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Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.


! I do agree that millie there are some more annoying characters but Erin has never messed up so badly and made them the MAIN character! Like really, the only good trait she has is loving her sister Ivypool, Who is so amazing, but she manages to mess that up to by screaming how Tigerheart doesn't love her! That part made me so mad. I'm trying to right a fan fiction about Ivypool but I don't now what to do about her sister. What I really want to do is have her die a horrible death and no one cares but I will half to content myself with making her a nerd/goody goody or just have everyone hate her!

She is the WORST. She drove her own sister into the dark forest. She can't choose between a forbidden love acquaintance and the nicest Tom in ThunderClan. She has absolute no character development, and has a personality of sawdust. I think her power should be "Whining". That's literally all she's good at. "OH I CAN'T HEAR! NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME! I'M DEAF! " No, Dopewing, it's called being NORMAL. Plus, Lionblaze and Jayfeather would understand, they were also part of the three, unless she can't get that into her empty head. She was dumped by the kindest tom! I mean, how much was she a dweeb to do that? I kind of wish the Erins made Ivypool or Hollyleaf the third instead. Now we're stuck with the most whiny and arrogant cat out there. I'm not surprised this is number one. Okay, and while Ivypool was fighting for her life in the Dark forest, Jayfeather was trying to save Flametail, stupid Dopewing was creating a pointless love triangle with our friend, Tigerheart. What annoys me the ...more

Honestly, Dovewing would be great if she wasn't the third cat. Just thinking that the Erins could have changed her to be more developed and flawed, and could've helped Hollyleaf find her power, which could've been the best, in the end, and Dovewing and Ivypool could have powers, and help them, just makes my idea of a perfect story. But, they didn't, and made a one-dimensional, flat character, who didn't help much, and whose power was simply ordinary. Compared to her sister, who is truly coloured in shades of gray, and has a much more interesting character arc, Dovewing pales. Ivypool was satisfying, Dovewing, sadly, was not. The idea of her being the main character, when she would more be suited to a side one, was simply the Erins trying to find a cheap solution to the uproar at Hollyleaf's death. Unfortunately, in their hurry, they forgot to give her redeeming traits, a good power, and most importantly, a character arc.

I HATE DOVEWING WITH MY LIFE. First of all, she's a Mary Sue. TONS of lovers, and she only likes one, which is breaking the warrior code anyways. She toys with Bumblestripe and makes him miserable. She's whiney and a brat. She thinks she's the best and better than everybody. She gets her sister in trouble multiple times when its her own fault. She never used her power to help her Clan. Though Hollyleaf was annoying, she certainly would've been better. Dovewing was arrogant and got whatever she wanted. She thinks she can rule the world. Just because things happen to her that she doesn't like, she blames it on everyone else. I have more to say but it would be rambling.

Dovewing is a total mary-sue, oh and guess what? They also had to make her like Tigerheart (by the way I have nothing against cross-clan relationships.) and it seems like such a in your face couple. It's really hard to ship her with anyone and she seems like she has absolutely no flaws. Oh, and then they had to replace Hollyleaf somehow, so they made her have some magical, I can see, hear, and smell these other cats from miles away, which she probably would've pointed out when she was a kit. I liked her WAY better when her and Ivypool were kits, but then she had to become such an annoying brat! No wonder Ivypool and Dovewing have drifted apart. Ugh, why Erin Hunter, why

Okay, so first she replaces Hollyleaf my favorite character of all time and then she becomes an annoying lump of useless fur that is always whining! Like seriously, the idiot COMPLAINS about her power! Ivypool would switch with you anytime you deadbeat!

She is a stuck up Mary Sue. She's so annoying! I hate her! Her own sister went to the Dark Forest because of her! She's treated like a queen in Thunderclan just because of her "special" eyes and ears. Seriously. She also treated Bumblestripe like a piece of crap! Poor Ivypool and Bumblestripe. Also she is just there because Erin Hunter couldn't think of a power for Hollyleaf. Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Out of all the cats of Thunderclan they had to choose this stuck up Mary Sue! She has no personality! Please they could at least chose a cat with a personality. In my opinion, Ivypool would be much better as one of the three. MUCH better. Ivypool risked her life in the dark forest, while dovewing did nothing! Why did Erin Hunter have to chose HER? Why?

She uses Bumblestripe as like a punching bag she takes out her ridiculous anger out on him and the sweet guy doesn't even care he loves her so much. Hollyleaf or Ivypool should have been the prophecy cat Dovewing doesn't deserve a super power she's such a whiner I hate her so much.

Dovewing. How to I begin to describe how annoying she is?! I think it was in the book " Sign of the Moon " she said something like, "How do other cats cope without super hearing? " (not actual quote) She is such a boring cat too! She takes her powers for granted and acted like she was gonna DIE when she couldn't use them anymore! I mean honestly Dovewing, COME ON!

Why does everyone hate Dovewing so much? She's not that much of a Mary Sue, considering that she didn't even want to be part of the Three. She also cared for her sister, Ivypool. Dovewing done her job well in the last battle and helped the Clans a lot. Without her, they wouldn't have won the battle. She also had a good heart, which is a very important characteristic to be one of the better cats. She was extremely loyal to her Clan also. I understand that she was a little overrated, but she's not a bad character. But of course, no matter what, Hollyleaf and Ivypool are still my favorite characters. It's just that Dovewong isn't too annoying and doesn't deserve so many haters. - Oliveleaf

WHY ARE YOU A PART OF THE PROPHECY! Why is she always like oh... Why does Ivypool HATE me? Um, it's because Ivypool never gets ANY attention ( except from the dark forest:3) because of you! That's not being selfish! - Catsarah123

She does not suck but I do agree she's the most annoying cat ever. First of all, she doesn't deserve her power. It is a little lame and she's useless. I am mad Hollyleaf wasn't the one with the power. Or Ivypool, she was jealous but for a good reason and spied on the Dark Forest. Dovewing is dull and boring and just thinks about romance and is super distracted. Jayfeather is the opposite always worrying about it. Lionblaze is in the middle. Second of all, I know that Tigerheart treated her like cabbage casorole and crap rotting in a hot bag in July, but she kinda dumped Bumblestripe for no good reason. She also really whines

Are you kidding me?!?! (I'm talking to the person on the bottom.) Spottedleaf is not stupid. She just loved Firestar/heart because he is worth loving! Oh, and the reason she "stalked" him is because of a thing called LOYALTY. And, by the way, are any of the dreams Spottedleaf sends bad at all? Most of them are warnings, but NONE of them are offensive. I don't mean to be, either. I just want to set it straight. Thank you guys for reading, and hopefully your opinions about some of these cats will change.

I don't like Dovewing or Ivypool. Dovewing is a character that is useless without her powers and always does the right thing. She isn't a good fighter and the only reason she was a good hunter was becuase of her powers. Ivypool's only goal in life was to get better then her sister. She was overacting when she went to the Dark Forest. Whenever Dovewing tried to start a conversation, Ivypool would say that she wanted to show off or something and walk away. People complain about Dovewing being loaded on toms. Ivypool is shipped with like 10 cats. Both are annoying to me and I think Hollyleaf should have stayed.

DOVEWING IS SUCH A MARY SUE. She just is so rude to everybody and she just shoves Hollyleaf out of the Three. Hollyleaf deserves to be in the Three instead of this fat Mary Sue being perfect, perfect, perfect. She always thinks she's right and NEVER listens to anyone, even Lionblaze who is her mentor. Even her power is Mary Sue-ish and she just uses her power to show off. AND SHE PICKS BUMBLESTRIPE FOR NO REASON AT ALL! SHE BARLEY EVEN KNEW HIM! Ugh, I wish dovewing will lose her power and some other cat who is much more deserving like ivypool gets it.

Erin hunters seem to forgotten flaws when creating this character. They must have fallen in love with the name and powers and just piled a load of toms up on top of her. At the start dove paw was worrying about her sister a little but then you just realise it's Erin's excuse for her to miss a catch or whatever. The reason why people love ivy pool and holly leaf is because people relate to them whilst dove wing is impossible to relate to. I have never gone why am I so perfect ever! Sadly it's slightly too late for Erin's to turn her around but lastly...
Why does she have a E-book? She already has a whole series dedicated to her

Ugh Dovewing.. Its like Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were the 3 in the start, but then here comes this bratty, dull grey she-cat named Dovewing! Honestly why does Dovewing have to be the 3! She's literally nothing. Just a dull warrior.

She is a stupid. Whiny stuck up Mary sue. Her sister whent to the dark forest because of her! Seriously, she gets more than what she deserves. She's treated like a queen in thunderclan. Why did Erin Hunter even chose her? Out of all the cats of thunderclan they chose HER. In my opinion Ivypool or Hollyleaf would be MUCH better. MUCH better. I just hate her! She also treated Bumblestripe like a piece of crap! She's so stuck up and stupid, her sister risked her life every night. What did dovewing do? NOTHING. She had a bad personality and was very boring to read about. And don't get me started on the Tigerheart, Dovewing, Bumblestripe love triangle

You guys are mean! Dovewing is the best and Ivypool is the worst cat ever! Every time Dovewing helps ivypool weave her way out of a tight hole, she just grunts and walks away. She's a total jerk! I don't care if I get 10000000 dislikes, just go ahead! Click thumbs down! Just consider and think! Dovewing, the nice, awesome, brave, funny, friendly cat, or Ivypool, picked for the dark forest, rude, mean, cat. I know ivypool wasn't too bad, but when she was an apprentice... :P In my opinion, (THIS IS AN OPINION ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD) Dovewing is the best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best cat EVER!

Ugh. Why is it so hard to find a someone who likes all Hollyleaf, Ivypool, and Dovewing? - Oliveleaf

Shes actually really not that bad! Imagine if you were like, 2 years old and everyone is watching you, then you are like 5 and you are supposed to save the world, then your twin hates you. I mean, she's annoying at times but she can be really nice! Not all of the time though.

Please Dovewing go die in a hole somewhere because nobody will care. I DO NOT GET how she can be so whiney and... What is her PROBLEM? Everyone is perfectly nice to her and she just whines and is generally horrible.

Dovewing is both a Mary Sue and the single most selfish warrior in the entire series. You could say that a good theme song for her and her relationships is "grenade". Honestly, she has Bumblestripe right in front of her, and she just takes the relationship for granted, and gives nothing back! She's so annoying.

It wasn't that she was more annoying than other characters, its just the fact we got an annoying character as a MAIN character, meaning we had to deal with her annoying thoughts as well as annoying actions.

Um... I hate spottedleaf but she is super duper annoying and things is better than everyone else she is so cruel to Ivypool and she's a show off. Dovewing acts like the clan can't survive without her. It's very annoying. Dovewing's the reason Ivypool went the dark in the first place!

Her sister is so much better than her... Dovewing has no personality at all.