Top 10 Worst First Names for a Boy

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1 Gaylord

Back in the 1930s and 40s, "gay" was used as to describe happiness. But it's no longer that when it became popular as a term for homosexuals, and sometimes lesbians. Since everyone only knows its modern meaning, anyone named "Gaylord" will get extremely bullied every day at school. I feel bad for them. These parents need to explain why they named their child this.

Come on, COME ONE! The poor little thing will get bullied I mean just think your mum or the d calling ya across the park 'GAYLORD! ' or the register... Johna, here miss Emily, here miss Sophie, here miss Gaylord, here miss and then everyone snigers who the hell came up with this name I don't know! Freakshow (no offense) laugh out loud!

This is an OLD (sur) name... it has history. I would not name a child that in this day and age, but before you condemn it for eternity go ahead and look up what it used to mean, and the fact that gay means something now that it did not mean just 60 years ago.

Oh my god this is child abuse. I feel sorry for the poor kid who is named this. He should demand that his parents change his name because he probably gets bullied everyday! Why is this even a name!

2 Dick

Dick is also short for Richard But if someone called their kid Dick, then I call them Dicky cause it's not as bad, at least it's no cock.

Like for real, really? Do you hate you're child that much? Cause I know like if a dude came up to me and was like "Hey my name's Dick! " I would give him hell for it, and then laugh and walk off...and not even to be mean! But just cause it's that funny!

It's kinda a funny name but if there is a president named Dick I then I would stop thinking dirty thoughts. But for now, laugh out loud. SORRY to anyone who gets offended. This thing wont let me get off.

Um... I was going to say something funny, but some people might get offended. Don't worry, I have a funny name too.

3 Satan

Sounds like some parents are going a little over board in trying to stick it to those 'dumb Christians' by naming their child after a devil in a religion... In my opinion that angst would be better spent on some picket sign or debate somewhere instead of making your kid wear it around... Very unoriginal.

"There are fewer than 1,624 people in the U.S. with the first name Satan.
The estimate for this name is not absolute. There may be fewer people with this name, or none at all. Click here for more details"
So I found this on a site, these parents are cuckolds

In my opinion, the name Satan is MUCH worse than Gaylord. At least Gaylord was at once considered normal and is only considered "abnormal" because of how messed up people are today.

Shouldn't this name be illegal?
Who thought giving their child this name was a good idea?
I never heard of such a horrible name like this before and I am disappointed I have right now.

4 Adolf

After WWII, nobody ever wanted to name their child after him because of how his acts affected the world. Kids with the name today will get non-stop bullying every day. If Hitler died before Mein Kampf was released, then "Adolf" wouldn't be that bad.

Who would name their kid "Adolf".It would suck if the kid's middle or last name was Hitler.

The parents might have been taking drugs at the time.Also this should be equally or more worse than the name Gaylord or just Gay/Gaye.

After the 2nd world war, no kid on earth ever got called Adolph anymore. If someone call his child like that, he shall not be surprised if people look at his son like he's the devil.

I feel like many people are voting because of one person with this name, but even putting him aside, I would still hate to be called this if I were a boy.

5 Osama

Nobody wants to name their child after the infamous terrorist who planned a hateful act to the United States, 9/11. Kids with these names will get bullied in school. It's so bad that it sounds like Obama's evil twin.

To all parents who name their kid this.
If you thought you were the worlds greatest mom and dad, it's because you read too much of those fathers Day and mother's day cards that belong to your neighbor.

What? Your child will be named after a terrorist. What happen to the world? I wish no one will should name like this.

It was pure unlucky that Osama (bin laden) was born and terrorized... Although anyone else I am fine with the name "Osama"

6 Cannon

This is my name, childhood was miserable. But, I can ALWAYS get my name on any social network, or email, or website. I've always felt bad for people named John, it's like you say the name and 9 other people pop up. So lame.

I love the name. My brother is Cannon and he was named after a really great man. He was teased a lot in school, but who isn't... Kids can turn any name into an insult.

Be bad if you're last name was "Ball"... How would you feel?
I see nothing wrong with Ian or Colin though.

This is a joke. I think the parents were not ready to have a child and they wanted to blow him away through a cannon.

7 Elmo

I don't even understand why someone would name their kid Elmo, like of all the names you could have chosen from you chose Elmo? Like why, just why? Kids would be asking him if their pet rocks could actually talk to him.

Elmo? What? The parents must be huge fans of Elmo and watched too much Sesame Street to name their kid that. "Hi Elmo, do you want to go play with your friends at Sesame Street? ".

This is the name of that red monster from Sesame Street. These kids with the name "Elmo" will get bullied in school. I feel really bad for all the kids with these names.

Take that back! Elmo was my favorite character from Sesame Street when I was younger not that I would name my child that. Anyways wouldn't a worse name be Troom Troom?

8 Ib

Ib is the name of a horror RPG character named Ib in the game "Ib the game"
Except that the game Ib is a girl and it's pronounced as "Eve" like in Christmas Eve or sometimes "Eeb".
It's a good game, (AWESOME GAME! Honestly isn't really scary tall just to say that you should check out! )
BUT, it really doesn't make a good name. What were the parents of the RPG character Ib thinking? Even worse if you're using it for a boy. Although it sounds pretty bad for both boys AND girls.

This is not a name! What a sad guy who would name his child this sounds like something you say when your bored. Seriously is anyone even called this!

Don't like it at all. Its too short and its sad how parents don't realize what they did. These kids deserve better proper names

Ugh Ib. What the heck were the parents thinking. I feel sorry for you Ib

9 Ian

What's wrong with the name Ian? It is a Scottish version of the name John. And speaking as a John myself, I can tell you I have no problem with the name Ian.

If I had a dog, I'd name it Ian, as a joke. Wolfgang is a beautiful name by comparison. Ian deserves to be at the top of this list. All those unfortunate Ians out there would at least be able to sleep at night knowing that they were at the top of a list for once. No offense intended

I think that Ian is a hot name. I had a friend in my middle school named Ian and he was pretty cute. I don't think that Ian is a bad ugly name. Anyway when I have a son I am going to name it Ian.

My name is Ian and I'm doing perfectly fine in life. Full ride scholarships, solid dating life, looks like my "ugly" name has probably gotten me further than a lot of you people that sit around and insult people online. Get a life.

10 Angus

Ok I gotta agree that this name rly isn't my favorite, but rly? You guys don't have to be so mean about it or the other names on this list. Oh yeah the parents should die bcs they gave their child a bad name. Rly?
And I'm not trying to be one of those irritating sensitive people who say that these kinds of lists shouldn't exist, bcs in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with people voting for names they think sound bad. I'm just saying that you shouldn't be telling parents to go die bcs of a certain name they chose.

I am disappointed in whoever made this list...
a boy, no sorry, MY FRIEND in my class's name is Angus and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met! Also, some of these names aren't even that bad... but... some are horrible. But some of these I think are fake! Like, have you ever known or met someone named Abcde! I mean, like, come-on! You expect us to believe THAT! Hahaa! Very funny! Good joke! - a very annoyed year 4
p.s.- my friend Angus, IS NOT FAT!

The only Angus I know is from that Disney Channel show Ant Farm and he was a chubby, lazy computer geek who liked to eat. He couldn't even do one sit-up! Plus, this name also sounds like a huge burger you'd get from a fast food restaurant

The Angus burger comes from some of the best beef in the world, developed in Scotland... Aongheas (Gaelic spelling) is a very common name there, hence the name of the breed. A very ancient and proud name in Scotland.

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11 Shrek

It isn't good to name your child made-up names from cartoon characters. I get Shrek is a funny movie, but you still can't name your child that because he will get annoyed in school.

Yes there are people named Shrek. In my Grade 6 Camp, the manager was Shrek. And I thought he was Shrek the Ogre in disguise or something.

That names pretty ridiculous.

If people actually name their children this. Then Dreamworks Universal should go bankrupt for buying the rights for this series.

So, does the kid have to be like a real ogre? Wow, looks like parents are addicted with Shrek.

12 Wolfgang

Even though this is the name of a great composer, seriously, who would name their kid this? Wolf + Gang is a gang of wolves.

For everyone who is culture-blind, Wolfgang happens to be Mozart's first name and if you don't believe me, look it up.

But Wolfgang Van Halen, he's the son of the worlds greatest guitarist and his uncle is one of the greatest drummers ever. And he knows DlR.

Oh, there was a composer named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was one of the greatest musicians in history.

13 Pinocchio

My name is Pinocchio. And I want to get somethin' straight with you guys. My nose does not grow when I lie. I don't know why my parents chose to give me such an awful name, but I learned to live with it. But it was hard being a kid in school with this name.

If I was a little boy I'd barf if my name was Pinocchio. Would my Daddy have to be named Gepetto, too? Then there's the problem with crickets... I'm allergic to them even if they might be named "Jiminy" and can sing better than Rebecca Black. What a doosey.

Who would name their child Pinocchio? Everyone will judge him and believe that he is made of wood and tells lies often, when technically he doesn't and isn't made of wood.

You should be a puppet made of wood, have a cricket in your head, and have a nose that extend when you tell lies. Then you'e all set.

14 Seaman

We have Superman, Batman, and what's next? Seaman? All I can picture is a male superhero who is a mermaid underwater that saves people from dangers such as hurricanes and other water storms. That would be a pretty cool super hero to be honest.

It is not necessary for you to lavish so much attention on Seaman. I hope that Seaman is not disturbing your daily routine.

"Hey look, Tom Cruise has Seaman on his back! "

Seaman... Like the dog on the Lewis and Clark expedition?

15 Caillou

Don't name your child that since the name is mainly associated with the show, this leads to your child getting bullied non-stop in school. What's also weird about this name is that it means "pebble" in French.

The french word for pebble.

As the baby show?!?!?

16 Ashley

No I don't really think Ashley is a bad name for a boy. People think it's a girl's only name because mostly girls are called Ashley but I have a best friend called Ashley and he happens to be a boy. In the end the name Ashley is like Paris, we get Paris Hilton and we get Prince Paris from Paris and Helen

Um, you people are uncultured swine. (if you don't get that reference, ugh) Ashley was originally a boy's name, as well as the names "Audrey" and "Aubrey" and eventually turned into a girl name. Read up on your name origins before you post a " it's a girl naem stupid" comment.

Among the worst names for a boy, alongside Lara, Alexis and Beau. It's one of those names well-suited for transvestites due to its gender ambiguity.

Ashley isn't that bad of a name for a guy actually. Any Evil Dead fans will know that the main character is Ashley J. WIlliams, a badass dude.

17 Joe

This is not really a real name. It's a nickname for Joseph.

It's not terrible, but it's extremely bland.

But my name is Joseph

I'd never name my kid Joe. Sorry

18 Camel

I'm going to name my kid this. And if I have another kid I am going to name them Cow.

This is a name for an animal.

I hate to bully anyone, but in my head, those people have a hunchback

19 Bart

I like The Simpsons as much as anybody else, but it's short for Bartholomew.
This is the twenty first century.
That is not an okay name.

This is the name of Impulse off of Young Justice and Bart is awesome!

At least your named after a character from The Simpsons.

It sounded like somebody put fart Andy barf together.

20 Nick

Nick isn't such a bad name it's just so common that soon every boy will be named Nick and then when the teacher calls on Nick every boy will answer.

It's so common, there are three or four Nicks in my classes, and the people in my classes are only a fourth of my grade.

This name is good. My brother has a best friend named this.

Imagine a boy named Nickelodeon.

What the heck is wrong with the name Nick? I like that name!

21 Buster

Good name for a pet.

Not so much for a human.

Every bully name ever

This is my dog's name

22 Zane

My brother is 14 his name is Zane and everybody thinks his name is awful because it has the same pronunciation as the one from ID but he really hates them.

Zane is a name from a famous western author. Its not so bad to name a child this if you like country music.

Just because that guy from 1D has this name doesn't mean it's an automatic bad name!

What a loser, he has the worst name of everyone I have met.

23 Barney

The name sounded a bit off to begin with, but then Barney the Dinosaur entered the picture.

On the plus side, anyone with the name Barney will probably grow up with thick skin.

This could cause your child to be bullied at school thanks to Barney the Dinosaur. If the character didn't exist, then nothing will happen.

What kind of parent would name their kid after a dinosaur?

Barney is a T.V. show but he cussed just come on

24 Bieber

It's like whoever named their child Bieber is obsessed with Justin Bieber. I don't know if Bieber is common as a first name before the celebrity (which is his last name), but don't name your child this because he/she would get harassed at school.

What a dumb name. There is 1 person in the world who's last name was Bieber.

25 Baby

I can't even begin to cover this, how embarrassing, it would be better as a 1 year parent nick-name. only to be said with their kid

Not even original but I won't stop someone from naming them.

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