Most Useful Inventions

The Top Ten Most Useful Inventions


if I wasn't invented I wouldn't be commenting it

Music, uploading stuff, if it wasn't 4 these guys, there would not be any Cartoons, Music, or anything... ANYTHING - SmoothCriminal

You simply NEED it to live these days. - nic1997ps3

Really it is the most beneficial invention of all time


Light bulb is used every day by people around the world


It sure is a lot better than walking or having a horse pull you everywhere

how could we get around fast enough? Everybody's legs would be hurt badly.


It ins the. Fastest way to travel


It can close everyone from very far.

Vaccines and Medicine

Without them we would have died or nobody would know I am autistic or about autism and adhd

! Nobody is voting for vaccines! It saves peoples lives!

Why are people not voting for this medicines save lives and vaccines protect people form deadly diseases examples chicken pox (yes this can be deadly), tetanus, small pox (etc.) so much more important.

Save lives

Pencil with Eraser

Without the pencil, the other stuff would not have be draw out or planned

I can't study without them...

Printing Press

Without it we will be living like in dark ages.

We can not live without it

The printing Press should be number 1! :D Gutenberg was an amazing inventor.


Seriously, without Can Lun with the invention of paper we'd be in the Stone Ages right now.

Memes were drawn on paper - TheLegend28


The Contenders

Steam Engine
Toilet Paper

Toilet paper wasn't made to clean your dirty white asses alone, save the environment a little and use water you filthy western degenerates

think about your life without it -


If not for this, nothing else technology wise.

how can the wheel not be in I mean I bet no one can go throuch the day without using a wheel

Without the wheel, the only ground transport we would have is horses and donkeys. - dragon13304

Where would we be without the wheel? Should be at the top.


The source of information, it has influenced the world. - lapra

The Pill

It saves a persons life which is more valuable than any of this other stuff. - moose4life19

Why would you choose an object instead of a person's life?

It keeps people alive

Nuclear Power

Just imagine having to poop in a hole or bucket.

The Mute Button on a Remote Control

No, we don't have to listen to that irritating talking head. This should be posted right after "the wheel". -

Cherry Condoms

Very useful. Without this there would be no way of survival. - 0w0uwu


This is a USEFUL list, not a useless one. - 0w0uwu



School is one of the places where you get crushes and girlfriends.I have 5 crushes.8 super hot girls have a crush on me

No? I know school is annoying but want the brains of SpongeBob or Patrick.

Useless Box

It provides countless hours of entertainment

It is funny...
MOTHER: Hey kid. Here's a box. There's a kitten inside, and if you can get it out, you can keep it."
KID: (Three hours later: Kid pulls the electrical components out, cries because he thinks he killed it, or that the cat is a monster) AAHHH! MONSTER! (Will have nightmares for a week.)
MOTHER: (remembers what she spent on that box) Crud.

Nintendo DS

Important invention by primordial humans in the very past. Fire was used for warmth, cooking, and various other means. - lapra

Electric Car
Sliced Bread

The greatest thing since...

Toilet Cleaner

Imagine cleaning your toilet with your hands

Cartesian Coordinate Plane
Air Conditioner
3D Printer

Never used one

Fidget Spinners
Video Games
Grocery Store

Useful for saving time in preparing foods. - lapra


Revolutionary invention changes the way how we travel. - lapra


Accelerated the production of clothing and other woven products. - lapra


Extremely useful for navigating your surroundings and location - lapra


Self explanatory. - lapra


Self explanatory - lapra


Helped express our ideas by the art of penmanship. - lapra


An invention so important to everyday life. - lapra

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