Top 10 NFL Playoff Games of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Super Bowl III

You are the best

Come on, Vince Lombardi's Packers has to be in here! - funnysoccerdude11

2 1967 NFL Championship
3 Super Bowl XLVIII

Why is this even fourth


4 2013-2014 NFC Championship Game
5 Super Bowl XXXVIII
6 Super Bowl XLII

A underdog taking out the 18-0 Patriots? AWESOME! - SwagFlicks

7 Super Bowl VII
8 2010 NFC Wild Card (Seahawks vs Saints)
9 2014-2015 Divisional Game (Cowboys VS Packers)
10 2004-05 AFC Championship Game

The Contenders

11 2012 AFC Wild Card (Broncos vs Steelers)
12 Super Bowl XXV
13 2009 NFC Championship Game (Saints vs Vikings)

One of the greatest sports games I have and ever will see. Unbelievable. Just crazy entertaining, nail-biting, hard-hitting, suspenseful, football. - zdlitchman

14 2014 AFC Wild Card (Chiefs vs Colts)
15 Super Bowl XLIV

The whole works. The AFC and NFC's best teams all year long met in this one, and there were breakout TD runs, a successful 2nd half opening onside kick, a successful challenge of a two-point conversion, and a Peyton Manning pick-6 to seal it. Not to mention the aftermath and what this victory meant for not only the NFL, but most importantly the city of New Orleans. - zdlitchman

16 Super Bowl I

It had to start somewhere.

17 2015 NFC Championship
18 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game (Raiders vs Steelers)
19 1972 NFC Divisional Playoff Game (Cowboys vs 49ers)
20 1974 AFC Divisional Playoff Game (Dolphins vs Raiders)
21 1975 NFC Divisional Playoff Game (Cowboys vs Vikings)
22 1981 NFC Championship (Cowboys vs 49ers)
23 1971 AFC Divisional Playoff Game (Dolphins vs Chiefs)
24 Super Bowl LI
25 Super Bowl XLIII
26 1981 AFC Divisional Playoff Game (Chargers vs. Dolphins)
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