Most Overrated Survivor Contestants

Some contestants in the 26 seasons of Survivor have gotten a lot more credit than they deserve. Winners and losers aside, here are the most overrated contestants of all of Survivor.

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1 Parvati Shallow - Pearl Islands Parvati Shallow - Pearl Islands Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia.

Joy, she won Micronesia despite not being near a favorite. In Heroes vs Villains, Parvati did absolutely nothing and was dragged to the end by Russell and Sandra. Doesn't sound like a deserving contestant to me.

Frustrated me how she got all the credit for everything when it was Cirie who did everything!

I hated how she would get all this credit for the blindsides in Micronesia. Yeah she stated the black widow brigade but Cirie and kind of Amanda came up with the ideas to get them by. In HvV, without Russell she would've been a pre-jury boot.

Lmao at her being top ten when she actually is a terrible player. in micronesia she had endless amounts of luck, if fairplay didn't quit she is the first boot, if penner/kathy stayed she would be gone in the swaps, and spent the merge ostracizing eliza and the guys and played for an f3 where Cirie beats the living daylights out of her. lucked out yet AGAIN with an f2 twist and gave a bad ftc performance.
In HvV, she was in the majority alliance according to interviews, then isolated herself with russell and danielle. then she lucked out by tyson swapping his vote last minute, and russell convincing jerri and coach to flip on rob. in the merge, she constantly ignored the heroes and laughed at their letter within earshot of them. she then refused to tell russell about the idol she found because she "wanted to make him squirm" and got rid of the only person other than russell that she could beat in the end: danielle.

Parvati is an awful player that's glorified by fans because ...more

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2 Amber Brkich - Australian Outback

In Survivor: Australia, Amber did nothing. She was just there, a contestant who no one cared about. Rob carried her to the end in All-Stars and she only won because she was the more likeable of the two.

If it had not been for Rob Amber would have been eliminated before the merge. She road Rob's coattails all the way. She only won because the jury was bitter against Rob for screwing them over.

3 Russell Hantz - Samoa Russell Hantz - Samoa Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

I agree that Russell is an overrated player because the Samoa episodes were edited to make it look like he was doing everything and the others were clueless. I do not believe that. The others knew that they could beat Russell because the jury would hate him so they kept him around, and they also made moves but there moves were more subtle. Regardless of that, Russell is the most entertaining and strategic player and should have won in Samoa. It is very obvious that when the jury voted for Natalie it was a vote not for Russell. He may not be the greatest player, but is definitely one of the greatest players. I hope he eventually wins.He needs to.

Russell did great in Samoa; however he thinks too highly of himself (especially since he was the second eliminated in Redemption Island).

Russell can't win Survivor. He has no social game outside of his alliances despite how many idols he plays.

So overrated. The fact some think he deserved to not only win Samoa, but Heroes vs Villians where he played a horrendous game, just shows how massively inflated by some stupid casuals he is.

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4 Sandra Diaz-Twine - Pearl Islands Sandra Diaz-Twine - Pearl Islands Sandra Diaz-Twine is an American television personality who became known for her appearances on the reality game show Survivor. She's well known for being the only person to win twice.

What the hell did she even do? People claim that her social game is great. She yelled, and was completely obnoxious. Watching her made me just want to punch a hole in my television. People drone on and on about how Russell Hantz social game is horrible so, I must ask all of you? WHY DOES SANDRA GET A FREE PASS?

Ugly, obnoxious, and unintelligent. No one wants to waste a tribal council voting her out, so she ends up in the finals and gets rewarded for being worthless.

She doesn't do ANYTHING! She just gets carried to the end and has absolutely no strategy! The only reason she won pearl islands was because she was up against lil, and her winning in HvV shocked me. just because she has won twice doesn't mean that she is a great player

In Heroes Vs Villains her number one goal was to get rid of Russell but it never worked out for her. She also sucked at challenges. She won because the the heroes felt obligated to vote for her because she warned them about Russell.

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5 Chelsea Meissner - One World

Chelsea followed Kim until the very end and made no strategic moves. Her one notable quote is "I love money! " Survivor fans like her for her beauty and nothing else.

6 Courtney Yates - China

Not a great strategist, but what makes her overrated is the fact that fans clamor she made Survivor: China amazing.

Courtney was unstable and untrustworthy all of Survivor: China, and was only on Heroes vs Villains because she was funny.

7 Sophie Clarke - South Pacifc

Sophie easily wins for most overrated. She sat around and made enemies while Coach did all of the work. All she did was laugh after her contestants' eliminations and act as a goat in order to win.

8 Stephenie LaGrossa - Palau

Gets way too much credit for the Ulonging in spite of her bad teamwork and social skills. Plays like a victim.

9 Ozzy Lusth - Cook Islands Ozzy Lusth - Cook Islands Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a reality star, well known for playing on the his reality show "Survivor." He played in the seasons "Cook Islands," "Micronesia," "South Pacific," and "Game Changers."

How is this not #1? He got too many tries. Sure, he's a challenge beast, but that's what always leads to his downfall each season. He got voted off a record 5 times for crying out loud! - naFrovivuS

He might be great in challenges, but his attitude and arrogance sucked and I'm glad he never won a single time he played

Ozzy couldn't outwit a howler monkey.

10 Rob Mariano - Redemption Island Rob Mariano - Redemption Island Robert Carlo "Rob" Mariano, known by the nickname Boston Rob, is an American television personality, widely known for appearing in several reality shows, including Survivor, and The Amazing Race with his wife, Amber Mariano.

Insanely overrated. Played against poorest competition ever on Redemption Island and still would have lost a jury vote to everyone except the 2 biggest goats of all time. Had Ashley not saved his ass by winning immunity when she did, he probably ends up with Grant in the final and gets badly crushed. 2 of his first 3 times playing does not even make the merge.

When it takes you FOUR times to figure the game out enough to win, that's not impressive. Redemption Island might as well have been gift wrapped for him. Here you go, Rob, a whole tribe of mindless idiots to easily manipulate and control. Not impressed.

Rob deserved to win redemption island, however he played with a bunch of dimwits who worshiped him. CBS wanted him to win so badly that they put him on a tribe which was full of idiots. Had he won in all stars then he would have not competed in redemption island.

Rob had to play for times to do what Sandra did twice

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11 Andrea Boehlke - Redemption Island

In Redemption Island, Andrea was another sleepwalking zombie of Rob who did nothing except get blindsided. She had no strategy, no game, and no reason to return to Caramoan. She was even blindsided with an idol after attempting to eliminate Brenda.

12 Mikayla Wingle - South Pacific

Someone tell me, why is she so well liked? She was the fifth person eliminated for crying out loud! All she managed to do before her elimination is get on the nerves of her tribemates and unsuccessfully campaign to vote out Edna.

13 Spencer Bledsoe - Cagayan and Second Chances

Fans clamor that he is so great, but doesn't even know when to keep his mouth shut. Therefore, pushing away people to work with him. If he wins, he'll be the worst winner of all time. Even worst than Bob.

Super arrogant and annoying prick.

He played a good game in cagayan. He also played a good game in Cambodia, however his game in Cambodia wasn't as good as Cagayan.

14 Kelley Wentworth - Cambodia

YEAH! Deserves to be on that list!

Shes bad

15 Alicia Calaway - Australian Outback

Did absolutely nothing in the Outback - was the Most Undeserving All-Star contestant - where once again - she did nothing!

16 Mari Takahashi - Millennials vs Gen X

Was never robbed of anything. Deserved nothing but that voteoff and a memorable quote. Just tried too hard and cost her own game. - naFrovivuS

2nd Out. Doesn't matter what "potential" you may think the bitch has. She was 2ND OUT! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IF I CAMPAIGNED TO BRING BACK JENNY LANZETTI? Makes no damn sense. Plus all she did was think she was in control, then get blindsided. Seems like a nice person, but anyone who wants her back on the show is an idiot.

17 Keith Nale - San Juan del Sur

He's super entertaining but bad at the game. He has no strategy and was clueless in both of his seasons.

He didn't do anything statistic.He Screwed his alliance by being bad to the girls and then screwed reeds game with STICK TO THE PLAN.Natalie carried him to the finale 4

18 Joe Anglim - Cambodia Joe Anglim - Cambodia

While Joe played a really great social game and seemed very friendly, I have no idea why he was so lovable. In my opinion, he was an Ozzy/ Malcolm wannabe (and I'm not a fan of Ozzy either) he didn't have much strategic game and it seemed that he put all his efforts in the challenges and none in the actual game.

19 Bob Crowley - Gabon
20 Corinne Kaplan - Gabon and Caramoan

Nothing more than a spiteful bitch who was bitter at Sugar and Susie.

She claimed she'd be an absolute bitch and see what happens. Well it didn't do very well for her both her seasons. - naFrovivuS

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