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1 Serena Serena Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.

I love Serena! I don't understand why people hate her so much. Yeah, she might not have been as complex as Dawn, but the point of her journey was to find her own path. That's something that kids need to understand. She is definitely the most over hated pokemon anime humans.

Well your just on the wrong website because Serena has an unnaturally huge fanbase on Youtube - IAMAMEME

What's so bad about this character?! Her haters are going over the top! I mean look at all those lists about her is she really that bad?! I actually love her puny fanbase because I despise her enormous hatebase so much. All those mean lists about her are unnecessary. So anyone who receives that much hate (plus being number one on every negative list possible) she's... the most overhated thing in existence.

With the fanbase being annoying, it's really impossible to like her - yungstirjoey666

I love you serena haters...please keep her on top of this list.& yes love you misty,may,dawn and iris.

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2 Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo. Ash is training to be a Pokemon Master, with his buddy Pikachu. Ash tries to stop the evil Team Rocket from stealing his Pikachu.

Ash suck, he's so dumb and annoying, He's not even a strong pokemon trainer, I gonna hate Ash forever after! - darthvadern

Damn, if you hate ash then why watch pokemon when he's the main protagonist?

Thank God he's finally number 1! After all, I kind of like him again due to him having trained hard in the XY series and actually standing a chance in the Pokemon League rather than just flat out losing again. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The hatred towards him is rather unwarranted. There’s really no reason to demand his replacement, and it’s about 30 years to late anyway.

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3 Iris Iris Iris is from the Pokemon bwhite version & Pokemon black 2 & white. She ether was the gym leader in Opelucid city in white version. She first appeared to aid Bianca, Burgh, and the playable character when Bianca's Munna was stolen, & acted as a bodyguard. In Black 2 & White 2, she was the champion. Iris more.

Iris is actually the most overhated character in the show and she doesn't deserve it. People constantly complain about how she keeps calling Ash a kid. Come on people, it's a FLAW. You hate her for callin Ash a kid, but loves Misty for yelling at him? It just doesn't add up. I'd rather be called a kid than to be yelled so much. Seriously, where's your logic. In my opinion NONE of the main characters in Pokemon deserves that much hate. While I have favorites (Jessie, James, Ash and May) they're all great characters and a varied bunch for everyone to love, whichever is your favorite is supposed to make you happy as a fan. So why show so much hate and ruin everything for other fans? It's ok to not like something, but you don't have to be an ass about it. But while she's not in my top 5 (she'd be 9th though) Iris is the most overhated Pokemon character ever and the one I feel like defending most because she deserves better. You call Iris annoying, over and over. But it's YOU who are the ...more

Iris is not hated by the fanbase, but the writers as well. That's sad, because she has so much potential and I wish the writers could develop her further. She won 99 pokemon battles as a kid, as well as fought a drilbur with her bare hands. She has an amazing ability to never give up as well as stand up for what she believes is right. Idc what people say, I think Iris is the most interesting character in the main cast. She's flawed and all, but that's what makes her relatable

Iris deserves higher than Serena - yungstirjoey666

Worst part is that all the hate comes from people who never watched BW and judge her based on a single catchphrase

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4 Misty Misty

She deserves the hate.

So basically you will spend your time bashing a cartoon character other than worrying about the amount of pollution. - Arcxia

Misty isn't overhated she is overrated

A character who did nothing in whole show

She is a BAKA!

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5 Dawn Dawn Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. more.
6 Pual

Paul is spelled wrong - PokemonGOSucks

I agree pual is the worst word in the worasasfddf - Unharmless

7 Brock Brock Brock is a character from Pokemon and is created by game freak & Nintendo. He was the first gym leader in pewter city, and specializes in rock Pokemon . more.

Brock is nowhere near overhated. - Rue

8 Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie is created by game freak & Nintendo. She was in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, as Clemont's (the electric type gym leader of Lumiose City) younger sister. She gave out quizzes to trainers who came to challenge the gym, who if they get it wrong would have to challenge a trainer. more.

Bonnie is such a funny character - TealBoyxx

9 Cilan Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.

There are good reasons to not like Cilan and there are also those stupid reasons like how he "replaced Brock" - Rue

10 Mallow Mallow

Mallows good though why so high on the list? - Pokemonsonicmaster

Deserves hate. - InklingSethO

Finely a Pokémon sun and moon character but I prefer lana

Le Me: What about the OBVIOUS best character in the S&M (LOL) Series: Mallow
Everybody: Who?
That's it in a nutshell.

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11 Clemont Clemont Clemont originates in Pokemon XY, created by Nintendo & game freak. is a gym leader of the lumoise city. He specialized in electric Pokemon and is known as a genius. more.
12 Harley
13 Gary Oak Gary Oak Gary oak appeared in the anime series in seasons 1-5 . He was ash's rival and childhood friend . Though they had a dispute once they fought over a rusty pokeball they wanted for luck, which broke after they fought over it . Gary was the grandson of professor oak . He had cheerleaders & his own car. more.


14 Alain Alain

As much as I dislike Alain, I'll admit he's overhated. Especially after his league battle with Ash. - Rue

HE IS NOT OVERHATED! But he is selfish!

I'll admit that Alain deserves a second chance of what happened back at the Kalos League. Those bitchy ass fans of Ash Ketchum were whining and complaining about Ash losing the league and they don't know when to keep their god damn mouths shut!

To be honest, I do like Ash and Alain equally, but I think that Alain is overhated because of what happened back there. enough said. - EllyMacaroni

15 Jessie

She's honestly my least favorite of Team Rocket but like the others, I can't help to cut her some slack because she has such a bad life and Team Rocket being together because they only have each other. (Unless you count Bewear, but Bewear probably won't be like Wobbuffet and stay in the show) - Rue

She had a bad life, but no one sees her development because all her potential lays in the CD Drama. I say "Bring the CD Drama story into the show! ". People hate her for what she does, but fail to see through it and what she's really about.

16 Miette

Must be is THE WORST poke girl. She flirts with Ash and treats him like SLAVE! She is just insufferable!

17 Georgia
18 Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy is a fictional character who appears in the Pokémon Black & White anime series, a C-class Pokémon Connoisseur and rival to Cilan who she vowed revenge after losing to him in a Gym battle and evaluating her Pokémon she became motivated to study and become a high ranking Connoisseur in order more.
19 Lillie Lillie Lillie is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She serves as one of the player character's allies and traveling companions during the course of the game.
20 Paul
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