Nicest Affordable Places to Live In London


The Top Ten

1 Greenwich

Good meals, nice people, charming place and you don't went bankrott!

Areas near the Thames are mainly very nice. Gets dodgier inland.

2 Battersea
3 Clapham
4 Canary Wharf
5 Fulham
6 Finsbury Park
7 West Finchley
8 Edgware
9 Ealing

Ealing may have bad parts but the nice places are really nice - As17

It's good enough for me! - PositronWildhawk

10 Wimbledon

Nice place with a lot of sport nearby!

The Contenders

11 Harrow on the Hill
12 Ickenham

Great place to live

Really nice place

Really nice place

13 Hammersmith
14 Tooting
15 Hillingdon
16 Golders Green
17 Lewisham

In 2013, Lewisham was declared the Least Peaceful Area to live in England & Wales. It's no surprise because it is run by the Labour Party. Labour-run Councils create ghettos (socially and economically deprived areas) faster than any other-run Council. Labour-run Councils also produce poorer quality public services (poor-performing schools, hospitals, policing, maintenance on infrastructure) at very expensive tax rates.

Best place as Paul lives there

18 Brompton
19 High Barnet
20 Woodside Park
21 Cockfosters
22 West Ruislip
23 Uxbridge

Nice place, but it is really far from central London

24 West Wickham
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