10 Overpowered Swords In Minecraft Mods

All of these swords are from really oped mods. Enjoy, you can learn more of these swords from PopularMMOs video of op swords!

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Really the Last Sword Your Going to Need - The Last Sword Mod

How can anything get past this sword?! I expected to see swords that did lots of damage on this website, but 8 QUINTILLION?!? Everyone keeps saying Godzilla is the worst mob, and that u can one hit him with this. The Wither Storm is stronger. Duh.

Tied with the sword of cosmos, all though it does less damage, this can shoot lightning diamonds, and can break blocks with infinite durability

Wow just this sword you can defeat Godzilla’s father in half the damage!

This sword deals 8 quintillion damage at melee and ranged attacks. I wish I was joking. Without damage caps, the mob with the most health I've seen so far is Burning Godzilla, who has 100,000 health after factoring in armor. And this isn't even the most powerful item in its mod with the addition of the Dragon Crystal Armor.

Ariana Grande Sword 3 - Ariana Grande Mod

This sword does 90 million damage on a hit, making it far stronger than any sword except the Last Sword.

This ain't the most OP sword, it's the most OP "picture".

It is not exactly a sword

That's a good sword

Royal Guardian Sword - Orespawn

It's awesome. That's why the mod has lots of Op mobs like the queen and king!

He probably means compared to really the last sword you are going to need but its not weak

It does a whopping 750 attack damage I know it's not as good as the first two but still

Best sword ever how the heck did someone think it was weak

Pig Pan - Unknown Mod

One hits every enemy, including those with damage caps. From TiC, one of of the best mods ever made.

It is called the Bane of the Pigs and it makes everything negative health

More like pig penis

It's from tinkers construct

Ariana Grande Sword 2 - Ariana Grande Mod

Somewhat too op, but it is priceful! Takes about 1M damage.


G-sword - Godzilla Mod

It's power level is over 9.0000000000000

Kill Godzilla and get yourself a 1k deal damage sword! Useful for killing the Wither.

This does 1004 damage sadly doesent have long range but still cool

This sword does 2500 damage not 1k

Ariana Grande Sword - Ariana Grande Mod


Useful for attacking not so HP bosses. 3k damage, it's alright.

The Cosmos Sword - Avarita

How could you suggest other swords? This one does infinite damage.

It can literally kill people in creative and it does infinity damage. I think you can guess why I think it's the best

Creative kiler. for once survival players have a chance lol INFINITY DAMAGE!

Can kill literally anything. I'm not joking. The king, queen, burning godzilla, witherstorm, anything. With the only exception being witherzilla, because you can only fight him with stuff in the mod and removes everything from your inventory.

The Last Sword You're Going to Need (1) - The Last Sword Mod

This sword does 1600 damage, functions as a pickaxe, axe and shovel, and shoots a 1600 damage projectile on a right-click. All it takes is a dragon egg and diamond blocks to craft, and being from a mod where the dragon egg is craftable, this sword is very overpowered indeed.

Too good! I killed the wither enderdragon in one shot!

It is so Awesome

It is the best

Big Bertha | Slice - Orespawn

500 damage dealing. I mean it's alright, but it is a boss sword! Slice is an ironed Big Berta.

You spelled "bertha" wrong, XxNosyxX

Its good... but not as good as the last sword!

The Contenders

Dark Royal Guardian Sword

How craft this sword?

It does a 1000+ damage that's it

I say it sow many stronger in that swordsman

It does 1000+damage

Wooden Sword

It's op because it is so easy to craft and has lots of durability

The most strongest sword. It should be number 1.

This sword is rubbish! It is not even from a mod

You guys are stupid how is it even on this list

Strongest Diamond Sword - Toomanyitems Enchanting

If you add all the enchantments to level 127 on a diamond sword, you'll get yourself a 165 deal damage sword!

Strength is alright but to deal damage, and still not be overpowered makes this my second favorite sword

Ultra Lucky Sword from a Lucky Block


God Sword

boy this sword can insta kill creative players so I think it can insta kill everything...
so yea
my opinion

There's a creative+ mod that can kill players and entities one hit! even players on creative mode can die

Bruh, that's so OP even the Cosmos Sword can die.

Big Bertha OreSpawn Mod

Have you not already said this sword? Well it is still awesome

Infiminer - Tinkers Construct

InfiMiner - TConstruct

Queen Scale Battle Axe

It does 666 damage come guys...

It is very huge pretty item

Well the queen is op

Hard to get, and is crazy good, insantly kills any mob

One Hit Kill Sword - Lucky Block Mod

This only does 1000 damage. sad.

Emerald Sword

Your going to need

I want this mod


Adminium Ark

Super op. Kills all

The Dirt Sword

Dumb but cool

I voted this

It d0es 1 damage! It can 1 hit every thing.You can make it by getting 1 dirt block and killing mojang

Cinderfall Sword

Kickass sword, de-bone your enemies OR your next meal with ease. Plus it's beautiful.

Cinderfall sword it is AWESOME BRRO! although it is not stronger than big bertha

Sword of Absolute Infinity

Does infinate damage, can ban players, destroys everything, and gives you abilities similar to hacks

Can kill you in creative with full infinity armor.

I will just kill the owner of Hypixel with this

Bane of Pigs

It's a creative only weapon with over 2 billion damage, 1 hits everything exept Witherzilla, where you can only use stuff from its mod, and Mobzilla, King, and Queen which have a damage cap of 120

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