Top 10 Parody Names for YouTubers


The Top Ten

1 Cewdiecake (Pewdiepie)
2 Salty Video Game Turd (Angry Video Game Nerd)
3 ChaddyClassicTronicFan (Chadtronic)
4 SammyFrickingSonicFanfrick (SammyClassicSonicFan)
5 Balsack (Balrog)
6 Mosh (Smosh)
7 Infinite Stupidity (Zero Punctuation)
8 I Love Everything (I Hate Everything)
9 Hydropositive (Pyrocynical)
10 The E-Rapist (The Escapist)

The Newcomers

? TheNormal2sIn (TheOdd1sOut)

The Contenders

11 Michael Jordan's Underwear (Jordan Underneath)
12 Earthworm Sterling (Jim Sterling)

Oh, I get it! Earthworm Jim!

13 YourMomIsOnFire (DanIsNotOnFire)


14 Only-Worth-Watching-For-Vinny-Joel-And-Rev-sauce (Vinesauce)
15 iRubbbzLUBE (iDubbbzTV)
16 Kid Icarus (Caddicarus)
17 P***s Butter Gaymer (Peanut Butter Gamer)
18 Earth Gerbil (Space Hamster)
19 Normal Steve (Weird Al)
20 Literevival (Cinemassacre)
21 Mas***tima (Machinima)
22 Queefy Is Queer (Leafy Is Here)
23 Peanut Butter Gobbler (Peanut Butter Gamer)
24 OmegaLame (AlphaRad)
25 Brains and No Brains (Super Planet Dolan)
26 Chicken D*** - Rooster Teeth
27 Annoyingly Kooky (UkieKooki)
28 MackSepticTank (JackSepticEye)
29 Screw You (Screw Attack)
30 Awful Boring Night (Good Mythical Morning)
31 booger101 (boogie123)
32 Justin Beaver (Justin Bieber)
33 Douchey Pest (Kanye West)
34 D***sauce (Vinesauce)
35 Beefy and Queer (LeafyIsHere)
36 Borkly (Dorkly)
37 Rebeckoning Nutsack (Rebecca Black)
38 Filthy F*** (Filthy Frank)
39 Clean Christopher (Filthy Frank)
40 DanIsNotOnCrack (DanIsNotOnFire)
41 Super Mario G-Mod 4 Retards (SuperMarioGlitchy4)
42 Fussy Fapping Device (Crappy Capture Device)
43 The Extraverted Lakitu (The Lonely Goomba)
44 The Loser Gamer (The Lonely Goomba)
45 The Lovely Koopa (The Lonely Goomba)
46 Really Freakin' Stupid (Really Freakin' Clever)
47 Game Over! (Continue?)
48 LongDong (JonTron)
49 EmoFaptor (Egoraptor)
50 JAR-JAR Media (JAR Media)
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1. Cewdiecake (Pewdiepie)
2. Salty Video Game Turd (Angry Video Game Nerd)
3. ChaddyClassicTronicFan (Chadtronic)


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