Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Parents If They're Gonna Raise Their Kids to Be Theists

If you're going to raise your kids to be theistic, then here are some really important things you should know before you do teach them about God.

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1 Tell them that God is impotent

This would be much better for kids. If God is omnipotent then why doesn't he do anything about all the suffering in the world right now? It would be easier for them to know that God can't stop all the evil in the world. - DarkMatter1997

2 Know that you don't necessarily have to teach them religion in order to be theists

I know a friend in real life who believes in God but not organized religion. She decided to leave Christianity and raise her son to believe in the human spirit and in a higher power. - DarkMatter1997

3 Teach them to respect different beliefs

Know that it's much better if people just respected different types of beliefs (but they shouldn't bandwagon or anything). - DarkMatter1997

4 Don't teach them about creationism

Bill Nye himself stated that creationism isn't healthy for children. Kids need to know about evolution and other scientific theories. I mean it's fine if adults want to believe in creationism but don't teach kids to believe in it because we need them. We need future scientists and inventors. We need people that can help solve all the mysteries and complexities of life. - DarkMatter1997

5 Don't scare them into thinking they're going to hell

Don't even tell them that hell exists. If they really wanna know what happens to bad people after they die then just tell them that God just has them experience all the wrongs they've ever done to others so that their punishment wouldn't last for eternity. - DarkMatter1997

6 Know that kids don't have to get their morals from religion

It's best if they got them from you, the parents (you created them in the first place). If you are gonna be a parent then you really should think about taking it seriously because you've created life and you don't want that living being to go out and cause trouble do you? - DarkMatter1997

7 Let them choose what they want to believe once they get older

They might lose interest in anything God-related. But that's okay and as long as they're not causing all kinds of harm then they're fine. - DarkMatter1997

8 Don't teach them that every story in the Bible is literally true

Just tell them that they're all metaphors, metaphors that are not meant to be taken literally (like how the story of Adam and Eve is a metaphor or how the story of Noah's Ark is a metaphor). - DarkMatter1997

9 Tell them that things just happen and that there's no supernatural consequence

A gay boy doesn't have bad things happen to him all because he's gay or anything. And this would be simpler to think while being a theist because you would know that God is impotent.

And before you tell me "Oh well there should be supernatural consequence if some kid is gonna do a bad thing! " Kids should already know that every action has consequences. Tell them to think before they act. Give them common sense. - DarkMatter1997

10 Don't read them the more graphic Bible stories

I don't think I need to say anything else. - DarkMatter1997

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11 Tell them that God just appeared out of nowhere

It would make a lot more sense than just saying he wasn't born. - DarkMatter1997

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