Top Ten NCAA Football Teams Florida State Could Lose To

Florida State was undefeated last year and probably will be undefeated this year. Here are some opponents the noles could lose to.

The Top Ten

1 Alabama Crimson Tide The Alabama Crimson Tide refers to the 21 men and women varsity teams that represent the University of Alabama.

Does anyone think the tide could beat the browns?

Alabama is a pro team. - EpicJake

Rol Tide man

2 Mississippi State Bulldogs

Dak Prescott has the ability to take down Winston. But I think both quarterbacks will be in the NFL next year. - EpicJake

3 Oregon Ducks The Oregon Ducks are the athletic teams that represent the University of Oregon, a public flagship research university located in Eugene, Oregon.
4 TCU Horned Frogs
5 Florida Gators The Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida.

Florida is Florida State's biggest rival. - EpicJake

6 Auburn Tigers The Auburn Tigers football program represents Auburn University in the sport of American college football.
7 Mississippi Rebels
8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are the athletic teams that represent the University of Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish participate in 23 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I intercollegiate sports and in the NCAA's Division I in all sports, with many teams competing in the Atlantic Coast more.
9 Kansas State Wildcats
10 Michigan State Spartans
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