Top Ten Most Powerful Cities In the World

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61 Sarajevo

The most beautiful, powerful city on the world.

62 Dallas

Best city in the world it is so amazing you should go!

63 Guadalajara
64 Boston Boston

Boston is the sixth most economically powerful city in the United States and is a huge contribution to various types of science as well as being home to the most prestigious schools in the world.

65 Leeds
66 Auckland

The capital of New Zealand is very beautiful

67 Davao City Davao City

It's the best city in the Philippines. Very safe and the most progressive.

68 Leicester

Got to be in the top fifty at least

69 Kraków

Great city. One of the best in Europe!

70 Yerevan

Yerevan should be N°1 most important city in all Universe because Noah's ark landed on the mountains of
Ararat ( according to the Bible ) which was part of the Armenia, so Noah with his family after the flood, the entire new world was created from this territory, all populations, the world we are living in now, far even, some researchers have found that the Garden of Eden where The
LORD God putted the first human beings Adam and Eve was located bethween the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what
Was called Armenia, so people who hate Armenia or the Armenian people, they first hate themselves.

71 Izmir

One of the oldest city in the world. Has a great port and a big international fair.

Amazing place to visit in summer.

72 Frankfurt

Finance capital of Europe, has a huge control of the Euro. The skyline is filled with banks.

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73 Tel Aviv

My amazing homeland! And trust me, it should be higher on the list!

74 Red Deer

I had no idea a Canadian city in Alberta
Could be on this list. Although I'm Canadian
And live in Alberta, I don't know a lot about it.

75 Thessaloniki
76 Berhampore
77 Bhubaneswar
78 San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.

San Francisco is the most powerful city in the world!

79 Seattle Seattle Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington.
80 Ahmedabad

One of the fastest growing city in the world.
And alwasly indian fastest growing city.. In no one position
And also live his city most powerful people gujarat..

Ahmedabad is great

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