Top Ten Best Peanutbuttergamer Hardcore Seasons

I don't watch many gaming lets play videos, but these video series are great in my opinion (this is probably the only gaming related list I'll make, I might do some remixes though)

The Top Ten

1 Terraria Hardcore #2

This series was by far the best, I can't explain why but it keeps you wanting more each episode. However Terraria season 3 is trash

Too slow at times and that ending was horrible! Space hamster why! So many dumb deaths in this one.

This one was surprisingly great because the first Terraria was short, but this one was long and really enjoyable - Quart

2 Minecraft Hardcore #1

A given, just undoubtedly number 1 - Quart

The editing was pretty mediocre and the camera was mainly on PBG and McJones. Jon even had to start recording when McJones suddenly died. Still it was a victory, was really funny and it set the stage for every hardcore series to come.

3 Minecraft Hardcore #2

Everyone who likes this series likes this season - Quart

This was the first one I watched, still my favorite

This one is the best. Asbolutely no contest here. Just watch the ending and you'll understand why. - xandermartin98

4 Minecraft Hardcore #4


4 people made it to the end (including PBG, McJones, and Dean, finally) need I say more - Quart

5 Mine Z Hardcore # 1

Filled with humor, tense moments and just general excitement. I've watched it a plethora of times, and it never gets old.

This one was really stressful, and actually sad - Quart

This one was very suspenseful, I wish they did another minez hardcore!

6 Minecraft Hardcore #5

It was the first one I saw and made me start watching every other series and even fan series

I think this number 1 because of Todd (editor) props to Jeff, but Todd is awesome and was a fan of the series before coming on. He knew what to do and did it with a passion.

Plenty of intense moments throughout, their trip to the nether this season left me on the edge of my seat.

Todd is a great editor, and did extremely well for his first time editing hardcore. This season was intense, and probably the most depressing after MineZ #1. There were some heartwrenching moments, and every death was serious and brutal. I think the saddest moment was Jeff's cry of sorrow after PBG died.

7 Diablo 2 Hardcore #1

A successful season, it was just kind of short and there are just more enjoyable seasons - Quart

8 Terraria Hardcore #3

Even though the deaths were stupid, the lineup was great and there was great interaction. Todd is an amazing editor and he really made the season really dramatic and funny. Plus, it was the first Terraria win!

The beginning is a little slow.

9 Minecraft Hardcore #3

This season was a major disappointment, it was short and the deaths were stupid and almost seemed fake (they weren't but they were not the best) - Quart

I still think this season had the best lineup. Even though Barry wasn't in it, Smooth's inclusion sort of made up for it. - TheMaelstromKing

I agree, deserves to be this low, but Jontron was hilarious with the beacon and lava house!

10 Terraria Hardcore #1

I enjoyed this one, short lived but humorous.

The Contenders

11 Day Z Hardcore #1

I think any fan of this series should watch this season after any other failed season just to know, well it could be worse - Quart

12 Mount And Blade Napoleonic Wars Hardcore Shorts #1
13 MineZ Hardcore # 2

This is a really good season even though spoilers Dean died 5 episodes in. The editing was great to

14 Minecraft Hardcore #6
15 Death Road to Canada

Alright so this isn't technically a hardcore season, but if mount and blade is on in here this should be too! It sure felt like a hardcore to me lol

16 Player Unknown Battleground
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