10 Overpowered Swords In Minecraft Mods

All of these swords are from really oped mods. Enjoy, you can learn more of these swords from PopularMMOs video of op swords!

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1 Really the Last Sword Your Going to Need - The Last Sword Mod

This sword deals 8 quintillion damage at melee and ranged attacks. I wish I was joking. Without damage caps, the mob with the most health I've seen so far is Burning Godzilla, who has 100,000 health after factoring in armor. And this isn't even the most powerful item in its mod with the addition of the Dragon Crystal Armor. - MissingUTAH

This sword is a legendary! Whatsoever really cheap! This sword take more than a trillion! Holy cow, you can defeat Godzilla in one take! - XxNosyxX

Most overpowered sword kills everything in one hit, has ranged attacks, and all you need is a lot of diamonds and killing the ender dragon.

Best sword ever

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2 Ariana Grande Sword 3 - Ariana Grande Mod

This sword does 90 million damage on a hit, making it far stronger than any sword except the Last Sword. - MissingUTAH

Based on the 3rd or last upgrade of the AG sword, this sword deals with 90M damage! Have fun, crafting is too expensivr though! - XxNosyxX

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3 Royal Guardian Sword - Orespawn

He probably means compared to really the last sword you are going to need but its not weak

It does a whopping 750 attack damage I know it's not as good as the first two but still

It's awesome. That's why the mod has lots of Op mobs like the queen and king!

It kills the enderdragon in 1 hit and the wither and has SO MUCH DURIBILITY! And is useful for killing the strongest mobs it's even pretty powerful when mobs have high defense

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4 Pig Pan - Unknown Mod

One hits every enemy, including those with damage caps. From TiC, one of of the best mods ever made.

It is called the Bane of the Pigs and it makes everything negative health

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5 Ariana Grande Sword 2 - Ariana Grande Mod V 2 Comments
6 G-sword - Godzilla Mod

Kill Godzilla and get yourself a 1k deal damage sword! Useful for killing the Wither. - XxNosyxX

This does 1004 damage sadly doesent have long range but still cool

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7 Ariana Grande Sword - Ariana Grande Mod
8 The Last Sword You're Going to Need (1) - The Last Sword Mod

This sword does 1600 damage, functions as a pickaxe, axe and shovel, and shoots a 1600 damage projectile on a right-click. All it takes is a dragon egg and diamond blocks to craft, and being from a mod where the dragon egg is craftable, this sword is very overpowered indeed. - MissingUTAH

Ehh, useful 600 deal damaging. Just grab the ender egg and craft it with some diamond blocks. - XxNosyxX

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9 Big Bertha | Slice - Orespawn

500 damage dealing. I mean it's alright, but it is a boss sword! Slice is an ironed Big Berta. - XxNosyxX

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10 Dark Royal Guardian Sword

It does a 1000+ damage that's it

It does 1000+damage

How craft this sword?

Does it exsist

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The Newcomers

? Glass Sword
? The Supreme Cheat Blade - Matt's Mod V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Ultra Lucky Sword from a Lucky Block V 1 Comment
12 Wooden Sword

It's op because it is so easy to craft and has lots of durability - Drakar

How is this better than an emerald and diamond sword

This sword is rubbish! It is not even from a mod

Most OP sword in the game!

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13 Strongest Diamond Sword - Toomanyitems Enchanting

If you add all the enchantments to level 127 on a diamond sword, you'll get yourself a 165 deal damage sword! - XxNosyxX

Strength is alright but to deal damage, and still not be overpowered makes this my second favorite sword

14 Big Bertha OreSpawn Mod

Have you not already said this sword? Well it is still awesome

15 Infiminer - Tinkers Construct
16 Emerald Sword

Your going to need

I want this mod


17 Cinderfall Sword

Kickass sword, de-bone your enemies OR your next meal with ease. Plus it's beautiful.

Cinderfall sword it is AWESOME BRRO! although it is not stronger than big bertha

18 Queen Scale Battle Axe V 4 Comments
19 Twilight Sword

An amazing map sword that kills anything in a few hits. Should be number 2!

How is this not number 3 at least it shoots this thing that's like purple power its like being the queen one shot k.o's everything

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20 One Hit Kill Sword - Lucky Block Mod V 1 Comment
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