Top Ten Organisms with Hell-Related Words in Their Names

These animals and plants earned their name because of their quite scary appearance or abilities.

The Top Ten

1 Tasmanian Devil

Nice list. These animal names sound like metal band names or metal song titles, haha. - Metal_Treasure

A baby one looks really adorable though - FireWasp2004

2 Hellbender

The name seems to be of a metal album, haha. - Ananya

This salamander doesn't look that scary to me though - FireWasp2004

3 Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Well, the eyes of this gecko does give it a demonic appearence - FireWasp2004

4 Devil's Hand Devil's Hand

The five stamens are long, curved upward, and bright red, making it look like a clawed hand. Looks pretty cool to me - FireWasp2004

It looks so cool! In a way...looks symbolic to metal - Ananya

5 Devil's Ivy

Named because it's almost impossible to kill - FireWasp2004

6 Thorny Devil

Also known as the mountain devil, thorny lizard, and moloch. The thorny body of this lizard does make it look quite fearsome - FireWasp2004

7 Devil's Claw

The hooks on the seed pods of this flowering plant allow thr seed pods to attach onto other creatures - FireWasp2004

8 Devil's Cigar Devil's Cigar

The fruit body of this rare mushroom resembles a cigar before it opens - FireWasp2004

9 Vampire Squid

The common name doesn't really have anything to do with Hell, but the binomial name does (and I'm running out of ideas). Vampyroteuthis infernalis means "Vampire squid from Hell" - FireWasp2004

10 Devil's Trumpet

Also known as moonflowers, jimsonweed, devil's weed, hell's bells, thorn-apple, etc. This flowering plant is poisonous - FireWasp2004

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