James Yap


James yap is the Philippine greatest basketball player ever... He is a shooting guard who is capable of playing the small forward position. He is considered one of the most complete players in the PBA...

He is a great player. Even though he is facing a lot of controversies, he still manages to play good. He is a good father also, I believe that his son will be so proud ho him. I appreciate his determination to fight for his son. I hope Kris would really see how good James is. Good luck to all of your games, and I wish that you will always win in all of your games.

He's the best and he will always be the best. A good role model for the youth and always humble on and off the court. Not everyone with such prominence and stardom stays humble like he does.

The man with a million moves, he is a very good player... A very streaky shooter, scorer and 2 time MVP.

James yap is simply the best.. He is one of my favorites.. The best..

They don't call him BIG GAmE james for nothing and even his missing his shots and even his injured he can make that shot anytime anywhere

James yap is the only player in the basketball who is just very good in basketball and super strick shooter

James yaP is unbelievable... Player: he is the one can handled many crucial time. , No pressure. ,James is the best all of time...

James yap is the best... They don't call him BIG GAME James... For nothing...

Because he is the only one player who play long but still play best

James yap is the best player of all time, he is an all around player

The man with a million moves.. No one can stop him on a one one play..

Because James yap is the most valuable player all the time ;D

Big game james... The 3times MVP wow" you're the one idol" good luck. !

He give all her skills and play with heart and teamwork.. And humble to his team mates

Because he is a true superstar, he is a 2 time MVP and a great leader to his team mates

Because he is big game james and his big 3 pts shot and one handler that I believe

He is good at 3 point. And kaya nya lahat na position

Humble and yet a clutch shooter specially when it needed the most.

Because his numbers, statistics and scores in addition to his attitude inside the court is enough for him to be listed in the top ten list of PBA players.

The BIG GAME! Goes for Grand Slam and another MVP!

James yap is the best basketball player for me

They don't call him BIG GAME james for nothing..

Good shooting guard and millions move

Providing Big shots to make Big games!