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141 No Democrats are Racist
142 Furries Are All Disgusting Zoophiles

They are. They get turned on by a badass jackal, a fast blue hedgehog and cartoon horses. - FrozenHatingPokefan

What is a Furry?

What does this mean?

If this is true, then humans are disgusting Sapiphiles. (I was going to say 'Homophiles', but that sounds like a insult to gays)

143 All People who lived in the Confederacy liked slavery

Oh this stereotype makes me very mad..its not true and it is unfortunate that people who did infact have slaves made a bad name for Southerners who find racism ignorant and unGodly.

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144 All Russians are Communists
145 Southerners Live In Filthy Trailers
146 Latins watch Latin Soap operas

I don't get what the problem is!...so what if they did? Is that harming anyone?

147 Men Are Pedophiles

It's a little true

148 All Chinese People are Good at Building Walls
149 Germans Have No Sense of Humor
150 Men Smell Bad
151 All McJuggerNuggets Fans Are 12 And Under

McJuggerNuggets probably doesn't even have fans, who is he? - StarsNSand

152 All animation fans hate live action shows.
153 Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network fans like to draw fetish art.

Although I know very few; here's an example: SB99stuff. Although SOME of his artwork is actually really cool, he often draws obese people, spanking, etc. I'm really sick of this person.

154 All Chinese supports the invasion of the South China Sea!
155 All Lesbians Have Short Hair
156 All Mac Users are Gay
157 All Linux Users are Pedophiles
158 All Autistics are Obsessed with Sonic
159 All 12 Year Olds are Immature Brats
160 All Crossdressers are Gay
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