Places in Our Solar System Most Likely to Have Life


The Top Ten

1 Europa

The entire moon is a single ocean of water with an ice crust on the surface. There is a legitimate possibility that Europa could support complex life. - Irina2932

Life yes but not complex life.

Europa, Mars, and Triton may have life. All the other forms in our soloar system, probably not. - Alpha101

2 Mars

They believe one day we could possibly live here. I hope this works out! If Earth ends, we'd all just make our way to Mars... Somehow.

3 Callisto

In series Xena: warrior princess, Callisto role to danger woman fighter. She kill is many people. His art to Hudson Leick. Callisto in black costum from started operation be secret power Goddess, and kill to Xena.

And what all these comments have to do with life in these planets or moons?

4 Titan Titan

Great comparison Titan of mythical serial Xena, in 1 season, episode Titans. Gabriela lok at three titans of land people.

It’s the only one with a dense atmosphere and what lies beneath its thick clouds was a mystery for a very long time. Titan’s atmosphere is nitrogen-based, like Earth’s, but contains other gases such as methane. - Irina2932

5 Enceladus

Enceladus is quite likely to have life because it is the number one moon thought to have water and the gravitation pull it has may affect the way water is heated up, so any underground ocean on it would be heated.

My hopes are high for finding life here. Why #7? - PositronWildhawk

6 Miranda
7 Ganymede
8 Triton
9 Saturn
10 Io Io
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