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21 Help Wanted

Why was this even on this list anyway? Embarrased to vote this, but no way at all is this overrated. - Gamecubesarecool193

22 Chocolate With Nuts

It is overrated in my opinion, should be number 2 not 24! Shouldn't be the best episodes ever and I know it.

I thought this would be number 1.

It's only favorited because of Tom. Tom ruined it for me. - TeamRocket747

23 The Camping Episode

I don't even think this is a good episode it's so boring and the only good thing is the song it's the most repetitive sb episode ever

24 A Pal for Gary

I have NEVER heard anything positive said about this episode. It is not overrated. - Garythesnail

This episode was a load of horrible crap dipped in pee. But still not as terrible as that idiotic and dark One Coarse meal. - Goatworlds

No, this episode is trash. It's hated. It's not One Coarse Meal though. - DCfnaf

25 Club Spongebob

This one is actually an early Squidward torture porn.

I love it.

26 Driven to Tears
27 Jellyfish Hunter
28 Big Pink Loser
29 Gone
30 Christmas Who?
31 The Sponge Who Could Fly
32 Your Shoe's Untied
33 Opposite Day
34 Dumped
35 Karate Island
36 Krusty Krab Training Video
37 One Coarse Meal

This episode doesn't get as much hate as it deserves. It's the worst episode in the entire SERIES. WORST EPISODE EVER AIRED ON Nickelodeon. BURN IT WITH FIRE! - Goatworlds

Are you kidding me, it's like the most hated episode on the show, it's bad but it's not as bad as everyone says it is, The suicide bit is short, it has a cool action sequence at the beginning and it has a decent plot. It just doesn't have the humour to balance it out - JThrill

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38 Pat No Pay
39 Pet Sitter Pat
40 SB-129 SB-129
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