Top Ten Most Powerful Cities In the World

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41 Brussels

Capital City Of EUROPA

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42 Sao Paulo

Definitely SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 5. It is the 3rd biggest city in the world and definitely should be in the top 5 most powerful!

Sao Paulo is the economic heart of South America. No doubt.
It should be in the top 5 or at least in the top 10 of the world.

Sao Paulo is the financial heart of Brazil (7th World Largest Economy), with the highest GDP, largest population and the most important city in Americas outside the U. S

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43 Cairo Cairo
44 Montreal

A mega-famous Canadian city that died out for about 40 years until about 5 years ago, as it started resurfacing with its rapid growth and when it started building sone of the most modern high-rise buildings in the world

Uh it should be #1

Super strong Canadian city, home to the country's greatest tourism, without this city, Canada is not what it is, who can possibly forget the first metropolitain city in North America? The hub of Air Canada, one of the most popular airlines ever, the most beautiful scenery...

Come on, this is just as powerful as Toronto, the famous mega-city that shapes Canada

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45 Albuquerque

Please make this be in the top 40

46 Houston

The fastest growing city (financially) in the United States, fun things to do, great food, and nice people. - spody

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47 Lisbon

Best city ever

48 Dhaka

A 15 million population city, with a 150 million population state! And the 7th biggest mega city in the world and the head of over history cultures and it's the city of all times! Also it's the only city in the world where the past and present and future meet! So it should be in top 10.

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49 Melbourne

Melbourne is the best city by far to live in. It has nice people and the longest average lifespan in the world.

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50 Kathmandu

City of temples, a valley surrounded by green hills. Many world heritage sites. Pleasant all time weather. Capital of Nepal so it should be in list

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51 Amsterdam

Most beautifull men in the world

52 Pune

Educational hub of India... Beautiful city...

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53 Munich

A Village City which has not increased in population much just under 1.3 million end of 1979 to 1.36 million in 2012. But its where 98% of the German population would like to live and the other 2% are lying

The capital city, of the largest state (Bavaria), of the most powerful country (Germany)=Munich

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54 Colombo
55 Pristina

Best and beautiful population

56 Sarajevo

The most beautiful, powerful city on the world.

57 Dallas

Best city in the world it is so amazing you should go!

58 Guadalajara
59 Boston

Boston is the sixth most economically powerful city in the United States and is a huge contribution to various types of science as well as being home to the most prestigious schools in the world.

60 Leeds
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