Top Ten NBA Players the Memphis Grizzlies Should Get in the 2018 Off-Season

The Grizzlies are in a really weird position. They are at times one of the best teams and sometimes one of the worst. Let's see some players they can get to get out of this mediocrity.l

The Top Ten

1 Kevin Love Kevin Wesley Love is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.

Now this a bold prediction, but I think they the Cavs will want reset once LeBron leaves, so they trade Love to a borderline contender team. - 2storm

2 Mikal Bridges

A nice 3rd scorer this team would love. - 2storm

3 Marvin Bagley III

If Bagley falls to fourth the Grizzlies have jump on him. He would help them in the present and future - 2storm

4 Jaren Jackson Jr.

A good all around player they would love to take. He could end up being a nice role player. - 2storm

5 Jevon Carter

A lockdown defender they can get in the 2nd round - 2storm

6 Malik Newman

Love Newman and could be the clutch performer they have been dreaming for. - 2storm

7 Grayson Allen

Grayson would be a really good scorer and would be a really nice addition - 2storm

8 Bonzie Colson

Love Colson and could really add to this team. - 2storm

9 Wendell Carter Jr

This would be stretching it, but this would be a nice pick - 2storm

10 LiAngelo Ball

Add some hype to Memphis and add Ball - 2storm

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