012

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23 Homosexuals Are Devil Worshipers

Whoever thinks this is true is Christian or Catholic because being gay or lesbian is against their religion - Ohno

What? This is a dumb stereotype - Neonco31

Which is a hilarious ridiculous statement, I mean I know Christians and all, but seriously? I never knew the deep spawn of hell could possess such sissy talking people for their own. As one says ''BY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! '' - htoutlaws2012

Eh? - NikoX

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24 Blondes Are Stupid and Ditzy

I totally agree, this is a very common stereotype and it's just so mean, like the colour of your hair defines who you are.

A Redhead, a brunette and blonde woman are running from the police, they see a farm nearby and hide in the barn. The redhead hides behind some pigs, the brunette hides behind some horses and the blonde hides behind a sack of potatoes. When the cops enter the barn the start searching for the women they shine a flashlight on the pigs, the redhead says "oink oink". The cops move on and shine the light on the horses. The brunette says "neigh neigh". The cops move on and shine the light on the sack of potatoes. When they shine the light on the potatoes, the blonde says "potato potato"

Most blondes I know are really smart!

That's a neck guys - Carri796

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25 French People Are Rude

My boyfriend and one of my best friends (brother and sister) are French and they are so polite and really friendly people. You get rude people in every race.

The only French guy I know that is rude is the Spy from Team Fortress 2. AND HE'S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

That's true. I've once been to french before and the french were really rude to me. - dorothydaawesome

Even if I had many strict teachers from France doesn't mean ALL of them are. - Ohno

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26 Religious People Are Crazy Fanatics

I want to start some kind of bible study or something at my school, but I'm afraid if I do, I will get ridiculed and mocked..

That's so stupid it's not like we Christians light pigs on fire we just love and believe in God and accept him as are savior please do not think we are crazies

Blame the internet atheists

Not all people are. I consider myself religious and I'm not crazy. I even try not to talk about my religion as much as possible because I know it offends some people. Or you could say I'm religious for the fact that I'm me. I have many reasons not to be 'religious'
My whole family is Christian
My family doesn't know I'm Hindu
I don't live in India so it's hard to know the culture
I just don't want to wear certain things and do certain things
I'm transgender (Even though it's very rarely to be considered bad in Hinduism)
I can't participate in certain holidays because of family
I literally get all my info from the internet

The list goes on and on sadly. I wish I was more religious though

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27 All Finnish people speak English

Wait..what..huh? H...how is this a stereotype? Uhmmm no they speak Finnish too.

28 Asians Are the Model Race

... I'm not even sure how this was developed. I think that humans in general are the model race. After the dolphins and the white mice, of course.

Asian is not a race. Does this mean south-east Asia with countries like China, Taiwan, Japan. North with Russia. West with countries like Turkey, India, Pakistan. Its not clear at all. - StarsNSand

It's true because it is dedicated to all Asian that doing best in life will determine your future.

By ''model race'' what do we refer it to exactly actual beauties, or actual hard working model manufacturers? - htoutlaws2012

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29 All Brits Are Snobs and Are Rich

I am a proud American. The British are not snobs and rich if they were rich they would buy the world. Why can't everyone be happy? We have all something special. Don't take anger out on another country

We're not all snobs. Don't believe a word these Americans spout. I'm from Kensington, which is in London, and yes the majority of us earn around 120,000 a year doesn't mean we're snobs. Not everyone is rich, some areas, such as Birmingham, brixton and generally up north are quite poor. Also the Scottish, northern Irish and the welsh aren't that rich at all.

Whoever is the proud American if we are rich we wouldn't buy the world that is just stupid we would have to be incredibly thick to do that also no one has enough money to do that if we added up all the money in the world there would be even a fraction of what was needed to but the world

I've accidently not shown up to my british teachers class twice and I didn't get yelled at or in trouble also she is average in money - Ihateschool

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30 Latinos Are Poor

I'm not sure, but I saw on TV (like 1 year ago) that the richest person of the world is latin (maybe I'm wrong). - rock2metal

I have a lot more money than a majority of my white friends, thankyouverymuch! It is annoying how disrespectful some people can be to a specific race just because they can. What's even worse it that people either lave to make sure to be the exact opposite of the stereotypes or else they're just further enforcing it!

Sofia Paredes again This isn't true latinos aren't poor some are filthy rich some don't have as much money and yes some are on the street but anybody can be poor not just latinos

Rock2metal you are right. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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31 Native Americans Are Gamblers

I'm Native American and have even worked at a casino while in college. But I hate gambling, I have zero interest in it. I find gambling dull, boring and a waste of money. Although I do have family members who take it a bit too seriously laugh out loud anyways, the most common race of people who frequent casinos are whit people and old people but mostly white old people are the majority at casinos. I don't mind though, I'd rather have white people blow all their money at our casino anyways JK

I thought the stereotype was that Native Americans are stoic and unfeeling.

Well they sure gambled on European settlers and that ended in smallpox...

Well in defense they do own the Casino's. - htoutlaws2012

32 Piercings and Tattoos Are Goth

Sofia Paredes this also isn't true anybody can have a tattoo or a piercing that doesn't mean that they're goth I am GOTH and there are people who are goth and don't have any tattoos or piercings having those things done doesn't mean you're goth being goth is enjoying skulls the color black beliving in ghosts demons spirits so if you don't know what it is don't say you do

Can't really argue with this honestly, I don't see those who like pop music having either of these facial looks to them. - htoutlaws2012

Look, I'm Goth and I don't have any tattoos NOR piercings whatsoever.

Oh really? I've never seen Raven from that Teen Titans show possess any of that stuff, and she's the most Goth out of all the Goths! (is that even a word? )

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33 Americans Suck At Everything

This is seriously untrue. One does not simply "suck at everything." I suck at a fair amount of things (gymnastics, hiking, running, singing) but those aren't everything. According to this stereotype, I'm either a talentless eggplant or secretly Canadian.

This is wrong. We didn't suck in wwII. We are one of the most influential countries on earth. That alone proves we don't suck at everything.

I'm guessing a country with pure hatred, very well then carry on the rant when you comeback to me. - htoutlaws2012

That's not true (american by the way) were good at uhm... Eating (jk) - Carri796

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34 Filipinos Are Always Late

..The hell? I've never heard that one before, but it sounds unbelievably stupid... - Johannes9

Especially old school Filipinos, they never want to be the first one at a party or event

That was my face when I saw this rumor


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35 Emos Cut Themselves

Emo, depression, and suicidal are all different.

Emo= Sensitive, grumpy at times, bit sad

Depressed= Sad, hates self, cries

Suicidal = cuts, has suicidal thoughts.

THERE now the world know a bit about those stages - AnonymousChick

Emo is liking music in the emo genre and being in touch with your emotions. People view emos as outcasts and depressed losers but they have a heart and are usually the kindest people alive so anyone who discriminates emos are stupid.

Hi Sofia Paredes again I'm EMO and not once have I cut myself being emo is being very emotional not suicidal and depressed all the time to the point you cut yourself being emo includes being happy sad frustrated angry furious excited suicidal depressed and nervous not every emo cuts and plus everybody is EMO everybody is emotional at times so... this sterotype is just immature (sorry for any misspelled words)

Suicidal thoughts huh... - htoutlaws2012

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36 All Mexicans Are Illegal Immigrants

Are you kidding me. Are you really kidding with me?! People, when given the chance to support their family, are even to try to have a better life quality, they need to sacrifice something. This case, it's what? Safety, hunger, peace, etc! You need to learn both perspective and then make your choice. I know, I know. I would be angry *sort of* if illegal people enter and make a bad reputation. But that's some of the people! Not all Mexicans are drunk! Not all Mexicans are drug lords. Not all Mexicans are useless. Sure, we may have a bad government an some bad people, but this is just ridiculous. Imagine you being poor, and USA is like a paradise for you to earn a job and support both you and your family's life. You'll obviously go there no? Same thing. Don't be ignorant! See things both perspectives! Please. You're ruining many people's lives. They are risking their lives to try to live better while you and I are leisurely living in our homes without a care in the world! Please, please, ...more

Donald Trump probably made this list and he agrees with every one of these stereotypes. He's racist, evil, and plagues our world. GET RID OF HIM!

Trump just speaks his mind. I'm not a supporter. But why are you all getting so offended? He just doesn't want the illegals entering. But believe what you want to believe.

''We're going to build a wall.'' - Sir Donald 2 years later hasn't build the great wall of Trump just yet. - htoutlaws2012

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37 All Teenagers Smoke

Smoking is disgusting. The smell sucks, is gross and from a young age teachers always have taught the class about the bad things smoking does so I am anti-smoking and put off by it. - Lunala

I'm a teen and I find smoking disgusting. - RoleplayerR

Whoever thinks this stereotype is true is so retarded. Most parents get stricter with their kids when they grow into teenagers. - Ohno

Thank goodness I'm nicotine free from this addiction. - htoutlaws2012

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38 All Mexicans Mow Lawns

This stereotype is true... Because everyone mows there lawn - Ihaskitty1234

Everybody has to mow their lawn

Laugh out loud like this guy said, everyone mows their lawn...

I hope so - if they have a lawn, that is! It would be tricky to mow your lawn if you haven't got one!

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39 Irish People Are Always Drunk On Whiskey

Irish people don't drink whiskey! They drink BEER! More specifically, a Guinness. Only Irish people are patient enough to wait an hour for their beer (it actually takes that long). You could write an entire Guinness World Records book in the time it takes to buy a Guinness! Okay, I'm going to stop that now.

Uh, no. Just no. Even Aran Ryan from Punch-Out disagrees with that stereotypes.

This stereotype is so irrelevant. My mom is German and Irish and she hates beer.

Stupid and dumb stereotype. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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40 Canadians live in igloos

In a survival situation, maybe, most Canadians live in houses like in the US, and some Canadians who live remote and/or off the grid, would settle for something as small as a log cabin

I'm from western Canada so I don't say eh like the eastern people. But I live inside a house and did even back when I lived in the Yukon.

I live in eastern Canada and some Canadians rather to not live on the cold areas - Ohno

No I no joke thought everyone in Alaska lived in igloos for the longest time - Carri796

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