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1 Serena Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.

Serena is easily the most overrated. I can at least see likable traits in characters like Red (who is also overrated), but I don't see much good in her. I cannot comprehend why everyone outside of this site loves her so much. She is just there for shipping purposes and fanservice purposes. As someone who could care less about romance in Pokemon, this character and all the "AmourShipping episodes" centered on her really rubbed me the wrong way. All others PokeGirls have a more interesting character than she does, they don't revolve their life around a boy. And, while I didn't HATE watching the Showcases (but hated how sexist it was), I loved the Contests or even few battles of Misty or Iris way more than watching her and her Pokemons dancing in "cute" outfits... I don't get what's so interesting or special about her. She only has her obsession over Ash, and in my opinion this isn't a likable trait. At all. - Liinde

Serena rocks

At this point, with all the whining to bring Serena to the Alola region, I think she is the most overrated. Even more than Misty. Serena is overrated for the wrong reasons. The only reason she is liked so much is because of Amourshipping! At least Misty had something going for her. She loved water Pokemon, she wasn't a push over like Serena, and when she stopped traveling with Ash and Brock, she became an official gym leader.

All of Pokegirl always has something interesting. Misty has personality, May has development, Dawn has passion, Iris has talent. But when this girl came... aside from her childhood thirst she got NOTHING.

2 Red Red is a Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town, Kanto. He is the first character to be playable in the Pokémon series and his initial appearance is set in the Generation I main games. He has since then made various appearances in Pokémon media, including the Generation III remakes of Red, Green, Blue, more.

Red is also overrated by Genwunners that can't move on from the First Gen. The playable characters don't even have a personality anyway, so I don't see what's special about him that sets him apart from the others? Except maybe his design. There are things to like about him though, such as his battle against Gold, and he generally never did anything to make me see him in a negative light personally, but in all honesty I don't understand such a strong hype. - Liinde

Why isn't this number one?

Everyone say he beat gold in mount silver but the result of that battle show that the winner is gold - VectorVenom

There wasn't really any canon winner. That asides, Red is cool and all, but he's just another game protagonist, only with an official status.

Manga Red is different - yungstirjoey666

How is red any stronger than any of the other gaming protagonists? - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 Misty Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ more.

I can see things to like in Misty, just as I see things to dislike in her. But why is she considered the "best PokeGirl" just because she's the first? Like Red, she's mostly liked because of nostalgia. Had Iris been the first female companion and Misty came at a moment around now, they would've loved Iris and hated Misty. - Liinde

I kind of have to admit that she gets too many praises as a character. I prefer May or Dawn as a character. - MLPFan

Yes, and mainly because of nostalgia. Just think how different things would be if May, Dawn, or Iris had been the first female companion.

I've watched Pokemon since the very first season and for some reason, I never loved Misty the most, even if no other female companion existed. I can't explain why. I just never did. - Rue

4 Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.

Not bad at all, but indeed overrated. Mostly because of nostalgia again, and even so the two other starters from Gen 1 get shoved on the side to make Charizard look good. I love this Pokemon, but it had too much hype in my opinion. - Liinde

It should be First!

Lol not anymore. He's now underrated due to the fact that this site has labeled him as the third weakest Pokemon. How is the tpossible? he's not even in the lowest tier... - HeavyDonkeyKong

Byfar the most overrated pokemon of all time. - SaltyMcSalt

5 Cynthia

I do like Cynthia, she never did anything to make me hate her.

HOWEVER, she does get praised and worshipped just because she was the first female champion until Iris and Diantha came in. Why is gender such a big deal? - Liinde

Oh yes, Cynthia is so overrated, game and anime.
She has no personnality, her only role is to be "badass" and "sexy" but she does nothing memorable. "But Cynthia gave you a Togepi and the medicine for the Psyduck(s)! " Almost every character gives you something, this isn't impressive at all. In the anime they try to make you think (her) Garchomp is unbeatable, but man it is not. They make her look so strooong, smaaart and flawless that it becomes boring.
The worst thing is her fanbase. Always saying she is the best girl, the best battler and champion (really? I defeated her on my first try in Pearl), the prettiest and always comparing her to Diantha for no reason at all! Both aren't good characters (I don't like Diantha's lines) but all the hate Diantha receives from Cynthia fans makes me sad. - RedLily

Overrated doesn't automatically mean someone is bad


6 Alain

Is he, though? He might have been at the time XY&Z and Mega Evolution was still airing, but ever since the Kalos League, I've seen Alain receive large amounts of hate because he defeated Ash Ketchum and was an ally to Team Flare. - Liinde

I don't hate Alain, I just dislike the fact that he overshadows Sawyer, one of the most original rivals to Ash I have ever seen. Name one person, except me, who prefers Sawyer over Alain.

No way si he overrated. Everybody on youtube hates him now just because he beat ash in th kalos league. grow up. - HeavyDonkeyKong

7 Pikachu Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

I love Pikachu, but it makes me sad when other Pokemon do not receive much positive attention because they are overshadowed by Pikachu (namely, Raichu, Porygon, etc). - Liinde

I completely agree with Pikachu being one of (if not) the most overrated in the entire Anime. 'Hey guys, I beat a Lugia.' That would of been impressive if Ash's other Pokemon didn't weaken it first. What about the time it lost to a level 5 Snivy? Pikachu is the equivalent to if every single human being in real life were to bow down to a yellow rat.

Yeah, but I think he is cute :D - Pokemonfan10

Pikachu. Is. Everywhere.

8 Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Kind of. - Liinde


9 Drew

I feel like he is both underrated and overrated.

Overrated because everyone worships him for being May's prince charming.
Underrated because, due to all this shipping crap, people do not acknowledge Drew as his own character, but rather just as "May's love interest".

He receives large amounts of love for what he frankly isn't (Who the hell marry the person they had a crush on at 10 years old anyway? Yeah barely anyone, those relationships don't last. They're too young. Plus, Pokemon isn't centered around romance any way), and on the other side, he doesn't receive praise for his likable traits and generally likable character, those aspects of him get overlooked in favor of shipping... - Liinde

He's both underrated and unfairly hated. And yes I hate contestshipping too.because I am not into shipping ten years old.

No he's underrated - boltslegend

10 Gary Oak Gary oak appeared in the anime series in seasons 1-5 . He was ash's rival and childhood friend . Though they had a dispute once they fought over a rusty pokeball they wanted for luck, which broke after they fought over it . Gary was the grandson of professor oak . He had cheerleaders & his own car. more.

Okay maybe he has a bunch of fangirls wanting to marry a ten year old fictional character, but outside of that he isn't really THAT liked. Fangirls don't like him for his character but rather just because he's "handsome" or "cool" or "cute". So he would be both overrated and underrated, but mostly underrated as I said for Drew. - Liinde

Gary is so cute get him off the list

He would have been a better protagonist.

I don't know why he iverrated by fangirks like in the anime but whey not as bad as sereana - Toptenanimallovers

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11 Bonnie Bonnie is created by game freak & Nintendo. She was in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, as Clemont's (the electric type gym leader of Lumiose City) younger sister. She gave out quizzes to trainers who came to challenge the gym, who if they get it wrong would have to challenge a trainer. more.

Bonnie... Seems like she's in the middle, honestly. She has amounts of fans and amounts of haters... I can't tell whether she's overrated or underrated. - Liinde

Overrated on deviantart. Bonnie was a mistake.

To the previous comment: Please calm down. What's "overrated" and what's "underrated" are merely subjective terms.Maybe she wasn't a Mary Sue, but I did find her a bit annoying. I was just expressing my opinion. Also, please don't use disability as an insult. - yungstirjoey666

Nah, I don't think so. Bonnie has the small percentage of the exposure to the fans from this character and I think she's quite underrated to her statistics of her life and also to her personality and her type from other companions she cherish with among the others. And by the way, she's minimally flawed which Bonnie may considered to be by far the most well-developed character on the XY/XYZ series on Pokémon among side to her appearance, not to mention the ''Zygarde Arc'' is when she have the serious side on her own self because of her best friend Squishy that is been tested and controlled by Team Flare. Sure, she may be annoying, but that's the part of her personality, she loves to tease her brother and actually supported the others from help. - yamionthetrap

12 Mallow

Haha, okay which salty Serena fan put Mallow here? Her character receives large amounts of hate for petty reasons such as her friendship with Ash, because apparently he isn't allowed to tie any friendship with any girl since stalker Serena obsesses over him. Or because of her "sex appeal" which characters like Misty, Dawn and Serena have way more. And what's wrong with people wearing what they want? (I was not bashing Misty, Dawn or Serena for their outfits, I was calling out the hypocrisy of people). Besides, Mallow lives in a hot climate so her outfit makes sense. - Liinde

Wait a minute. What the heck? She's the most hated Sun and Moon female if I recall.

13 Dawn Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. more.

I'm not sure about her... People seem to praise her for her deep bond with Ash. While she does have one, and way deeper than Serena's (not in a shipping sense), Ash's bonds with the others female leads and even male leads shouldn't be overlooked in her favor. - Liinde

A pokeshipper added her here. - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo. Ash is training to be a Pokemon Master, with his buddy Pikachu. Ash tries to stop the evil Team Rocket from stealing his Pikachu.

As a Ash fan, the argument about Team Rocket appearing too often is completely dumb and stupid. Same thing with hating other characters just because they get in the way of Ash. - Liinde

Ash is a butt head

It’s the main character. Literally people, the main character is ALWAYS overrated. Serena should be replaced with ash.

Ash fans are really spoiled and says illogical things about Jessie and James appearing too much. News flash for you, Ash appears more and you're being a complete hypocrite.

15 Tobias

Is Tobias overrated, though? Most people I've seen hate him... - Liinde

Underrated. people hate him for "hacking" completly oblivious to the fact that hacking doesn't exist in the anime - boltslegend

16 Youngster Joey

It's a meme, I don't think he's overrated in a literal sense. - Liinde

People are praising his Rattata like second coming of Jesus

Apparently I'm overrated - yungstirjoey666

Like why how did this "character" even become known - boltslegend

17 Lillie Lillie is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She serves as one of the player character's allies and traveling companions during the course of the game.

Really? Like Mallow, she received large and unfair amounts of hate just for being in the same anime as the boy Serena obsesses over. - Liinde

WHY is she not at number one? And why is Serena & Bonnie (aka ACTUAL good female characters with hardly any writing flaws) way above her!? Lillie is the most overrated female character of all time and SHE deserves to be at number one on this list! That’s how stupid of a pokegirl she is. Anime Lillie SUCKS! Period! - TGBBOD

Lillie has next to no development. Oh, she crossed a bridge. She spontaneously gained the confidence to stand up to her mother and then went back to being shy waifu bait. BRILLIANT character development. Genius.

I don't like sun and moon, so I don't like Lillie.

18 Greninja Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolve form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also the the ability Protean, which changes more.

Greninja deserves to be higher than Charizard - yungstirjoey666

Yeh he deserve to be on top 1

Greninja is an overrated Pokemon like Charizard, not bad but overrated, however I really liked the whole Ash-Greninja plot in the XY(&Z) series. - Liinde

XY fantards like to believe ashninja can defeat charizard or peakachu. Uh, when the f did ashninja defeat a legendary Pokemon? Oh right, NEVER. Oh ashninja got mega gardivar sweating & on her knees? Who knows if diantha was even taken the battle seriously. She went along with the battle to see what ashninja was capable of. Ashninja may be strong, but no it’s not ash’s strongest Pokemon. It’s about as strong as blazefernape minus the low hp hazard.

19 Professor Oak
20 N
21 Paul

He's cruel and a jerk. This was his character purpose, however I don't think he's that overrated? No one sympathizes with him, some people might claim him as the best rival because antagonistic rivals are generally more interesting than buddy-buddies rivals. - Liinde

Paul: abuses pokemons, doesn't care about their feelings. Abandons them if they lose in only ONE battle.

How can anyone like him is beyond me, also some people pass it to him despite being cruel and abusive and then these are the same people hating on a character with fewer flaws but better qualities whether for a stupid shipping issue or personal grudge.

He abused and abandoned his Pokemon. - yungstirjoey666

22 Jessie
23 James
24 May May is a female companion to Ash in the generation 3 anime. She was also the female character in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. May (anime) debuted in the 275th episode, "Get the Show on the Road!" She was going to be a trainer, but wasn't excited about it. After meeting a more.

" May is so cute! "

Oh yeah! Burning Ash off with her Torchic in an episode and then also insulting him in front of everyone by yelling at him in a latter episode even after he saved her ass multiple times. Face it blind May fans, she was physically and verbally mean to Ash. Dawn was nicer.

She fits the role for cheap melodrama and a crybaby. Even Serena doesn't cry that much as she did. She is just lucky enough to be introduced during earlier generations, people just hold up to her for nostalgia reasons.

May should be in this list

Overrated and annoying. Her fanboys make me hate her even more.

25 Meowth Meowth, known in Japan as Nyarth, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I despise him

26 Whitney

Very overrated she is one of the worst gym leaders. if your not some 8 year old then sweeping her is easy - boltslegend

27 Sceptile Sceptile, known in Japan as Jukain, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Sceptile is really overrated! I hate ash’s sceptile

28 Max
29 Mimikyu Mimikyu is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It is a Ghost and Fairy type whose ability, disguise, allows it to take one hit without taking damage

Honestly, Pikachu's not even close to being overrated now that this thing exists.

30 Necrozma
31 Brock Brock is a character from Pokemon and is created by game freak & Nintendo. He was the first gym leader in pewter city, and specializes in rock Pokemon . more.

Brock ain't overrated, he's funny

32 Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.

For real? He's one of the most hated characters just because he replaced Brock and was in Gen 5, which generally gets hated for little to no reason. - Liinde

Your typical "The cafe is on me, guys! " all year long.

Lol that's a lie - yungstirjoey666

33 Elesa
34 Valerie
35 Mewtwo Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.

Quite overrated in all honestly. I like this Pokemon, but fanboys/fangirls who claim it is the best and strongest Pokemon... - Liinde

He is the most overrated god of all the pokemons. 1: mewtwo is the hero of all his franchise. 2: mewtwo is not with weakest moves (Even confusion)... 3: mewtwo have friendship. 4: mewtwo have too much attack and special attack. - mewtwo1

36 Nebby

Oh...My...Gosh. These complaints about snowy taking Nebby's place need to stop RIGHT...NOW!

37 Umbreon Umbreon, known in Japan as Blacky, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.
38 Sylveon Sylveon, known in Japan as Nymphia, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.
39 Espeon Espeon, known in Japan as Eifie, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


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