Most Important Creations of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Languages and Symbols

Without languages or symbols nothing would happen. life would be way different. we would still be cavemen without it - andrewerdna100

That is very good

2 Electricity

Electricity powers just about everything that we use. with out it we would still be using candles as light like before the 20th century - andrewerdna100

3 Transportation

Cars, buses, boats, trains, planes, etc. is what allows us to go places that are far in quick time. we would still
Be riding horses and buggys - andrewerdna100

4 Internet

Without it you wouldn't be able to read cool lists like this. just kidding but if internet would of ever stopped the world would be in trouble... that's for sure. - andrewerdna100

Very important, you can know anything - belarbi

5 Cooking Appliances

Without it we would still be hunting for our food every meal of the day. that wouldn't be very fun. - andrewerdna100

6 Telephone

Best way of communicated if your not face to face with the person your talking too. - andrewerdna100

7 News

How would you know whats going on without any kind of news? - andrewerdna100

8 Emergency Jobs

Without police, firefighters, or hospitals the world would be very chaotic - andrewerdna100

9 Time

You would think time would be even higher on the list. however, you can tell time without using a clock. would it be annoying? Yes but is it possible? Yes - andrewerdna100

10 Mathematics

Without math the structures and designs of things would be terrible. Also if you can't count then you can't have an economy - andrewerdna100

Humans have never created math. Math has allways been there we just found it kind of.

its good

The Contenders

11 The Wheel
12 Fire

Something had to be the first!

13 Glass
14 Guns
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