10 Overpowered Swords In Minecraft Mods

All of these swords are from really oped mods. Enjoy, you can learn more of these swords from PopularMMOs video of op swords!

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1 Really the Last Sword Your Going to Need - The Last Sword Mod

Just read the attack damage

Cool and awesome

I want to get this legendary sword

This sword deals 8 quintillion damage at melee and ranged attacks. I wish I was joking. Without damage caps, the mob with the most health I've seen so far is Burning Godzilla, who has 100,000 health after factoring in armor. And this isn't even the most powerful item in its mod with the addition of the Dragon Crystal Armor. - MissingUTAH

2 Ariana Grande Sword 3 - Ariana Grande Mod

This sword does 90 million damage on a hit, making it far stronger than any sword except the Last Sword. - MissingUTAH

This ain't the most OP sword, it's the most OP "picture".

It is not exactly a sword

That's a good sword

3 Royal Guardian Sword - Orespawn


It's awesome. That's why the mod has lots of Op mobs like the queen and king!

He probably means compared to really the last sword you are going to need but its not weak

It does a whopping 750 attack damage I know it's not as good as the first two but still

4 Pig Pan - Unknown Mod

One hits every enemy, including those with damage caps. From TiC, one of of the best mods ever made.

It is called the Bane of the Pigs and it makes everything negative health

More like pig penis

It's from tinkers construct

5 Ariana Grande Sword 2 - Ariana Grande Mod

Somewhat too op, but it is priceful! Takes about 1M damage. - XxNosyxX


6 G-sword - Godzilla Mod

It's power level is over 9.0000000000000

Kill Godzilla and get yourself a 1k deal damage sword! Useful for killing the Wither. - XxNosyxX

This does 1004 damage sadly doesent have long range but still cool

This sword does 2500 damage not 1k

7 Ariana Grande Sword - Ariana Grande Mod


Useful for attacking not so HP bosses. 3k damage, it's alright. - XxNosyxX

8 The Last Sword You're Going to Need (1) - The Last Sword Mod

It is the best

This sword does 1600 damage, functions as a pickaxe, axe and shovel, and shoots a 1600 damage projectile on a right-click. All it takes is a dragon egg and diamond blocks to craft, and being from a mod where the dragon egg is craftable, this sword is very overpowered indeed. - MissingUTAH

Too good! I killed the wither enderdragon in one shot!

It is so Awesome

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9 The Cosmos Sword - Avarita

It can kill people in creative need I say more.

Why is this not at the top it can 1 hit everything


I don't even know why this isn't at the top. It one hits anything. - TheAnti-Ariel

10 Big Bertha | Slice - Orespawn

You spelled "bertha" wrong, XxNosyxX

500 damage dealing. I mean it's alright, but it is a boss sword! Slice is an ironed Big Berta. - XxNosyxX

Its good... but not as good as the last sword!

The Contenders

11 Dark Royal Guardian Sword

I say it sow many stronger in that swordsman

How craft this sword?

It does a 1000+ damage that's it

It does 1000+damage

12 Wooden Sword

The most strongest sword. It should be number 1.

It's op because it is so easy to craft and has lots of durability - Drakar

This sword is rubbish! It is not even from a mod

You guys are stupid how is it even on this list

13 Strongest Diamond Sword - Toomanyitems Enchanting

If you add all the enchantments to level 127 on a diamond sword, you'll get yourself a 165 deal damage sword! - XxNosyxX

Strength is alright but to deal damage, and still not be overpowered makes this my second favorite sword

14 Ultra Lucky Sword from a Lucky Block


15 God Sword

There's a creative+ mod that can kill players and entities one hit! even players on creative mode can die

Bruh, that's so OP even the Cosmos Sword can die.

16 Big Bertha OreSpawn Mod

Have you not already said this sword? Well it is still awesome

17 Infiminer - Tinkers Construct

InfiMiner - TConstruct

18 Queen Scale Battle Axe

Hard to get, and is crazy good, insantly kills any mob

It does 666 damage come guys...

It is very huge pretty item

Well the queen is op

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19 Emerald Sword

Your going to need

I want this mod


20 One Hit Kill Sword - Lucky Block Mod

This only does 1000 damage. sad.

21 Adminium Ark

Super op. Kills all

22 The Dirt Sword

I voted this

It d0es 1 damage! It can 1 hit every thing.You can make it by getting 1 dirt block and killing mojang

23 Cinderfall Sword

Kickass sword, de-bone your enemies OR your next meal with ease. Plus it's beautiful.

Cinderfall sword it is AWESOME BRRO! although it is not stronger than big bertha

24 Twilight Sword

An amazing map sword that kills anything in a few hits. Should be number 2!

This is so powerful. does 1400 damage

How is this not number 3 at least it shoots this thing that's like purple power its like being the queen one shot k.o's everything

25 Glass Sword

Glass is the most op sword ever /better than the sword of cosmos

26 Punk Destroyer-Pun Mod

It only does 5 more damage than a chainsaw and why did someone put 65 attack damage in capitals

An amazing sword that does 65 ATTACK DAMAGE

27 Tank Sword

From the Swords of Israphael mod, this sword does 105 attack damage, will never break, and will give Resistance V for two seconds on a right click. While not at the level of a Royal Guardian Sword, this still deserves to be at least a contender. - MissingUTAH

28 Bane of Pigs

It's a creative only weapon with over 2 billion damage, 1 hits everything exept Witherzilla, where you can only use stuff from its mod, and Mobzilla, King, and Queen which have a damage cap of 120

29 Amethyst Sword - Orespawn

This purple sword dosen't look powerful but it does 15 attack damage. on rare occasions it can do 50 attack damage.

30 Slur Chainsaw
31 The Supreme Cheat Blade - Matt's Mod

Just go on any server you have op on, enchant it with sharp 900000000, and kill everything in sight. - mattstat716

32 Sword of the Cosmos - Avaritia

Ummm... this is already here - davywavy

As with a lot of the items from Avaritia, this sword is very expensive(and becomes even more so the more mods are installed), but is very powerful in return. Sure, it deals infinity damage, but by the time you have automated ore mining, wither killing, and crop growing, you probably already have a Draconic Staff of Power(or the like) that one-shot-kills most mobs. So, why not go all-out and destroy the Chaos Guardian(or Queen, as I have heard about from Orespawn) in one shot while you are at it?

33 Diamond Sword

Diamond Sword

are good it's a pretty strong sword

It sucks compared to the first ones

I think diamond is good

It's one of the best

34 Rapier

Ignores all armour so the best in PVP

What du u Mean its weak u can make this Rapier to 100 atack dmg

35 The Ultimate Sword

The Ultimate Sword might not be the best sword out there, but it does get you through in mid game and serves well killing the mobs needed for Big Bertha. It has 40 attack damage (20 hearts).

36 Bedrock Sword

So wrong, u can literally see bedrock in the name it’s unbreakable

Or devine rpg bedrock sword

Bedrock Sword does 999 hearts!

Is this even possible?

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37 PlugPE - Super Diamond Sword

Plug PE-Super Diamond Sword: Enchanting: sharpness: 32767 smite: 32767 power:32767 unbreaking: 32767 looting:100

38 Pig Slayer - The Aether


39 Enchanted Sword
40 Delta Sword

It does 150 damage but coming from a lucky block it's pretty hard to get. Isn't it?

41 Delta Axe
42 Frost Sword Luckyblock

Does more than 70 trillion damage
Reviewed by popularmmos

43 Plural Impossible Sword

It does LITERALLY INFINITE DAMAGE. It's from the Plural lucky Block mod.
This thing should definitely be on top.

44 Shulker Sword - Unlimited Damage

Should be #2 (too OP)(#2 because it is too ugly...)

45 Cleaver

Tinkers construct mod.OP as crap

bull crap


46 Ruby Sword
47 Alicorn Sword

Does 1750 damage and has better range than the royal guardian sword. It also is in the MLP Mythical creatures mod. Look this mod up and see the true meaning of op

48 Star Sword
49 Dragonkiller-Mo'sword Mod

Facile da craftare bisogna andare solo nell end 1600 att. Damage non è male 2.5 volte la royal guardian o la queen scale battle axe.

50 The Ultimate Blade
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