Best Pixar Movie Moments

Pixar is best known for making great movies, besides some flaws, but there are very awesome scenes. Lets discuss what they are

The Top Ten Best Pixar Movie Moments

1 "Where is My Supersuit!" (The Incredibles)

I loathe the introduction to Up, it's boring and unnecessary to the rest of the movie, which thankfully is not as bad as that montage would suggest. Let's get something entertaining to the top.

"Honey, where's my supersuit!? "
"You better be back ASAP and leaving that suit! "
Are the best lines!

I, uh, put it away... - PositronWildhawk

Anyone remember "Where's my SUPER SUCC!? " - EvanWellens

2 Chasing the Van (Toy Story)

One of those masterpieces... "Buzz, you missed the truck" "We're not aiming for the truck"... was so good that the conspiracy theory community introduced this as the official clip of "Inside Job Bush" - Maddox121

Amazing scene - Randomator

Iconic scene. - RadioHead03

Woody screams while being flown by a rocket attached to Buzz Lightyear. The rocket explodes after Buzz breaks free from it with his pal. Woody shouts:"To infinity and beyond! " They land in Andy's van.

3 The Intro Montage (Up)

Don't know how anyone can't cry watching this incredibly touching scene.

The first part of up, the one where it shows Carl and Ellie living together and it ends with her funeral

Man if you want to be hit right in the feels then watch this scene - Randomator

Get this to number one. - Atham

4 Miguel Plays Remember Me to Mama Coco (Coco)

It was so emotional after Miguel returns he rushes home past his family as he tries to get Mama Coco to remember Hector before he is forgotten forever by playing Remember Me the very song Hector played for her as a child while his family try to intervene as Miguel desperately tries to get her to remember him. - egnomac

I actually cried a little during this scene, beautifully done monent - Phillip873

Most emotional moment in Pixar History - DoroExploro13

I don't get emotional very much and didn't cry at this moment. - TeamRocket747

5 Andy Leaves for College (Toy Story 3)

This is why Toy Story 4 will not make it. - bobthehallwayman

Made me cry a lot. - myusernameisthis



6 "Boo?" "Kitty!" (Monsters Inc.)

*Watching the moment right before this*
My brother: Niamh, prepare yourself for the tears! Here are the tissues! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

This one is the only one that makes me cry!

This was beautiful, I cry every time

Boo is adorable!

7 The Bird Attack (A Bug's Life)

This one was absolutely hilarious - myusernameisthis

8 Door Chase (Monster's Inc.)

I loved this scene as a kid! It was always so intense and it reminded me of some crazy roller coaster. - 22Blue

My favorite Pixar scene. - DinoLover4242

. Best scene in the entire film!

Best scene of them all

9 McQueen Lets the King Finish His Final Race (Cars)

This is honestly the perfect ending because it shows how McQueen kinda went full circle from a cocky rookie to someone who did the right thing in the end - Randomator

This took my vote over the Van chase scene from Toy Story because of McQueen's humility.

Good sportsmanship McQueen, Chick Hicks sucks

10 Woody Meets Buzz (Toy Story)

It was pretty funny particularly Woodys reaction to Buzz thinking he was real - Randomator

That was really funny. - DinoLover4242

The Contenders

11 The Intro (Toy Story 2)

This moment was dowright epic - darthvadern

12 Bob Discovers Syndrome's Plans (The Incredibles)

Syndrome's Remote! - DinoLover4242

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Access Granted!

13 Jack Jack Fights the Raccoon (The Incredibles 2)

I loved this moment! It was (headphone warning, you have been warned) BLOODY HILARIOUS! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

This felt like something out of Ice Age. So comically slapstick. - PositronWildhawk

14 Wall-E and EVE Flying in Space (Wall-E)

Best use of a fire extinguisher!

I love this movie - EvanWellens

Just best

15 "He Touched the Butt!" (Finding Nemo)

This sparked my interest in the female body..

Lol that was my favorite part of the movie. - RedTheGremlin

Ok, seeing it spelled out, even I know that doesn't sound right! But it was hilarious - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

And that’s how it got started - Randomator

16 The Prison Breakout (Toy Story 3)
17 The Garbage Fire Scene (Toy Story 3)

This was quite a, your...not very PG rated moment...But it was awesomely - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Man this scene is so emotional - Randomator

18 Return to Earth (Wall-E)

This is kinda sad because almost no plants or animals were shown. :( - DinoLover4242

19 Eva Restores Wall-E's Memories (Wall-E)
20 Shark Bait (Finding Nemo)

Shark Baif Oh haha! - DinoLover4242

21 Jessie’s Back Story (Toy Story 2)

This was a pretty sad, and emotional scene. Poor Jessie. - RadioHead03

I used to cry every time.

22 Scaring Sid Away (Toy Story)

Those noodle arms when he ran into his house - TeamRocket747

So Play Nice! - DinoLover4242

23 Dory Speaking Whale (Finding Nemo)

Am I the only one who tries speaking whale after watching this movie? - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

No, I do speak whale. This says myy name iiisss Dorrryy! My name is Dory!

Dory is so...wait, what was I gonna say again?

24 Fighting the Omnidroid (The Incredibles)

It was cool to see all the parrs working together - Randomator

Yas - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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25 Flaming Death Fail (A Bug's Life)

LOL That was funny. - DinoLover4242

26 So Long Partner (Toy Story 3)

So emotional Andy gives Woody and the gang to Bonnie and plays with them for the last time before driving off to to college as the gang look on as he drives away as Woody says "So long partner" as they bid farewell to Andy. - egnomac

This is kind of emotional. - DinoLover4242


27 The Final Battle (Up)
28 The Polygon Scene (Inside Out)

It's just weird, but also kinda funny. - DinoLover4242

29 Bing Bong's Death (Inside Out)

I mean, who knew that Thanos snapping his fingers could wipe out people inside your mind? - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Except Thanos only existed in Marvel Cinematic Universe, so no, Thanos did NOT kill Bing Bong, he died because he fell and got stuck in the ravine. - DinoLover4242

No it was just sad! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

He made the ultimate sacrifice - Randomator

On the top three of worst movie or T.V. deaths to me period

30 "You are a Sad, Strange Little Man" (Toy Story)

Good riddance you looney!

And you have my pity. - RadioHead03

Not only is that a legendary line, it is also a hilarious line!

“You are a sad, Strange little man. And you have my pity.”

31 Our Town (Cars)
32 The Demolition Derby (Cars 3)

This was my favorite part of Cars 3. Miss Fritter is my favorite Cars character! - RedTheGremlin

"You are about to feel the wrath of the Lower Belleville County Unified SCHOOL DISTRICT! " Ms Fritter is so cool

33 How Delicious the Ratatouille Looked (Ratatouille)

That was a delicious scene. - DinoLover4242

34 Cruz Ramirez Wins the Race (Cars 3)

This proves that you don't have to be advanced to win competitions. - DinoLover4242

35 Rescue from the Pterodactyls (The Good Dinosaur)

My favorite movie is on this list now. I liked that the mean pterosaurs got defeated by the dinosaur. - DinoLover4242

36 Shark Attack (Finding Nemo)

Based on Jaws, but in a kid-friendly way. - DinoLover4242

37 Al's Toy Barn (Toy Story 2)

I liked this scene since it is both an interesting concept and it was also funny. - DinoLover4242

So unique - Randomator

38 Ernesto de la Cruz Gets Crushed by a Bell (Coco)
39 Driving the Truck (Finding Dory)

Just like Toy Story 2. - DinoLover4242

40 Opening Race (Cars)

It looks cool. - DinoLover4242

41 Put that Thing Back Where It Came from or So Help Me (Monsters Inc)

It's the musical. LOL - DinoLover4242

42 Final Race (Planes)

This isn't a Pixar movie. - DinoLover4242

43 "Hey, I Said No Salt!" (A Bug's Life)
44 Arlo Returns Home (The Good Dinosaur)
45 The Librarian Chase (Monster's University)
46 Final Battle (Cars 2)

The best scene out of all. Others may have been satisfying, emotional and fun, but this is just amazing. Axlerod acted so innocent but was the villain. Mater figured it out so smartly. It teaches us smartness. It was so clever. These are what makes Cars 2 special, and one of the best of pixar, if not THE BEST. - ThunderX

Yes! This moment was dope - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

awesome. - myusernameisthis

47 Buzz Encountering the Aliens (Toy Story)

The claw is our master, the claw chooses who will go and who will stay. - egnomac

Aliens: Stranger from the Outside.

Buzz: Oh no. - DinoLover4242

48 Tractor Tipping (Cars)
49 The Rats Escaping the Old Lady (Ratatouille)

Good way to open the movie

50 Opening Simulation (Monster's Inc.)

That was silly (in a good way). - DinoLover4242

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