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41 Mao Was a Pedophile

Well, I wouldn't be surprised. That guy was a psychopath.

Possibly true

42 Xixi Slept With British Soldier
43 Fabian Society
45 Jews Control the World

If one looks at the amount of Jews in lists of most powerful and richest people, it's quite understandable to come to this conclusion. Considering also, how people are highly influenced by the media, the entertainment industry (Hollywood) is certainly in Jewish hands.

World Leaders controlled by Jews.



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46 America Is Becoming a Police State

I thought, this was common knowledge.

It ain't really policing the world, more of a way to Americanize the world.

I agree a police state like UK - CerealGuy

47 9/11 No Plane Theory

You can't seriously be suggesting that 9/11 had no planes involved in it? That what we saw LIVE on Television was FAKE. That all of them witnesses who saw the planes hit into the towers were all lying? Seriously come on. Conspiracy theory gone too far.

I'm on the edge with the 9/11 theory, but people that think this are taking it too far. It was on live T.V., and had thousands of witnesses in person - ryanrimmel

48 Eminem Is Dead V 1 Comment
49 Flat Earth Theory

If you sail around the world do you fall of? Then its not flat, plus how does a flat thing orbit something round amongst several other flat things? - Lucretia

This theory is too stupid for me to even comment on - ryanrimmel

Everything appears flat in your own vision but that's the laws of optical physics, you cannot change it. Lol - Neonco31

If this is true than why don't we see to the other side of the world. Consider that flat earthers.

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50 Hitler is alive today

I'd say, the probability that he'd died of old age by now, is extremely likely. He'll be celebrating his 127th birthday next April (2016).

They don't think he's still alive. A Brazilian woman claims that he escaped and fled to South America, moved to a small town in Brazil, went by the name Adolf Leipzig, and died at age 95. There is a photo of him, and its too grainy to see his face. - ryanrimmel

He probably would've already died from old age - kaitlynrad11

How do you survive that long... plus wouldn't his body be destroyed in the explossion - Lucretia

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51 Boston Bombings were an inside job

The guy with the dick obsession makes me feel sorry for him. You are not funny, don't seem to have anything to contribute and most likely got a small dick.

My dick is a bombing

52 The Cuil Theory

I do not know if this counts, but it's confusing, and very hard to explain. It's basically where we aren't seeing reality. It's also funny. - Turkeyasylum

53 The Whole World Is a Hologram

How come I can feel the flesh on myself

Someone out there's watching me! - Neonco31

No it's not.

54 Saddam Hussein Owned a Stargate Portal

This one exists and it is pretty stupid.

55 Project MKUltra

An experiment where they try to get mind control, and their subjects are people they pulled out of the streets. Pretty creepy.

Not a conspiracy theory anymore. It was all confirmed by the CIA.

Muse once again

56 Samadhi Caves
57 Jesus and Mary Magdalene Were Married and Had Children

You do realise that the Roman Catholic Church only used a selection of writings they approved of to create the bible as we know it. Complete scrolls and entire testaments have been excluded, containing inconvenient material. Especially, texts written by women weren't dealt with equally. You keep believing in your bible, mate.

This makes some sense - Caleb9000

That comment about excluding stuff has changed my opinion on the bible. Till I see a entire bible, including everything ever written... I won't believe anything in Christianty - Lucretia

Has anyone read the Bible?

58 Mark Chapman Was Hired by the U.S. Government to Kill John Lennon

They were only out by one year!

If this was true. He would have been killed in the 70s

59 Crop Circles Are Created by Aliens
60 Paris Hilton is Psychic

Only a brainless person would come up with such crap.

A brainless person can't be psychic

Hail Hitler

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