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1 Computer

if I wasn't invented I wouldn't be commenting it

Music, uploading stuff, if it wasn't 4 these guys, there would not be any Cartoons, Music, or anything... ANYTHING - SmoothCriminal

You simply NEED it to live these days. - nic1997ps3

Really it is the most beneficial invention of all time

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2 Lightbulb

Light bulb is used every day by people around the world

3 Automobile

It sure is a lot better than walking or having a horse pull you everywhere

how could we get around fast enough? Everybody's legs would be hurt badly.

4 Airplane

It ins the. Fastest way to travel

5 Telephone

It can close everyone from very far.

6 Vaccines and Medicine

Why are people not voting for this medicines save lives and vaccines protect people form deadly diseases examples chicken pox (yes this can be deadly), tetanus, small pox (etc.) so much more important.

7 Pencil with Eraser

Without the pencil, the other stuff would not have be draw out or planned

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8 Printing Press

Without it we will be living like in dark ages.

We can not live without it

The printing Press should be number 1! :D Gutenberg was an amazing inventor.

9 Paper

Seriously, without Can Lun with the invention of paper we'd be in the Stone Ages right now.

Memes were drawn on paper - TheLegend28

10 Oven

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11 Steam Engine
12 Batteries
13 Toilet Paper

think about your life without it -

14 The Pill

It saves a persons life which is more valuable than any of this other stuff. - moose4life19

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15 Wheel

how can the wheel not be in I mean I bet no one can go throuch the day without using a wheel

Without the wheel, the only ground transport we would have is horses and donkeys. - dragon13304

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16 Internet
17 Toilet

Just imagine having to poop in a hole or bucket.

18 Nuclear Power
19 Clock
20 The Mute Button on a Remote Control

No, we don't have to listen to that irritating talking head. This should be posted right after "the wheel". -

21 Cherry Condoms
22 Television
23 Pajamas
24 Useless Box

It provides countless hours of entertainment

It is funny...
MOTHER: Hey kid. Here's a box. There's a kitten inside, and if you can get it out, you can keep it."
KID: (Three hours later: Kid pulls the electrical components out, cries because he thinks he killed it, or that the cat is a monster) AAHHH! MONSTER! (Will have nightmares for a week.)
MOTHER: (remembers what she spent on that box) Crud.

25 Electric Car
26 Sliced Bread

The greatest thing since...

27 Toilet Cleaner

Imagine cleaning your toilet with your hands

28 Cartesian Coordinate Plane
29 Air Conditioner
30 3D Printer 3D Printer

Never used one

31 Hyperloop
32 Kiln
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1. Vaccines and Medicine
2. Lightbulb
3. Automobile
1. Lightbulb
2. Pencil with Eraser
3. Airplane


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