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Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf


I'm sorry leafpool, but I actually kinda liked you in the new prophecy. That kind of quieter, smarter sister was really relatable, and apart from the whole crowfeather debacle, you were actually one of my favourite characters. This all changed in the power of three. Not only had her complete character changed to the point where she was almost another character, but I just can't start to understand why she made so many bad decisions in POT and OOTS. That relatable, sometimes great character was gone, replaced by a cat we couldn't help hating.

Leafpool was a very 5/10 character at first. Her love story with Crowfeather was bland, boring and painfully predictable! Leafpool is completely helpless! She's either getting saved by her sister, Crowfeather, or any other cat. She just so emotionally enclosed and after a few years can't get on her paws because of Crowfeather. I find that so pathetic. She a basic, emotional, damsel.

I hate Leafpool because she can't make a decision and stick with it. If she wanted to leave the clans and pursue a relationship with Crowfeather then she should have, but then she changed her mind almost immediately after and her returning was just a catalyst for all sorts of family drama. Girl, quit whining about how much you love Crow. Just go be with him. The warrior code means nothing anyways.

I hate Leafpool. She decided in her own will to be a medicine cat and agreed to their rules, only to love Crowfeather, leave her clan and hurt mentor for him, turn around and break his heart, find her poor mentor dead BECAUSE OF HER, whines about it for a while, has kits, feels sorry for herself, gives them away, lets them live a lie, when they find out she whines about that.

Leafpool is NOT annoying she was punished enough losing her kits and her mate and her kits hate her and she lost her calling as a medicine cat, SHE IS NOT ANNOYING!

Leafpool is my favorite character! She didn't know that Cinderpelt would die and couldn't have done anything to help her if she apwas there. She was nice and sweet and acted like a mother to her kits even if they didn't know. She gave them up so Thunderclan would have a medicine cat and Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather would have a normal life. If every cat knew they were half clan children of a medicine cat, they would have been treated horribly. The love of her life said she was a mistake, her kits treated her like dirt (Hollyleaf even tried to kill her), she lost doing what she loved (being a medicine cat), and lost her clanmates. Squirrelflight also had a hard time and I believe she shouldn't have been punished for helping her sister.

LEAFPOOL IS NOT ANNOYING! She's a good and loyal cat. And people should stop hating on Leafpool and Crowfeather... Without them, Jayfeather wouldn't exist! (I really love Jayfeather... in case you hadn't noticed... x)) - Falconflight

Even though I personally hate Leafpool (because she is annoying) all of these lists make 0% sense and 100% seam like some 5 year old who never read warriors found a bunch of names and put them in a random order, like seriously I saw a list that said that Mosskit out of all cats were on the most hated warrior cats.

She was fine before the truth came out from hollyleaf. Now she is all like woe for me I have nothing left in the bloody world!

I really like her, anyone who thinks she's annoying and wants her to die and gives her hate, they get a bunch of hate from me. If you hate sweet Leafpool, you might as well hate Firestar! So there!

Ugh I hate leafpool, she just annoys me also when was first introduced she was a Mary-sue

I hate Leafpool. I think she will get Crowfeather when she goes to Starclan. She never got punished. And she is just a mary-sue. Squirrel is more realistic, I mean, sure she is annoying, but Leafpool is just well, too perfect, nice, had a nice mate who loves her.

She broke the warrior code, which is kinda annoying to me since my favorite character is Hollyleaf. - Oliveleaf

I like Leafpool. Who put her on this list? - RedTheGremlin

I used to hate her for her actions but I got over that. I REALLY hate her personality. She just cries in the corner and feels sorry for herself. In dawn I skipped her POVs. She is one of most annoying characters yet

Why the flip is Leafpool even on this list? She was not annoying at all. Well, maybe her and Crowfeather running off together was a little annoying and she hardly knew him…. but she wasn't a very annoying character really. She doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Leafpool is not annoying. Why is she on this list!? Squirrelflight was the annoying one! I HATE whoever put this awesome cat on here!

I'm honestly torn it's half hate and half whatever your not your not important

We agreed on everything. A thought something and she did a second later.

Leafpool is actually awesome! Yes she left her clan, had kits, and mated Crowfeather, but she is actually not annoying. She is very kind-hearted and cares for people. - Silverlily

Okay.. First of all
Leafpool wasn't the first medicine cat or plain cat in the Warriors series that had a forbidden relationship. I mean, look at Yellowfang, she had a kit that was bloodthirsty and ambitious that killed MANY cats, and Yellowfang is still pretty popular. And just because Leafpool kept the secret from her kits and clan doesn't mean she was bad. She was just trying to protect them from hatred and being lonely and rejected. She SAVES cats for Starclan's sake. And if you think about it everyone's favorite cat in the series Jayfeather wouldn't be a medicine cat if it weren't for her, heck he wouldn't be ALIVE if it weren't for her! So move on people! - Minnowtuft

I like Leafpool, but Squirrelflight is more fitting for me. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Leafpool sucks, I hate her so much!

Leafpool is not annoying! People think shes is so EVIL when she has Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Holloyleaf but you know.. she was just protecting them! Don't hate her for her lie. she is a wonderful cat who is kind and thoughtful.

I don't think she is annoying I love her - Pinewhisker