Most Overhyped Video Game Franchises

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21 Super Smash Bros.

Because it's awesome! A lot of us are already deciding which characters we think should be in the next game!

This Needs To Be Number One - VideoGamefan5

This should be at the top. - DaisyandRosalina

22 Need for Speed
23 Rare Replay
24 Star Fox

I'm a furry, and the only reason that I like this game is because of the furry characters, besides that well, at least star fox 64, I'm not suer of the other titles he's in, but star fox 64 WAS HORRID. I mean... flying a plane around? You don't even get to really use the BA characters, maybe if there is a game where you can play as the characters I might like it but from what I've played isn't too good.

He's a BA smash Bros character though. - MoldySock

V 1 Comment
25 Uncharted

This game shouldn't be on here, this isn't too hyped because of being exclusive to one console - Nayan2003

26 PaRappa the Rapper
27 Metroid
28 Xenoblade
29 Five Nights at Freddy's

Should be way higher than this. It's got so much hype and so much aggravating stuff. - DCfnaf

30 Sonic V 2 Comments
31 Game of War
32 DC Universe Online
33 Conker

Why do people are so exited for his newest game - ikerevievs

34 Street Fighter
35 Mass Effect
36 Angry Birds
37 Fallout
38 Super Meat Boy
39 Donkey Kong Country
40 Psychonauts
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