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1 Islam

Ok so there are extremists in every religion and every religion has its time in the limelight for being 'violent' and I guess its out turn. The media play it big time! We are not a violent, hating religion. if it was then I would not call myself Muslim. so many things are misunderstood, the basic principles is belief in Allah, giving money to charity, fasting and praying and pilgrimage if you can. we are told to speak to people kindly and it is forbidden for us to back bite and speak badly of people behind their backs. we are told to take care of the elderly and be good to our parents, we must not steal, lie or cheat anyone out of their money. this is our religion, we need to all learn to start opening our eyes and respect one another as human beings. I have many friends from different religions and we all realise the similarities between us all, we all follow the same preaching: peace for everyone. Salam alaykum.

Those terrorists who call themselves Muslims, they're not even real Muslims! They're nothing more than politically-motivated savages with an over-developed sense of masculine pride with no respect for women! - AlexTopTens

A lot of people misunderstand Islam but they really need to know the true meaning. We are really peaceful I really blame Muslims with giant egos for his E. G osama bin laden and Muslims who consider themselves better than everyone else etc. So maybe we all can live peacefully for a change, I mean come on its 2013! PEACE - optimus

A large amount of the Christians are writing about how Islam is misunderstood by its own people, Muslims. Only terrorists who aren't true Muslims misunderstand what Islam is really about. It's about peace, love and forgiveness. People in Western countries killed Muslims after 9/11. So don't tell me that Islam is only misunderstood by Muslims. It's COMPLETELY misunderstood by millions of other people.

Islam is 1400 years old. Terrorism started 20 years ago [discounting terrorism from white people and non Muslims, because who's gonna count that in..] after the west started invaded middle eastern countries. That's the root cause of terrorism. Where tf does Islam come into it. Get a brain and think for yourselves.

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2 Satanism

I think that may people believe all Satanist's to be evil, but I think that at least some of them are just misunderstood. I am a writer and my yet-to-be-written story "How to Hold a Satanist's Heart" will probably hold the moral about not judging a book by its cover, and that not all Satanists are bad, very much in its own heart (please take note of the pun here).

I sometimes find it hard to believe this is an actual religion, with it's similarity to athiesm. Really, a lot of Satanists don't actually believe in Lucifer, let alone worship him, that's just fluffing bullshleez. It's simply a belief of not letting yourself get brainwashed by the majority or authority, focusing more on yourself than society (within reason of course) While I am an atheist, a lot of this applies to me personally.

A true Satanist does believe in Satan but Satan did not force us to worship him and which is why we have Satanism and Satan Worshipping. Satanism is about you being your own god but with only logical standards to it, not stuff that is over your limit and there are different types of Satanism. Spiritual, Theistic and Atheistic. Satanism is not evil, look it up.

Everyone gets satanism all wrong. The Church of Satan for over looking some things in history, Christians for not doing any research outside of their churches, wiccans for not doing any real research into the occult and atheists for getting their information from Mr Pickles. During the Inquisition, the Christians called people who question their beliefs satanists. People who didn't worship their Christian God were called devil worshippers. There was no one literally worshipping Satan at the time. How LaVey thought it meant being a selfish sociopath is beyond me.

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3 Christianity

Oh yea lets pigeonhole all the real Christians with the Fundamentalists ones. I mean they are all the same right? Every single Christian is waiting for the Rapture, reads Chick Tracts (Including the "Lisa" one)

Every single Christian agrees with Ken Ham, is a creationist. They all went to the creationist museum and ark encounters.

Every Christian believes magic, homosexuality, abortion, halloween is evil don't they?

Christians in the past did terrible things but that's the past, and yes we have fundamentalists but you think every single one of them is a fundamentalist.

Oh look, the sky is falling! It must be Christianity's fault!

Everything is blamed on us, all the evils in the world is all our fault. Religion is often hated on, but Islam and Christianity are the main targets. Everyone must argue with us about God and whether he exsists or not. How about this: believe in what you wanna believe in and let others believe in what they want to. Not all Christians are evil, and not all problems are rooted to Christianity.

Oh no! We are out of milk! It must be that Christian across the street's doing!

Oh gee I bet you've never once thought: "hey their praying before a wrestling meet boy I look out of plaice, or ooh what will my girlfriends parents think when I don't want to pray, or even, gee, I'm sure glad not being a Christian actually gives me more job opportunities and let's me fit in with people. You obviously don't know what it's like to really be persecuted, or unfairly blamed. Try being atheist and be trusted as much as rapists, or see how really misunderstood you are if your a satanist, or a Jehovah's witness! You have an easier lot in life in regards to everyone else because your Christian. Suck it up and take the bad with the good, get out of your persecution complex and think about all the Jews burned in the 20's

Heck come to think of it the whole "Sky is falling perspective" doesn't show a misunderstanding, it just shows that people want to blame Christians. so your argument isn't even needed here, nor is it informed.

There will never be a second coming of Jesus ever, no such thing as the rapture. The planet has different times. Its impossible for everyone to see four horsemen. We have always had war, earthquakes, and diseases, nothing is increasing. Abortion is not murder it's a foetus not a baby. It's the WOMANS body its up to her if she wants to have an abortion. Its nothing to do with God, Jesus it's the Woman. We did NOT come from Adam and Eve, how can a man's rib make a woman?

I am a Christian and I hope that atheists, Satanists, and other non Christians will at least think about changing it to Christian. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to force anyone into believing my religion! I respect yours but I just don’t want you to go to hell because it is a terrible place. Don’t say that it’s not real because it is and there will be proof when you die ( if you were bad) Just don’t be bad and worship the wrong person because you will get bad karma! I’m mostly talking to the people who are alcoholics or drug attics and won’t quit for their children or other loved ones. Don’t be angry because of me because I honestly don’t want to start a fight. I think it’s ridiculous that people are fighting over religion. Think about it. It’s like 2 preschoolers fighting wether mermaids or fairies are real or not! 😂😂😂 like come on you’re just stupid! Sorry for putting the emojis I don’t mean that wars are funny I just think that it’s ...more

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4 Wicca Wicca

First of all; Wicca is not a religion. A Wicca is Pagan, but not all Pagans are Wicca.
Wicca is mostly misunderstood because it violets the Christianity's Magick prohibition terms. As being a Wicca, I have experienced that it does no harm, it has nothing to do with Satan, it is not bad at all. Wiccans practice white magic as you all know, we have a motive which goes like "An he harm none, do ye will (Since I am Scottish and I heard this accented motive in covens, I have no idea what is the explicit one)". The motive itself is self-explanatory.

Wicca is a sense of being in tune with yourself, your mind, and everything around you. It's earth based. It's not us worshipping Satan or us being in a cult like so many people say. And I can promise that we're not bad people.

Wiccans are so misunderstood. People are ill-informed about us, and make up myths about us that are not true. They just like to say how so very terrible we are, being devil worshippers. (Which isn't true, Satanists are. ) Honestly I can't stand that. Wicca has good meaning, it teaches us to respect nature and all that is in it. How is that so terrible?

Its new Paganism isn't it? Paganism was banned by churches in past times, it was churches jealousy that banned it.

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5 Hindusim

People judge Hinduism bad, because of some fake Sadhus, who think they are god. But I think they should judge religion by it's teaching, holy books, and gods. In this things Hinduism is always no. 1, and always will be. There is no fear and depress in Hinduism as in Islam and Christianity about Hell or Heaven. Hinduism is only true religion, because it people doesn't force other people to be in their religion as Islam and Christian do by showing them fear. People also think how can Hindu have thousands of god. And answer is because we believe that god have many avatars. We believe god is only one, but he have many forms and avatars. So we have god or goddess of Knowledge, water, fire, air, earth. Veda and Geeta have the best path of teaching than other holy books like Bible and Quran. Hinduism is most peaceful-best religion on this earth ever.

Many think Hinduism is full of rituals but in fact rituals are optional in it and devotion is more important

Peaople hinduism with cow, elephants, rituals etc. But the truth is that these are the symbols which are used in hindusim to explain human attitude and improve it towards purity and god.

People don't even read Vedas, Bhagawat Gita, and talks about Hinduism, I feel pity on them.. Hehehe..

Sati system and Caste is nothing to do with Hinduism, its british who divided everyone and tried to ruin this way of life.. But west is now understanding the truth.

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6 Roman Catholic

I am a Catholic and I do believe this is a very hard religion to understand for two reasons. 1) WE DO NOT WORSHIP MARY! Mary is the Mother of God; therefore, she deserves love and respect. We pray to her and ask for her guidance in times of trouble. 2) we do not hate homosexuals. I think that it is 100% to be part of the LGBT Communtiy. Love is love no matter what. It's just bad to have sex with someone of the same gender because HIV was passed through men having sex with other men. Also, God wouldn't make a bunch of homosexuals just so that they could go to hell.

I hear all this stuff about how they hate homosexuals but not everyone in that religion is a homophobic person. some actually tolerate me but say I am going to hell anyway. I feel like it is misunderstood for a reason.

People just judge based on what they hear about this, what they think is a completely differrent story from what goes on in the catholic church. Trust me I used to judge it negatively but after actually becoming part of the church, I began to understand.. So don't judge before you actually know something

Catholics came before Christians. But Fundamental Christians seem to think Catholics are evil. *cough chick tracts cough*

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7 Judaism

They have many haters because they're saying about themselves that they are the chosen ones. And many of them truly believe that as a fact. Does that make them superior, special or what? It's like saying that of all humans living on this world they are better. They should stop thinking and saying that about themselves because that's the kind of attitude why many people hates Jews.

Jews do not believe they are superior to others. Jews believe they are A chosen people, not THE chosen people. Judaism has many lovely concepts and it has a long history of philosophical debate, questioning, interpretation and creativity. Unlike many others, it is not a fundamentalist religion.

Everybody criticizes the Jews for no reason what did they do?

Its really fun to make fun of this bull.

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8 Sikhism

God is only one love each other

In Sikhism we believe in equality and don't differentiate between girls and boys we also are the most scientifically religion as we are the newest and have no place for superstitions

The 5th largest religion.

I love your daughter.

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9 Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

No chocolate, cars, technology... Were Mormons not Amish.

This church is picked on because of its past relations to the FLDS part of the church and so is given a bad name when very few people in the religion actually practise their ways

This is a business not a religion

Mormons are just as bad as Jews blacks racists AND satanists >=[[

10 Scientology

How is this even a religion?

I'm christian and I understand Islam a bit but number 3 is deffinitally my most misunderstood religion

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11 Haitian Vodou
12 Ravidassia Dharam
13 Seventh-Day Adventist Church
14 LaVeyan Satanism

Needs to be in the top 10.

15 Neo-Paganism
16 Roman Paganism

Who invented Christmas... but was originally called Saturnalia in honour of Saturn.

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