Most Overrated SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes


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1 Band Geeks

Its really good but I just don't see what makes it the absolute best - hurjelert

People make up things saying it is the best episode ever well, it's not! - PatrickStar

Completely overrated. Not even close! - PatrickStar

Oh yeah...this episode, while very good, is the definition of overrated. If you ever see someone ask online what the best episode of SB is, the reply is almost always "Band Geeks". I almost feel guilty calling this episode overrated, though. It has a special place in my heart, it was the second episode of SpongeBob that I ever watched.

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2 Pizza Delivery

Nah, this is a good episode. - DCfnaf

Good episode though - Gangem

Overrated - Gangem

3 Culture Shock
4 Best Day Ever

I like it but Enquire you sound so gay.

5 Idiot Box
6 The Secret Box
7 Plankton's Pet

Glad to see this here! It's just plain boring. People only like it because it isn't as awful as most of the other new episodes.

8 Ripped Pants

He makes a fool out of himself and then shows off for it. I mean like who does that?!

Boring and overrated - Gangem

9 Sand Castles In The Sand
10 Wormy

Overrated, but still good. - Goatworlds

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11 Spongicus

Not really

12 The Bully
13 Snowball Effect

If this is the over-shown Snowball episode then yes... I've seen it too many times haha. And I love the best day ever, just because of the song, really. - MoldySock

14 Bubble Buddy
15 Scaredy Pants
16 Missing Identy
17 Ugh

This is more overhated than overrated because most people hates this one, but I like.

18 Hello Bikini Bottom

Your lame

It was SOOO LAME! - Goatworlds

19 Two Faces of Squidward
20 Not Normal

I like this episode but I think it's overrated it's my sixth fave season 6 Ep
7: single cell anniversary
6: not normal
5: no hat for pat
4: the slumber party
3: overbooked
2: suction cup symphony
1: sand castles in the sand

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