Top 10 Most Overused Arguments to Hate Something

Commonly overused arguments to hate about anything you can think of. This list is subjective not objective.

The Top Ten Most Overused Arguments to Hate Something

1 It's overrated

Just because it's overrated doesn't mean its bad! In fact, I bet most people who use this argument do not even know what "overrated" means!

People nowadays use this as an excuse to bash something or someone. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Scarlett Johansson & Logan haters!

Sometimes you end hating something because everyone else loves it and it keeps being shoved down your throat...not saying that is a good argument but it happens - Myuuu

Frozen haters, enough said - 445956

2 Because anyone that likes it doesn't have good taste!

Anime elitists and SAO haters in a nutshell. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 The fanbase sucks

Fanbase =/= Subject in question - mattstat716

The fanbase shouldn't ruin things - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Many people on this site just hate fnaf just because of the fanbase - BoyGenius234

4 It's stupid!
5 It's not funny! (Mainly with video games, movies, songs or comedies)

Not everything has to be a comedy.
HOWEVER, If it IS a comedy and it's not funny... well.. it's just not your thing, then. - mattstat716

6 It wasn't as good as the previous ones before it! (VIA: Music, Movies, Video Games or Comic books)

This should not be down in tenth. For example, maybe the Metallica albums since 1991 have been worse than Master of Puppets and...And Justice For All, but that doesn't make them the worst things on the planet! - romanempire249

7 It is boring

2001: A Space Odyssey, The Godfather, Citizen Kane are boring, but also masterpieces of cinema - 445956

I think that is a good reason though.

The Godfather is boring the first few watches.

That reasonable

8 It's too long! (With movies, video games, movies or sometimes songs)

Actually... I'm gonna have to disagree. This can apply for certain games; just take a look at some of SomeCallMeJohnny's reviews. If a game gets way too lengthy, it CAN detract from the player's entertainment. Same goes for movies like *cough* the lorax and other films *cough*. - mattstat716

OK, OK, so the song's 20 minutes long. So? I mean, it's still good. Better than playing 5 mediocre songs in a row. Seriously, why are ultra-long progressive metal epics not in the mainstream? - romanempire249

I listen to a 1 hr loop of the same song.

My brother does this all the time. He thinks “Hey Jude” by the Beatles is too long. I don’t like the Beatles or that song but really?! Seven minutes?! I listen to 42 minute songs without getting bored!

9 Other people hate it so I hate it too!
10 Anyone that likes it clearly can't appreciate good art (VIA: Movies, video games, music and etc.)

The Contenders

11 There's special effects or CGI (Mainly with Movies)

Not justifiable if the special effects don't detract from a decent plot. - Entranced98

CGI isn't that bad. Unlike what those stupid, close-minded 2D/traditional/hand-drawn animation purists out there say so.

If someone tells you they don't like CGI in movies and want Animatronics back, just show them "Theorore Rex" and they will change their mind. - 445956

12 It just sucks!

why though - mattstat716

13 He or she is a player
14 Nobody at my school has heard of it

This is probably the only valid measuring method to decide if something is good or not.

No one at school has heard about Halsey (But what radio station are they even listening to because Bad At Love is really popular) and I still think she is the best singer ever.

Reverse bandwagoning. Nobody wants to be the first to say they like something new, just in case it turns out to be uncool.

And? - mattstat716

15 It is too mainstream

I guess if you are sick of seeing it like *cough* FNAF *cough*... but that's the fanbase, not the subject in question. - mattstat716

16 You only like this song because of the beat. If you took away the beat, I bet you wouldn't like this song.

But, like... that's all songs. - mattstat716

17 This (insert random person) can't act

1 person doesn't ruin the entire thing...
...unless it's the main character. - mattstat716

18 It's for Girls

MLP Haters In A Nutshell - JPK

19 Because, I just DON'T like it!

I’ve heard my friends say this about things I like WAY too much, if you’re going to say because, get some real reasons instead of just saying because I don’t like it!

20 It's different than everything else!

"It isn't even melodic! "
Yep, they were going with a more intensity-based sound instead of emphasizing the melody.

"How do you call that singing? "
I didn't. I called it death growls.

"But...that's too extreme! "
By society's standards. Suddenly society is always right? - romanempire249

21 It is fake
22 Not real
23 You believe in lies
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