Top Ten Nintendo Games that are So Bad They’re Good


The Top Ten

1 Hotel Mario

These cutscenes are bad but hilarious. So bad it’s good. - UltraIsBack

2 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

I wonder what’s for DINNER - UltraIsBack

3 1-2-switch

It’s stupid but it’s still fun - UltraIsBack

4 Pokemon Rumble

Yeah this was a thing. But for some people (Like me) it can be pretty fun. - UltraIsBack

5 Mario is Missing!
6 Mario's Early Years Collection
7 Mario’s Time Machine

It’s fun to make fun of - UltraIsBack

8 Mario’s Game Gallery

Ok, it can be fun and it’s the first time Charles Martine was voicing Mario. - UltraIsBack

9 Link the Faces of Evil

Gee it sure is BORING around here - UltraIsBack

10 Wii Fit U

Ok it’s not very good compared to the original - UltraIsBack

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