Top 10 NBA Draft Prospects for 2018

Villanova is the official NCAA March Madness tournament champion for the 2nd time in 3 years. With the conclusion of the college basketball season we now look at who’s declaring for the NBA draft. Here’s a look at 10 of the top prospects.

The Top Ten

1 Trae Young Trae Young

Regardless if you love or hate him You have to admit that he’s still a great player. He was hot at the beginning of the season and although Oklahoma absolutely sucked at the end that’s not entirely his fault. OU literally didn’t have anyone else on the team. If he can get on a real team then he will be good. - Randomator

2 Collin Sexton Collin Sexton

I personally love Collin Sexton's game - 2storm

He was a key player at Alabama. Unfortunately he really didn’t have much help on his team. But I’m predicting that he’s going to end up on a decent team. Definitely going to be fun to watch in the NBA - Randomator

3 DeAndre Ayton DeAndre Ayton

Deandre Ayton was definitely one of the best centers in college basketball. He was a McDonald’s all American, PAC 12 player of the year and PAC 12 tournament most outstanding player. Despite a short tournament run and the FBI investigation Ayton was undeniably one of the best players who should make an impact in the NBA - Randomator

4 Kevin Knox

Kentucky might have been super young but Kevin Knox was a key player for them and should turn into another NBA stud for coach John Calpari - Randomator

5 Marvin Bagley III Marvin Bagley III

He was a key player for a good (as always) Duke team. Marvin Bagley he will add depth to any NBA roster. Don’t be surprised if he makes an impact in the NBA - Randomator

6 Devonte' Graham Devonte' Graham

This year I think he showed himself and proved that he was a true leader. He has the NBA range and will add depth to any team - Randomator

7 Mohamed Bamba Mohamed Bamba

This guy is just an all around beast. He is an absolute monster in the paint. He also has a ridiculous wingspan of 8ft. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s blocking a bunch of shots. - Randomator

8 Mikal Bridges Mikal Bridges

Bridges is a 2 time national champion with Villanova which is actually rare in basketball today. He was a key player in both championship teams. I’m predicting big things for him in the NBA. - Randomator

9 Jalen Brunson Jalen Brunson
10 Wendell Carter Jr Wendell Carter Jr

A key player for the Duke Blue Devils. He was a 5 star freshman who had a great impact on The devils season. Definitely a good player to watch for - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Michael Porter Jr Michael Porter Jr

Unfortunately we didn’t see a lot of Michael Porter due to injury however due to him being one of the top recruits it wouldn’t surprise me if he went in the first round. - Randomator

12 Malik Newman Malik Newman

I think he did enough in the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments to open a few eyes of NBA scouts. - Randomator

13 Miles Bridges Miles Bridges

I was not impressed Miles should have went to the draft last year, now his stock goes from 3, to almost outta the top 10. - htoutlaws2012

I was surprised that he didn’t go last year but regardless he still had a good year and will definitely be a first or early second round pick. - Randomator

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