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1 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Out of all the Mary Sues in the Warriors franchise, Dovewing is the worst. She has absolutely no personality beside being perfect. I seriously wondered why both Tigerheart and Bumblestripe wanted her, she's as dull as a rock! Speaking of which, I'm mad that she picked Bumblestripe, because she hardly knew the guy, but she knew Tigerheart well and therefore they have a better connection. But no, she picked Bumblestripe because 'It's the right thing'. I'm so mad that it was her that got the third power, because there is no doubt that she would use it for good. I would have preferred it if Ivypool, who worked for the Dark Forest, had the power so that they could pose even more of a threat. But no, it's given to the queen of the Mary Sues, Dovewing. And how she hardly let poor Lionblaze teach her because she thought she was right just made me mad. She has such a Queen of the Manor attitude and is ALWAYS right cause she's just that perfect! I hate this character so much. She is absolutely ...more - Lilysplash

Dovewing is basically a flat, boring character who replaced Hollyleaf. Dovewing's too selfish to be a Mary Sue, but definitely has several Sue-ish qualities. In The Forgotten Warrior, she even thinks to herself, "No wonder Hollyleaf isn't part of the prophecy! She killed a cat! " I knew Dovewing was stupid, but not that stupid. The prissy, whiny, stuck-up little goody-two-shoes just dissed my favourite cat. Please, Dovewing. Show some intelligence for once. Lionblaze killed a cat three books ago, and you're fine with HIM being part of the prophecy. Firestar's killed several cats, and he's part of almost every prophecy there is. It would've been great if Jayfeather had heard her thoughts and refused to speak to her again.
Also, Dovewing's 'power' is just lame compared with Jayfeather's and Lionblaze's. And by the time Dovewing and Tigerheart fell in love with each other, most fans had seen enough of the forbidden couples. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE the 'forbidden romance'. But that ...more

! I do agree that millie there are some more annoying characters but Erin has never messed up so badly and made them the MAIN character! Like really, the only good trait she has is loving her sister Ivypool, Who is so amazing, but she manages to mess that up to by screaming how Tigerheart doesn't love her! That part made me so mad. I'm trying to right a fan fiction about Ivypool but I don't now what to do about her sister. What I really want to do is have her die a horrible death and no one cares but I will half to content myself with making her a nerd/goody goody or just have everyone hate her!

Never thought she would be first. Figured since she is sooo overrated she would be close to last. Not only that, look at this picture. She looks too innocent. SHE IS THE MOST ANNOYINGEST CAT TO EVER EXIST! My first complaint is that she is always mad at poor Lionblaze for like no reason. Jeez! Whats your problem? She must of forgot LIONBLAZE WAS HER MENTOR! She never treated poor Lionblaze or Jayfeather, the medicine cat with any respect. Is she too good to show any respect to the medicine cat or her mentor? Huh? DEFINITELY NOT! I wish she didn't exist and Hollyleaf got to stay in the prophecy. Even Ivypool would have been better! Not only that, she is TO PERFECT TO BE WITH TIGERHEART! I shipped them... But no, she picks dumb BUMBLESTRPIPE because It's THE RIGHT THING!?!

Why did Lionblaze (one of my favorite) ever treat her with respect? Mabye that spoiler her. Nah... She was already spoiled. At least Jayfeather noticed... At the beginning that is. Also she said Hollyleaf (My ...more

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2 Breezepelt Breezepelt

To be honest, I used to feel sorry for him. He had two not very good parents (to him). But he just lost my sympathy when he acted horrible. He supported the dark forest, and he hasn't changed a bit. He attacked a medicine cat! And an innocent cat! Just wow, way to go Breezepelt, ruining other's lives. I expected nothing different! I no longer pity a dark forest cat. He just thinks HE has a bad life all day! He's arrogant and has an ego bigger than the force of an atomic bomb. Why, OH WHY, can't I strangle him? And after trying to kill a queen, a medicine cat, and the CLANS (siding with the dark forest all along) he isn't even EXILED! HE DRIVES ME NUTS! SO MANY OTHERS HAVE SACRIFICED EVERYTHING, BUT HE JUST FEELS OH-SO-SORRY FOR HIMSELF! He needs to get a life! Yes, a life!

He thinks he has the worst life in the world. Let me tell ya something, kid. Feathertail has seen cats just like her (half-Clan) murdered in front of her eyes, she had been born before her mother died, her father left her and her brother for another Clan, and when she became a main character it still didn't stop; she stepped under a rock (basically killing herself) to save everyone else, and after those years of thinking her life a terrible, she was proven not be a whiney brat by being the kind, talented, and dead cat we know and love.
And what does Breezepelt do to make us like him? Nothing. He just sits here and whines that everyone's unfair, he's stuck up, he's prissy, he's all around annoying.

Breezepelt is stupid and overrated! I hate him so much! I loathe this cat. Dovewing is good! She actually does have flaws, despite what some people seem to think. Hollyleaf is way more annoying and worse than Dovewing. Do not hate Crowfeather for neglecting him, because he never wanted to have kits with Nightcloud. If you defend Nightcloud, that means you support someone being forced to fall in love with someone else that they do not love. Breezepelt is very annoying. He is spoiled, and even attacked Jayfeather and Poppyfrost for no reason. I personally hate Ivypool and Hollyleaf more than Breezepelt. But, this cat is still very annoying to read about. Also, his bitterness makes me hate him more. Is he ever happy in any scene? He stole Heathertail from Lionblaze. I shipped them!


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3 Crowfeather

You know, I had actually liked Crowfeather. Until Breezepelt was born. The poor baby was ignored by his own FATHER. WHAT THE HECK?! While I'm not a fan of Breezepelt, I couldn't help but wonder one day: "What would it be like in his paws"? And then I found out how much of an awful cat Crowfeather was. Not ONLY did he ignore his own son, but during the Great Battle, he chose LIONBLAZE, his son who he spent absolutely NO TIME WITH, who he NEVER SAW, over Breezepelt. Seriously. Oh! I forgot to mention! He is also together with another annoying as heck cat, Leafpool. Another FORBIDDEN LOVE. And he's the reason Breezie even joined the Dark Forest! Why, Erins. Why did you create this awful character?

I approve him. He is like a rose. If someone cared enough to reach past the thorns, they would find a beautiful flower, hidden and cloaked in heartbreak. (Wow that was poetics. I pretty much mean to say, HE HAS HAD HEARTBREAK! LET HIM LIVE, HATERS! ))

He was so annoying when he leaves with the group to find the sun-drown-place, his attitude was fox dung but when he loved feather tail and when the clans went on the journey. oh, he was like Starclan! Perfect and I almost forgot about his attitude but when the clans are set up, oh he just goes back into FOX DUNG MODE!


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4 Berrynose

Berrystumpytail is the most annoying little brat in the entire series. He acts like the leader of ThunderClan, even though he is not even the deputy yet and probably never will be. He's self centered and a snob, I want him to die a slow and painful death. He should have kept the personality he had as a kit, he was funny and adventurous back then, and I liked him a lot. Now he's nothing but a bratty, selfish, pain in the butt cat who deserves to DIE.

He is definitely annoying and disrespectful, but that's his only faults. Why does everyone hate him? If it's because he had two mates in his life you shouldn't be reading the Warriors series, because I'm pretty sure over over half the cats in the series take more than one mate in their life. I can't believe more people like Hawkfrost than him.

He is annoying and a very mousebrained cat in Thunderclan, I mean when poor Honeyfern died he went for her sister, Poppyfrost! That is so mean to Poppyfrost D:
Who likes Berrynose anyways?
Signed : Spiritheart + Silvertail

He should be #1 on this list! He is a arrogant furrball~ - AmberHeart

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5 Daisy

Ok, so she had to join ThunderClan and be all like, "well I think I like Cloudtail even though Brightheart is giving me that weird look and he's just SO kind to me." and then later…. "Oh, wait she's your mate, sorry. Oh, whose that, Spiderleg? Well, I barely know you, let's have kits together anyway! " Ugh, so annoying.

DAISY SO ANNOYING! When her kit goes missing but the warriors save the kit, Daisy's like, "My kit's gone! My kits dead! " Dude your kit is right in front of you :I - Silverlily

People say they got annoyed at Ferncloud always being in the nursery and having kits but all Daisy does is sit in the nursery doing nothing while her clanmates have to hunt and fight. She is so useless there is no point even having her in the series she does nothing whats the point. LET HER DIE not sorreltail or ferncloud at least they fought not winged they way through every single day!

I wish she wasn’t even a character! She’s a kittypet! She is stupid and didn’t even change her name! She is a lazy, fat, and annoying cat! She is the worst!

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6 Millie Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Oh man, I hate Millie so much. I don't see why Dovewing is the most annoying cat... She did more than Millie, that's or sure. Dovewing only got annoying at the end of the Last Hope and Bramblestar's Storm, when she *Spoilers If You Haven't Finished the Series* lost her powers and thought she was deaf. Millie only cared about her one kit that got hurt but then was fine. Greystripe deserved Silverstream, not Mille.

Leave millie alone your insulting me that's my name to you know!?! If you read the manga then you would change your mind. Also you would about Hawkfrost to! Couldn't believe when I found out he was evil! Lovely in manga

They're not talking about you. They're talking about the cat. Don't you know that people and animals can share names? - RedTheGremlin

GOD! I mean REALLY GOD! She acts like she has one kit, not three! Also, her personality matches Silver stream's to much. LAST, she was so rude to Firestar about her name - bluestar10

Well… Millie isn't the worst character, but she is quite annoying. Firstly, I am a Graystripe and silverstream shipper. When briarlight (At the time paw) broke her spine and back legs, Millie gave all her attention to briarlight.
-Cyanblaze of ThunderClan.

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7 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

Like, come on Tigerstar. No forest wants an annoying, backstabbing, treacherous lump of fur as it's leader. Trust me.

Yes, whenever I read about him, I say, "UGH TIGGY DON'T KILL ANYONE! " Well, not really, but still, you get the point. I have to stop myself from giving away spoilers to whoever is in the room with me when I read!

FROM BOOK ONE I KNEW IT I did not think he was that bad but I knew he had killed redtail YAY BONE the forest thanks you for killing him

I hate tigerstar

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8 Billystorm

His name is quite unusual but you should focus on his character rather than his name. He has a fine personality.

How is he an annoying in the tiniest bit?

Is his name all you hate about him

"Billy"storm what the heck is that supposed to mean

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9 Sol

Sol has no purpose what so ever in the fourth series. He's only there for plot holes in books, and extend series 4.

He's stupid. He said to Hollyleaf Lionblaze and Jayfeather, "Absolute power is ruling over all the forest" that mouse-brained piece of fox-dung! I don't care if he saved Leafstar! He's EVIL! He's like a reincarnation of Tigerstar! -Brookstorm

He's not annoying in my opinion, he's just got a unique personality people can't seem to work out

I agree. Sol is a little jerky TigerStar jr.

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10 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

I just feel sorry for you Mapleshade. I mean, I know you tried to drown Ivypool, BUT you've been so hurt by other cats, I just felt sorry for her. (BUT, you just CAN'T kill other cats.)

The only cat with a REASON to be evil. - Mewbosses

Poor squirrelflight... No! She's not selfish or boastful or annoying or a know-it-all, or up herself! A little stubborn, but she also strong-willed! You need to be nice. This is mapleshade.
M- more like maggotshade!
A-annoying and evil, and cruel and...
P- princess maybe, no. Ruler of the forest she thinks
L-lame. Scourge is better than her
E- eouch! She has a mean tongue. It killed cats
S- selfish. Not likeable in my opinion
H- hated cat. Go wander in your forest for all I care!
A- arrogant. Enough said
D- do you need more? MURDERER!
E- evil! Like... Pufferfish! I'm done telling you


Awesome poem! I support you liking Squirrelflight. AND WE ALL HATE MAPLESHADE! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Poor Mapleshade. She lost everything in life: her Clan, her mate, her kits, her home...everything. First, she went through the agony of having kits, only to be later kicked out of her Clan. Then, she crossed the river and her poor kits drowned even though she tried to save them. Then her cheater of a mate, Applebutt, forced her to leave and stinky Darkstar made her leave RiverClan's territory. What idiots! Then, she found out that ugly Frecklewish had watched her kits die and didn't do anything about it! She was the only cat who had a GOOD reason to be evil. Back off, Mapleshade haters. You obviously don't know what she's going through, since all she did was fall in love. - RedTheGremlin

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11 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Don't hate Leafpool, first of all. she is not the only cat who did had kits, for an example Yellowfang had kits, Bluestar, Silverstream, they ALL have had kits. and they don't get any hate! Leafpool is very nice, even after she has kits. Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf may never see it, but she is trying to prove shes good, she is silent because if she says something the tiniest, even an negative comment she will get hated. Don't hate her, she regrets it. Move on.

(spoilers ahead) Yes other cats had kits. But that's not the only reason people hate her. In The Power of Three she's never very focused and she freaks when Cinderpaw injures herself like you are a terrible medicine cat if you just freak every time someone gets hurt. Just no.

Then she LEFT HER CLAN. She also blew up at Cinderpelt when she found out but Cinderpelt had good reason to be angry with her. One, Crowfeather's from a different clan. Two, Leafpool is a medicine cat and she can't have a mate/kits. I mean Yellowfang and Bluestar and Silverstream had forbidden kits and what not but they didn't ABANDON THEIR ENTIRE CLAN. They tried to give the kits away or not reveal the father etc. (except Silverstream because she died but oh well)

Also when Spottedleaf told her to follow her heart, she went with Crowfeather because she thought heart meant love. But, she wanted to be a medicine cat every since she was a kit so shouldn't she realize her heart lays there? Nope, she ...more

, Leafpool is so annoying. She acts like her life is terrible when she brought it on herself. Crowfeather has a reason to hate her, she ran away with him and left him behind. It was her fault Cinderpelt died, totally and we all know it. Cinderpelt could have lived if Leafpool or Leafpoop had stayed, and Cinderpelt was a great cat. Leafpool then had kits with Crowfeather, which broke both of the codes. Other cats may have had forbidden kits, but they didn't leave their own clan for love. She lied to her kits and all the clans, then when they found out, Hollyleaf did bad things all because of her. She tried to kill Leafpool, which I would have been happy with for sure.

I like Leafpool. Who put her on this list? - RedTheGremlin

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12 Stoneteller

God he's so annoying! First he's like: oh I will welcome the clan cats! Then: I must keep the clan cats prisoner! After that: ok bye friends! And then: I will not let the clan cats come! Straight after: you can stay! And then he gives up on his ancestors. AND he though STORMFUR was the prophesied cat. The prophecy says silver, not grey. That's right Stoneteller: Stormfur is GREY.

He is so annoying! And ignorant! He keeps stormfur captive because he is apparently "the silver cat" and doesn't even consider feathertail (even though she is more silver than stormfur, who is grey) THEN exiles him just because they lost a battle! And even after they save the tribe cats he is still so annoying!

He was nice to the clan cats, then he kept stormfur prisoner, then when they came back be became crankier than mousefur and stupid as Breezepelt


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13 Squirrelflight

I agree that Squirrelflight was a jerk, brat, and was bossy and she didn't handle Ashfur as well as she could. But she was loyal, and put her relationship on the line with Brambleclaw to help her sister. The idea of her being deputy is not a good one. She bosses Bramblestar around, and is practically leader.. - Minnowtuft

She was really stubborn, that was all I actually saw from her, and a lot of her character is being Firestar's daughter. She looked like a whiny 3 year old complaining about everything in the second arc, and just look at what she did to Ashfur and Brambleclaw and her 3 kits, well they weren't hers. She should be above Leafpool, I don't understand why she is so low.

Squirrelflight is my least favourite cat, while Dovewing in no.2. Even though she was loyal to her Clan, she was still a snobby brat. She even threatened to spill the beans about the prophecy unless the cats let her come along! Plus, she constantly thinks that she's always right! I mean, who does that!?

I think she's okay, but when she and Brambleclaw had fought in some of the books, brambleclaw would try to be her friend again, but she would ignore him. then, later on, she would be like "oh, will we ever be friends again? she doesn't care about me! " well, of course Brambleclaw wants to be friends with his brother too!

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14 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

Like lion blaze, crooked star, bramble claw, and ivy pool this cat trained in the dark forest. Thistle claw is basically mud claw but he didn't do anything wrong. Thistle claw never killed a cat or plotted against his clan and the only dirt people really have on thistle claw was that he nearly killed Scrouge. I just want to say that thistle claw didn't make tiger paw attack Scrouge. He just watched tiger paw. Thistle claw and blue star hated each other. Just cause blue star is the main and everybody loves her doesn't mean that thistle claw is now a murderer. At the end of this list all I can say that he was eager to fight off clans and intruders (notice how I didn't say thunder clan or blue star? ) thistle claw is arrogant and a little violent which means he does to hell while cats like mud claw and ash fur get to star clan on a stupid excuse like mud claw thought he was doing the right thing or ash fur loves too much so he tries to kill. Mud claw deserved to go to star clan as he ...more

I don't understand how he's on this list, he's more cruel and evil than annoying. And besides, you can't help but sympathize with him after hearing what Bluestar had done, and after hearing his mate had died...

Oh my gosh I hate him so much he trained tigerstar to be evil he's such a mouse brain and fox dung


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15 Brokenstar Brokenstar

I don't really think brokenstar is evil it might seem that way but that was just how he was raised all the evil guys had to be trained er some thing like come on cats are not born evil JUST saying!.

This character was written about to beautifully in yellow fangs secret I love this guy

Brokenstar is so annoying, go Yellowfang for killing him! Brokenstar was annoying, greedy, and evil. All he wanted was more more more.

I liked Brokenkit. Hate Brokenstar.
"Hey Yellowfang, I'm a tree! "
OH that's SO CUTE - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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16 Clear Sky

Clear Sky. Oh my gosh, he's such a prig. First off, his mates. OK, I'm not hating because he has more than one mate, but because of the way he got them. His love for Bright Stream is perfectly fine, but he just SNATCHED Storm away from Gray Wing. And in the end, he chose NOT to go after her, which just goes to prove that maybe he didn't even love her. HE started the Great Battle that killed so many cats, HE invited One Eye into his camp, and HE is the reason his family hates him. But it gets even worse. Thunder was in love with Star Flower, and Star Foower liked him back. However, when Star Flower betrayed him and the Clans, Clear Sky was MAD AT HIM. And you know what? He swoops in and takes Star Flower AS HIS OWN MATE. What? That's just weird. Even worse, he's so selfish that he gets literally every single Clan involved in rescuing Star Flower. He is begging them to share their prey with Slash and his rogues just so he can have his precious little Star Flower back. So many cats would ...more

He's so mean to his own brother and barely cared when his younger sister when she died of hunger and hardly even cares for his clan HE DOESN'T CARE FOR ANYONE OH MY GOD I HATE HIM HE PISSES ME OFF AT EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF EVERY BOOK HE'S IN

Please. Leave this tom alone. He doesn't deserve so much hat, the pressure of leadership got to him and he made some mistakes. He is a smart, loyal, and feirce leader who is NOT a Mary sue and I adore him. You all don't seem to realize one thing: how would you react if you were journeyed miles from your home, you don't know what to do, you are put in charge of a bunch of cats and have to be a good leader. I would react just like him.

Clear Sky is horrible! I REALLY like Thunderstar and HE FLIPPIN TURNED HIM OUT! In the second Dawn of the Clans book, he ALMOST KILLED KITS! I HATE him! UGH... >:(

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17 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

I can understand why some people would hate Hollyleaf, but if you think about it, all she did was for the good of her clan or another cat. In my opinion she is my favorite cat in all the series and didn't deserve to die. I mean, at least she didn't train in the dark forest unlike some cats, like Ivypool and Tigerheart (Not saying I don't like them) and they are pretty popular. She did kill a cat though, but to be fair he tried killing her first. She pretty much lived by the warrior code. She only told everyone that Leafpool was her mother, because she couldn't stand the lies. Though she did try killing Leafpool she was probably very upset and angry at the moment and was willing to take risks, but this happens in normal people, if we are feeling confident, angry, or upset, we are willing to test our limits.And when she found out that she wasn't part of the three, she was fine with it! Maybe a little disapointed, but she wasn't a brat about it. Unlike how Dovewing was when she lost her ...more - Minnowtuft

Some people say that she's a mary sue goody twoshoes but how is she one? SHE HAS FLAWS! "BUT SHE KILLED ASHFUR! " She did it for the safety of the secret and then when she found out that her birth broke two codes.. She cracked under the pressure of it. And she DIED saving Ivypool's life. And in the very end, forgave Leafpool. I think that Hollyleaf ( or Ivypool ) deserved her place in the three

She really annoys me. First because she killed Ashfur, second because she revealed the secret at the gathering and got like 200 Cats in trouble, third because she killed Ashfur because he would reveal the secret and then just revealed it herself, fourth because she was so obsessed with the warrior code and then broke it like 20 times, fith because she tried to kill leafpool, sixth because she became a brat in the last book, seventh because she hurt her brother, eighth because she never forgave Squirrelflight, ninth because she rued the Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight relationship, and tenth because she was selfish. Wow. Ten sins! There are some cats that are too perfect, (Firestar) and some that are just down right jerks! No! I hate you Hollyleaf!

So far in The Power of Three it is mostly boring. I hate Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. They are so generic. Hollyleaf is the worst. She is so bland, whiny, and just total cringe. Then she killed Ashfur (who I don’t really miss) and gets herself killed. What a dumb life.

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18 Rainflower Rainflower

We are back and now for the great finally the worst mother of the year award is too... RAINFLOWER thankyou thank you I'm so happy maybe next year I can win the most important mother) I'm the judge ( yea right you make me laugh rainflower ) what do you mean judge.

Rainflower is my least favorite. Yes worse than tiger star and all those other horrible, cold hearted, mean, *goes on and on*

What's with her and appearances? I mean, Crookedstar looked decent even with his jaw.

Shellheart=Awesomeness, Loving Dad
Rainflower=Dumb, Stupid, Moron, Crazy MAMA - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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19 Mothwing

Moth wing is a sort of forgotten character to be honest. I used to really like this character but now I feel as if she is sort of plain to be honest. She is only famous for not believing in star clan and its such a big deal they make it a massive thing during the new prophecy and then there is an e book about it. When I got misty stars omen I was actually sort of excited about hearing things from misty star but... Yeh

She. Did. Nothing. Wrong. Hawkfrost. Probably. Threatened. To. Kill. Her. Leave. Her. Alone...!

Person who said they want to make Mothwing into a smoothie, you are disgusting. It's a fictional cat. Who doesn't believe in a groups "god" more or less. While yes, Mothwing is constantly mentioned not believing in starclan, she's still a good cat.

I just wanted to tear her violently apart when I found out she didn't believe in StarClan. Then I wanted to liquidize her in a bloody smoothie and make Leafpool drink it. I like Leafpool, but I don't know why she was still friends with Mothwing!

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20 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

I hate this cat he threatens his sister he gets Stormfur banished for power and I absolutely hate but I like his name.

Boy oh boy I hate him the most of everyone in the entire series even tigerstar. I love Scourge he killed tigerstar and was an idiot.

Hawkfrost is so annoying, I HATE him.

I love Hawkfrost - RedTheGremlin

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21 Ferncloud

How she just had a lot of kits I like her

Why Ferncloud? Her kits are awesome and she died trying to save her kits! - Silverlily

NOT ANNOYING! Ferncloud was sweet, I don't like anyone who doesn't like her! And no, whoever that was, I like Dustpelt, too.

WHAT who the star clan put Ferncloud up here? She was awesome! Grandma to Ivypool. (But also Dovebutt (Dovewing).) - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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22 Blossomfall

SHE IS SO ANNOYING. Just because she suddenly wasn't the centre of attention, she felt sorry for herself.

She is all like "My sister can't move properly poor me! "


How is Blossomfall annoying? Her mother completely abandoned her so she could hover over Briarlight every second of the day. I don’t blame her for feeling a bit sorry for herself.
She’s also very loyal, because she didn’t fight with the Dark Forest even though she was supposed to. How is Briarlight not here, but Blossomfall is?

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23 Bone Bone

, lemme guess he's annoying just because he killed whitestorm? Seriously? Or is it because he's in bloodclan? GUYS, I seriously cried my eyes out when he died, hate me if you want, admit it there's nothing that makes him annoying, killing another cat isn't considered annoying GOSH

TOTALLY annoying and EVIL.

He is kinda annoying as he killed my bae whitestorm.

I laughed so hard at his death. Ashpaw "don't TOUCH MY WHITEY AGAIN! " Fernpaw "DIE FOUL BEAST" other apprentices "FOR WHITESTORM! "

24 Darkstripe Darkstripe

He's not the worst, but definitely not a cat I'd want to share my den with.

Evil for no reason

I personally think he just tries to stick with the cats with power.

So annoying! just get rid of him he feed a kit death berries and his actions never get noticed. He's like tigerclaw just how to get away with murder version

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25 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

He's irritating, I pretty much know that the Warrior series is a fantasy, but realism is still required. He's invincible, isn't that too much? It's very, unrealistic.

I'm neutral with this guy. Yes I think he might be a little bossy and irritating and arrogant, but overall he's cool. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

How is Lionblaze annoying he's awesome

What the why am I not first ;) ~ Lionblaze the great and better than everyone

You're the worst! Wait, no your not. You're way better than Stinky Dovewing and Stinky Stupid Tigerheart - RedTheGremlin

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26 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

Now, she was fine in the first few books of the series but come book 4 and she's one of the single most annoying cats. She won't listen to a thing Fireheart says and thinks everyone is a traitor. One cat, Bluestar. ONE CAT.

Let me preface this by saying she was a good character at first. But once you get into book 3 (I think so at least) she turns into an annoying mound of fur. She won't listen to Fireheart, calls everyone a traitor, butts into another leader's turn to speak, and calls WindClan thieves. Like, whoa calm down Bluestar, we would all appreciate it.

She is loyal to her clan and don't be so harsh on her she had to give up her kits for the sake of her clan.

I know it was hard for her but she is so annoying in Dangerous path and darkest hour. I got so angry when Brightheart was called LOSTFACE. the only thing I understand is that she losted a lot in her life.

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27 Spottedleaf

I don't dislike her, but I found her annoying. Every time she visited Firestar I was like " Spottedleaf, you're dead. Firestar likes another cat. MOVE ON! " and to Firestar "Spottedleaf's dead. Move on. Sandstorm is right beside you." Also, in the Last Hope, Spottedleaf called Firestar "my love". What do you think Sandstorm thought about that? Don't get me wrong, but I think it's good she's no longer in StarClan. Now like I said I don't dislike her, I just found her annoying.

Spottedleaf isn't the worst warrior cat, but this list is most annoying warrior cats. And she's number one with this. I mean, leave her alone for a while and she gets killed. Maybe by Clawface, or then ripped out of the fabric of existence. She can't even save herself from anything, even in Starclan! In the first book, there is no mention of them having any relationship. After that she just romps in and starts a bothersome love square that makes Firestar seem more player than hero.

€� This mary-sue is on the almost very bottom of the list? *Chuckles* Oh, wow, here goes one serious rant. Ehem! So this goody two shoes takes one look at Firepaw and is like "Oh my star clan! Look at him, I'm going to love him forever! And when I die I'm going to stalk him in his dreams! " Ugh, just no. I like Sandstorm WAY better than this hot-shot. Unlike her and Fireheart, Sandstorm and him actually had a progressive relationship and it was really cute when she changed her ways when he saved her! I don't mind a med-cat being with a warrior at all, I don't even see why that shouldn't be aloud, but this would just be a really crappy couple. And we wouldn't have squirrel flight and Leafpool if he fell in lover with her. Oh, and she has to have this sweet aroma of herbs all around her all the time, oh and she has to be the nicest, most perfect cat ever. Wow, such a stupid character.


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28 Thrushpelt

Thrushpelt is a male. Also, I don't see why he is "annoying". He was so nice to Bluestar and was always trying to cheer her up. He was a great cat. He would take in Bluestar's kits as his own.He was a fine warrior and a fine friend (/mate if Bluestar had chosen that decision)

Thrushpelt reminds me of Bumblestripe but I don't think Bluestar is anything like Dovewing. Thrushpelt is not annoying in the slightest he helped Bluestar with her kits.

Thrushpelt is SO SWEET! I don't understand how he got on this list. He didn't tell anyone Bluestar's secret because he is SO SWEET! I actually love Thrushpelt. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

Trashpelt is stupid. He is creepy because he keeps bringing up hints about love and that annoys me I'm the only Trashpelt hater in the world.

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29 Palebird

She didn't care about her son and instead moved on to the next cat and had kits with him. Great mother...

I don't like Palebird one of my least favourite queens.

Just like Millie and Rainflower... Only actually crazy. - Feaather

She ignored her son, and right after her mate died she moved on to Wollytail? Palebird is messed up as hell... - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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30 Ivypool Ivypool

Okay, I think this should be higher on the list. I know this is an opinion, with no real right answer, just my point of view. While Dovewing isn't my favorite character, I certainly despise Ivypool. A large quantity of people just looove her, but really. She was always overly clingy to Dovewing ('paw at the time), and had to know everything she was doing, and if she didn't, according to her, it was because she thought she was too good for Ivypool, or was jealous of Ivypool's "awesomeness". Ivypool trained with the Dark Forest warriors, but so did Brambleclaw, and Lionblaze, but she went in complete denial and was so stupid about it. I was reading "Fading Echoes", and about ready to strange Ivypoo.

In the comments, people say that she did NOTHING. Nothing wrong? Well... Hmm let's see... I guess you're right. It's not like she:

-Thought she was so great, and that Dovewing was jealous just because she helped Dark Forest cats prepare to take ...more

Most annoying cat ever. I really hate her. She is part of the reason why people hate Dovewing and Lionblaze. This rotting cat is so annoying. She didn't even support her sister, and she was rude to Dovewing in Fading Echoes. Sorry for stealing your newly caught fish, but it is true. So dang jealous, that she even trusted Tigerstar. Honestly, I wished she was never born. Just some simple cat that eats sparkly blue unicorn vomit. - Sunadayh

Wait, hold up. Why is she on this list? How was she annoying? Wow, this is one of the characters on here that surprises me the most, because she didn't do anything annoying at all. I preferred her over Dovewing a whole lot. I totally understand why she refused Dovewing's help, because who would want a perfect sibling that takes all the attention and acts totally innocent all the time? I wouldn't. And Ivypool is actually helping her clan *cough cough* unlike Dovewing and she has special powers *cough cough*

She is always so mad and jealous. She was really dumb by going to the Dark Forest and training with Tigerstar. How is that ever going to help the clan and refusing to support quest because Tigerheart was going to be with Dovewing. Going against her apprentene.

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31 Nightcloud

This little bitch. She never said it, and neither did the authors. But that beeyatch wanted to kill Leafpool. Crowfeather's normal about their relationship and she just wants to rub it in, as if people cared.

Crowfeather: Hi, guys. This is my mate.
Nightcloud: Hear that, fox-heart! He's mine! Mine! Mine! You can't have him, stone-heart! Ahahaahah!
Leafpool: what just happened?

She does not deserve the hate she gets. Her mate treats her and their son like garbage. She's a good mother, and should be seen as such. Many think she's annoying, but you can't exactly blame her. Her mate had kits with another she-cat, and her son turned out to be a traitor to the Clans. She has a reason to be over-protective when Crowfeather and Breezepelt are the only cats she has left, even though they hardly care about her.

I don't like how she was so protective of Crowfeather when Leafpool was around. He was like, "So, um, this is my mate..." but she seemed to say, "YAH I'm his mate so BACK OFF Leafpool! "

Nightcloud is annoying! I hate her. But I think it was just the thought of her being alone forever that caused her to act the way she does... I still hate her though

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32 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

Scourge is insanely over ratted. His backstory is nonsense: honestly so you got bullied and teased by your brothers and sisters? Boo hoo. There are so many other cats in the neighborhood, why don't you hang out with them? Plus, the reason he became evil was just because his sister Ruby joked with him saying he'd be 'thrown in the river' if he wasn't adopted. Then Thistleclaw just HAPPENED to be there with Tigerpaw to beat the pathetic little scrap up. And then he just HAPPENED to meet to cats who would become his followers in Bloodclan. And his shadow just HAPPENED to scare the dog away, giving him local fame. And then he just HAPPENED to have Tigerstar ally with specifically him, rather than anybody else. And then he just HAPPENED to kill Tigerstar. It's a series of coincidences that lead him to be the main antagonist in the sixth book. All his purpose was to postpone the ultimate battle between Tigerstar and Firestar for a later date. It's annoying because his personality and ...more

Yea I can see how you think this guy is annoying on so many levels but its not his fault he had a nice back ground to begin with.

He might be a little annoying but he's still awesome

Scourge is my mate! He is NOT annoying! - RedTheGremlin

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33 Leopardstar

She literally handed over river clan to Tigerstar what kind of leader is that and she was the equivalent of Hitler she ordered all half-clan cats killed

She didn't care for her clan and gave up everything for Tigerstar, didn't care if he killed one of probably her best warriors and two kits,seriously TWO-KITS which is against the warrior code anyways, I do respect and agree with the fact that people do stupid things when they are in love but killing innocent cats and breaking the warrior code like that is just wrong. She didn't deserve leadership and most of all she didn't deserve to go to Starclan.

She trusted Tigerstar too easily, just because she had a crush on him. I believe. Terrible leader.

* sigh * This cat!
Leopardstar was ok when she first became leader but then Tigerstar said lets form TIGERCLAN!
So she was like for my clan or something what ever but LOOK AT TIGERSTR he hot!
So she only cared about her love and when Stonefur died she was like Cry on the inside but then she was like just kill the kits/paws she didn't even say STOP! She is also annoying at gatherings at leaf-bare she is like STAY AWAY FROM OUR * cough dirty slimey fish * FISH CATS! When all the clans beside RiverClan hate fish she is a mousebrain and a Drama queen I was glad when she died NO MORE DRAMA QUEEN!

Me: Looks Crookedstar
Crookedstar: I may have choose the wrong cat...

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34 Silverstream

Just 'cause she was the clan leaders daughter, "there's nothing wrong with me loving a cat from another clan, what could possibly go wrong? " She was just a spoiled brat.

I hate the annoying little brat Silverstream. Why could Graystripe possibly like her? - Emberleap

Well, she got herself killed because she decided that being the Clan leader's daughter wasn't enough for her.

I could say A LOT of things about this cat. So many people are like "I LOVE Silverstream she is amazing BLAH BLAN BLAH! " I feel like the one person who think and KNoWS his cat is FOXDUNG! There are many proven reasons she isn't good but people STILL love her! I mean she was barely even involved in the books! She DIED people. BUT I respect that everyone has different opinions and I understand that so you can all believe what you like but I believe that she is worthless!

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35 Brambleclaw

Here is the reason that I decided to give up on warriors after the Last Hope. The whole time I was surfing through this list I kept mentally asking where Brambleclaw was. To see him at only 34 is beyond disappointing in my opinion. He and Squirrelflight are my least favorite characters in the entire history of warriors. They were shipped, killing something that had already been sent to the grave long before it started. They then tried presenting us with what the cat dragged back from the dead, which was Brambleclaw being a newly established father to Alderheart and Sparkpelt. He was a lousy excuse of a character and still is. I'll be thanking God when he is gone once and for all if I can ever return to the series after he became leader.

Whoever said he was annoying, and paid more attention towards his brother than his mate, literally knows nothing. I mean, let's just imagine yourself in his pawsteps. You just found out you have a half-brother, what would you do? I mean, pretty much he was just trying to know him better.

Yea this cat is REALLY ANNOYING sorry but its true shutting his mate out is just wrong and it took bramble claw a long time to realize it.

Umm 2nd most annoying cat I understand why dovewings up there but brambleclaw should be 2nd I mean like he's so annoying and boring he thinks he's the best because he's a warrior and becomes leader but firestars better than you and I hate him tawnypelt is better than you so much better!

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36 Ashfur Ashfur

What annoys me is (spoilers for the Warriors series) he tried to kill four cats in horrible ways just because they had a relative that didn't want to date him. What makes him more irritating than the characters that did worse things is that he didn't seem to get any consequences for his actions. There wasn't a rational reason given for that. Maybe he was let into StarClan on some sort of insanity denfense-he was too mentally ill to realize he was doing something wrong during the attempted murders-and since being in StarClan seemed to cure cat's illnesses and disorders, he became mentally healthy in the afterlife. So he was no longer dangerous. But he didn't "love too much.".

He was so needy and just annoyed the hell out of me through the whole of the books. He acted like he didn't really care when his mother died.

Why do people hate him? His parents' death drove him crazy! - Stormyblaze

Squirrelflight messed with his MIND. She decided to dump him like that and get kits five minutes after and say their Brambleclaws. Think about it though, He got dumped and his ex had “Kits” right after and they were “Brambleclaws” then he sees them being lovey dovey and he’s sad and his parents die. That is a lot to take on. Nobody cared about him or noticed him. He was there breaking inside while Squirrelflight was off having the time of her life in the center of attention while Ashfur is there hurting until it drove him crazy. He deserves so much better. - Feaather

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37 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh a little when I hear people constantly calling him a "GaRY-STU! ". Oh oops. Forgot that 90% of the Warriors fandom doesn't even know what the hell a gary stu/mary sue is. A lot of main characters get this kind of treatment, It's even more hilarious when the character is a flipping cat.

I like him, especially in the early books. But being such a frequently mentioned character, there are plenty of opportunities for him to annoy me.

NOT ANNOYING AT ALL! I really hate any little # who doesn't love him!

I liked him as an apprentice and warrior but he became annoyoing as leader...
Fire star: Hey, do this, No! We all must be peaceful. I'm so perfect!
Like I said he literally doesn't have any flaws.

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38 Star Flower

Star flower is an idiot

Her love life is gross - Hollysnow

I am so sorry but someone please tell me who she is and what book she is in. Dawn Of The Clans? - Hollymint

Sounds like a mary-sue to me...Yeah I agree with you Hollymint. --Coldrain/Aquaclaw - Aquastar_of_DewClan

39 Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe is so annoying! He's like: Hi Dovewing. And: Hey Dovewing want to take a walk!

She would break the warrior code if she chose Tigerheart she would be breaking the warrior code, Bumblestripe liked her so he was the obvious choice

But she didn't like him so it's better to have a mate that loves you than one that doesn't - Sunadayh

Whatever idiot put him on here should shut up


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40 Tigerheart

He annoys me the most he is a loser and doesn't deserve to be leader, and definitely didn't deserve to be with dove - WarriorCatsFan

He's not annoying in the slightest

Tigerheart deserves Dovewing more than Bumblestripe.Not that I like Dovewing I hate her.


41 Mosskit Mosskit

Mosskit wasn't annoying. She died really young, never living the life as a warrior. - IcetailofWishClan

What the heck is mosskit doing here?

Mosskit is so sweet, anyone who thinks she's annoying, go die in a corner.


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42 Lightpollution

Lightpollution keeps me up all night - Hollysnow

Who da hell is dis

Oh my StarClan his energy is wasted poor cat. ~WolfHowl of FireClan

43 Jessy

She annoyed me. She's not a Mary-Sue, but she was a bit pushy with Bramblestar, telling everyone to leave him alone when he was sleeping. Plus she immediately moved her nest next to his. I didn't like her.

No, she is not a Mary Sue. I personally loved her in Bramblestar's Storm. For some reason, people who hate some cat automatically call them a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Chill out, you prigs.

Mary Sue. 'Nough said.


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44 Foxheart

Ugh I remember feeling imminent rage when I read her name in Yellowfang's Secret. She was so ANNOYING - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

Well, Foxheart is a Foxheart

Idiot. She is the worst!

Wish she was dead - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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45 Shrewclaw

He's such an annoying bully, and plus, he's the father of Onestar

I like Shrewclaw. - Stormyblaze

Sorry didn't put in the die in my last comment

Shrewclaw is not the father of one -star he is the father of mudclaw.

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46 Briarlight

I love her! I hate anyone who thinks she's annoying!

What is wrong with you?

I think you might have meant to say Jayfeather is annoying because trust me he is

I really think she is annoying. She cheated to many times on death.

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47 Blackstar

I can't wait for Blackstar and Stonefur to see each other in Starclan though

Where should I even start with him? He killed Stonefur, followed Tigerstar, lost faith in Starclan which almost led his clan into destruction. I see nothing good in him, he did not deserve to be leader in the first place, he didn't deserve Starclan and he didn't deserve being mentioned in the books so much. I dislike him for all the bad things he had done and yet he gets to join Starclan. It is unfair.

48 Goosefeather

He did get a brain infection and probably went insane because of his powers so I don't blame could he know that battle would kill Moonflower?

I love him, he's' my wife. - SkyGamer

He is just insane

Everyone who comments saying: GOOSEFEATHER'S SO DUMB HE KILLED MOONFLOWER OMGGG! clearly has not read Goosefeather's Curse. Do you KNOW why he was so crazy? As a kit, apprentice, even, he could see dead cats, and interpret the future. He could SEE the near destruction of ThunderClan in leaf-bare. If you could see dead people and see the future destruction of your family, I doubt you'd be secure at all. He was disliked by nearly each and every cat because he acted a little mental, and they (even his own sister, Moonpaw) treated him like downright DUNG. I think Moonflower deserved to die; she was the most sickly sweet, stereotypical mother there was. ~Rocky

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49 Runningnose

The only thing annoying about him is his name

He was a good cat...

Lovely cat

Don't hate him because of his name! It's Cedarstar or Raggedstar's fault, whoever named him Runningnose. But really, he's kind gentle medicine cat.
~Bluefang of FireClan

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50 Oakheart

Oakheart was nice but I like his brother better.

I liked Crookedstar

Because not everyone likes canon shipping arguments

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