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101 Parachute
102 Screening Material

Good for sifting water to use purification tablets mentioned before and for dredging for small fish and crawdads.

103 Air Filters

If you don't have clean air to breath or any way to filter polluted air then you will die before you need any of the other things on this list!
Breathable air is number 1.

104 Propane

You want something other than nuts and canned fruit? You want to be able to cook, to eat hot food, to eat that HUGE amount of rice, beans, and whatever else you've been storing for who knows how long? With no electricity, a portable stove is reliable and works every time, as long as you have matches, and you know how to use the stove (they aren't very complicated). Or, you can just eat lukewarm, rehydrated meals, (given that you don't have to cook the meat, etc. Or, you can just build a fire and use your pots and pans, rig something up, etc. But, honestly, a fire is for keeping warm, if you haven't built a fire in a while, or haven't cooked over an open fire, its a little more awkward than you might think. Consider trying to make smores, with a stick, just trying to toast marshmallows... Remember how hot the fire got, the smoke, the sparks, etc.? Yep, a fire is a fire is a fire... Get the stove and fuel, and bring your food and matches, you'll be glad you did.

To run your generator. Come on, people think. Your only way of electricity won't survive. Think about it. Electricity makes the world go round

105 Inhaler

Just in case of breathing problem, can never be to safe

106 Water Proof Bags

You need to keep matches dry right

107 Baking Soda

Any kind of baking soda or salt can put out fire fast. Just pour baking soda over the fire and it will snuff it right out! This is a great technique, I've tried it.

108 Trench Coat

To keep your sweat in, reduces hydration and for lack of a better description, it'll keep you warm, I guess?

109 Hatchet

A strong hatchet is a must have. Chopping down wood to make a shelter in times of apocalypse, or even cutting down trees to make firewood.

Cut small saplings for fire, making traps, walking stick, self defense, dressing animals, plus many other uses.

110 Tourniquet

Incase someone losses a limb

111 Taser

I mean, seriously, why hasn't anyone though about protection from scavengers?

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112 Tomato Netting

For snares to catch fresh food

113 Fingernail Glue V 1 Comment
114 Shelter

You need something to keep you protected from the cold and weather

I think this is the most important

Live in Canada...Shelter is nessesary for life 8 months of the year!

115 Firewood
116 Life Vest
117 Solar Panels

A device using arguably the most abundant resource earth has access to. This light energy can be converted using solar panels and charge much needed batteries.

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118 Deployable Motion Sensors
119 Sunscreen V 1 Comment
120 Plastic Water Bottle

This goes along with common items and two good uses. The water inside can be used for drinking but save some, you can cut the bottle near the arch to make a water condensation process. Dig a hole about big enough to fit a soccer ball then pee, or pour the water in the hole.(look its disgusting, but so is dying and rotting because you couldn't pee in a hole). Then use a plastic wrap to cover the hole, right above the container make an indent

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