Top 10 Parties You Most Want to Win the United Kingdom General Election of 2015

Instead of a top ten this is a top seven. Who do you want to win the elections?

The Top Ten

1 Labour

Labour is most likely to win. The 5th of Wedensday's one show they had a pub quiz in where labour had the most people. Conservatives might even lose tonight!

2 The Conservatives

The Conservatives made a waste of money on a Broadcast. They built a cuckoo clock then they smashed it. He told them what would happen if Ed Miliband wins the election then he smashes another $1000 breaking a cuckoo clock. He might win because he IS PM now with Nick Clegg

3 Liberal Democrats



UKIP isn't racist! Gosh, the media twists everything. - gemcloben

Apparently UKIP is racist. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Yeah they are. He wants to kick out immigrants but the funny thing is that his wife is an immigrant - Cyclone97

80% of LBC's listeners are UKIP supporters. Doesn't mean they're racist if they vote for them?

5 Green Party

Natalie Bennett is someone who gets mentioned less than Nicola Sturgeon, the person who is the 6th most important party. It seems Nicola got on the headlines for the hung parliament with either Ed Miliband or David Cameron, I can't remember


Scottish National Party is one of those parties who is like Ed. I don't know if they could rule the country together

7 The Welsh Party

I forgot the name of this party but I know they are from Wales - Cyclone97

The name of the party is Plaid Cymru, can you change it to Plaid Cymru?

It's something like plyd cummery. - gemcloben

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