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21 Wreck-It Ralph

Needs to be in the top ten. This is one of my favorite Disney movies. And it's a shame to see this movie overshadowed by other movies that don't deserve as much praise as this one. (Frozen, I'm looking at you.) This movie has a great plot, touching parts such as Vanellope getting hate when she didn't need it, great humor, and my favorite part is the cameos. Sonic the Hedgehog, Bowser, a mentioning of Mario, and PacMan. Sadly, this movie just didn't meet others interests as much as a movie that I can only consider "Good" (No offense, but I thought Frozen was good. Nothing higher than that.) This movie I could only find merchandise for while it was in theaters. Basically to sum it all up, this movie deserves more popularity than it has now. I see it almost NOWHERE at Disney World on trips, because a new Frozen ride offers 5 hour wait on the first day.

Why in the name of all that is holy is this movie wasting away in near-obscurity while "Rise of the Guardians", which did far less well at the box office, is so very popular and has oh-so-many loyal and vocal fans you'd think it had been the more popular and profitable animated offering of the 2012 holiday season when it was the other way around?

Shame it's only the people who insist Vanellope and Hiro should be romantically involved are the only reason this movie isn't completely forgotten. After all, what Frozen didn t already take away from Wreck It Ralph as far as records, fans, and such, Big Hero 6 finished the job. And the only presence of Wreck it Ralph in Disney World was replaced with a meet and greet for Hiro and Baymax.

This movie should get more attention. It has a phenomenal plot, three dimensional characters, and a surprising villain. Think about it, they didn't make King Candy a good guy and then suddenly he's a villain. No, they kinda gave you subtle hints that he wasn't who he seemed. I really admire that. And I hate when people complain that there wasn't enough video game references. I didn't think that was the point of the movie. People thought this movie was just a cute kids movie with video game references, but we got much much more than we expected to get. I think they should have more Wreck it Ralph merch and more WIR at Disney World instead of all this Frozen crap. Definitely a very underrated movie that deserves much more love than it gets. - SmashPrincess

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22 Bolt

This should be in the top 3 Bolt was the start of Disney's Renaissance of the 2010s (I know it came out in 2008) that paved the way for new fresh gigantic hits like Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph and Zootopia. It's a shame this movie got thrown under the bus.

Bolt is my best disney film

What? How is Wreck it Ralph above this?

Bolt isn't the best Disney movie but is Definintly underrated

23 A Goofy Movie

Nobody ever talks about this movie

Not only the most underrated movie, but the soundtrack was awesome too. What kid that grew up in the 90s didn't want to go to a PowerLine concert?!?!

I actually grew up with this movie along with the Disney classics. It's cornier than anything, but that's part of it's charm. - Elric-san

24 Fun and Fancy Free

This certainly looks magically engaging! Disney is actually very underrated and overrated at the same time.

25 Fantasia 2000

Go see the only YouTube video of "Top 10 Best Animated Sequels" by ElectricDragon505 to see why Fantasia 2000 is actually a lot better than people make it out to be. On the only list of "Top 11 Disney Movies I Don't Like", Ben Tannehill only focused on the negatives that Fantasia 2000 has.

This is amazing and one of the most creative Disney films. You can watch it on Natflix

If you think this movie isn't underrated, I can gave you one very good reason, why it definitely deserves to be higher on this list: The animation for Rhapsody in Blue. - Verbindungsfehle

26 Make Mine Music

God and creative

come on - lolsy

27 Brave
28 Dinosaur

I love Disney's Dinosaur to death! If you don't feel like it, at least watch the first ten minutes, and listen to the amazing soundtrack! - higgsboson2142

It's a great movie that deserves more attention - PeeledBanana


29 Pocahontas

This is the MOST gorgeous animated movie in HISTORY and on the list of best disney movies it was 31! It is so underrated, on that list it should have been number one

30 Fantasia

Too much people don't love this. People on Clevver News's list of "Top 7 Best Disney Movies" didn't put Fantasia on their lists of best Disney movies. I give Fantasia more than a 10/10.

31 Descendants
32 Holes
33 The Brave Little Toaster

A classic but creepy film

The thing is it's known but underrated.

34 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
35 101 Dalmatians

I do like this movie, but nary a person alive doesn't know who Cruella de Vil is so I'd hardly call it "underrated".

One of my favorites!

36 Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator is Disney showing off. It's underrated and a lot of people might have not even heard of it. #1 best movie ever! - RockFashionista

37 Cars

You do realize this is the UNDERrated list, right?

Such a great classic. Cars 3 should be as well

People Hate It For No Reason After Its Bad Sequel Came Out

Can we at least have it in the top 20? The rest of the franchise (excluding Mater's Tall Tales, which are pretty good) sucks dick, but the original is actually really underrated.

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38 The Lion King 1 1/2
39 Tangled

This movie is not overrated. The songs are amazing, it is funny, and all of the characters are amazing. It is so magical throughout the entire movie.

This movies actually overrated

40 Maleficent
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