Most Annoying Warrior Cats

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61 Mousewhisker

Is this cat a Shadowclan cat?

62 Briarlight

I love her! I hate anyone who thinks she's annoying!

What is wrong with you?

Me and my sister ship Jayfeather and Briarlight.

63 HawkHeart HawkHeart

Hawkheart was grumpy, but he was really nice! - Stormyblaze

Hawkheart is a heartless mean grump.

Hawkheart was not annoying. Yes I do agree it was wrong that he killed Moonflower but he was only trying to protect his clan. Russetfur made an attempt to kill Firestar, Blackstar killed an innocent cat and still went to Starclan, he lost faith in them and he couldn't care less in killing other cats and leading his clan into not beliving, he followed Tigerstar and almost did no good and still went to Starclan not to mention the other medicine cats such as Yellowfang (no offense I have no hate for Yellowfang) who did have kits which is also a breaking rule but still went to Starclan yet Hakwheart went into the Darkforest just because he tried to protect his clan. I know it was huge since he was a medicine cat but he only did one bad thing just to protect what he loves. It is unfair.

64 Dawnpelt

She wasn't annoying. The dark fores manipulated her. She was so nice when she was a kit and apprentice..

Who would even believe Jayfeather killed Flametail? A medicine cat will NOT do that

She made everyone think Jayfeather killed Flametail! Jayfeather's one of my favorite characters!


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65 Honeyfern

I don't not like honeyfern, she is just annoying when she moons over Berrynose

Honeyfern get out of here I don't like you and you might as well have Hawkfrost as your mate if your going to be mate with that bossy fishbrained Berrynose.

Why is she here? She gave up her own life for a kit, she was so innocent and did nothing bad but just loving Berrynose to a level that she wanted to devote her life to her. Nothing else.
Whu is she here?


66 Poppyfrost

Poppyfrost wasn't that bad. She didn't 'steal' berrynose. Honeyfern wouldn't of wanted him to be alone forever. He was too young to never find another love and his heart could heal. She was just upset and Berrynose was a great comfort and distraction for her. If ya know what I mean ;3

Well she did not care that Berrynose was her sister previous mate and went with him even though they didn't seem to know much about eachother. I do not know Poppyfrost this much but I dislike that.

I like poppyfrost

I think Honeyfern would have wanted Berrynose to find another mate and not mope around forever. Bonus points because it didn't happen immediately like Palebitch and Woollytail. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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67 Watersnake
68 Lilynose
69 Scorchsong
70 Flashnose
71 Wiseowl V 1 Comment
72 Mothflight
73 Rainswept Flower

She is alittle stupid if u ask me

74 Leafstar
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