Top 10 Best Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Season 10 Episodes

The best episodes from the Tenth season of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and of course they're all opinion based and if you don't see any episode's that you think should be here add it.

The Top Ten Best Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Season 10 Episodes

Malice in Wonderland

This is a very bizarre episode where Ash, Dawn and Brock find themselves in a dream like world where Ash battles with Cynthia, Dawn battles her mother to be top Coordinator and Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny fight over Brock and of course it all turns out to be an illusion created by Mismagius. - egnomac

Following a Maiden's Voyage

A great episode to open the Diamond and Pearl season as the episode introduces Dawn and make her the focus of the episode with Ash only appearing at the end of the episode which is something they should have done with May back in Pokemon Advanced we get to know everything we needed to know about Dawn like her dream of being a Pokemon Coordinator just like her mother and getting her first Pokemon. - egnomac

Arrival of a Rival

This and the previous episode Mounting a Coordinator Assault introduces contest rival Zoey who possibly the better out of all the contest rivals in the Pokemon anime who enters the same contest the both Ash and Dawn enter and at first she gets really irritated that Ash entered since he mostly competes in gym battles but after battling him and winning she lets up and then we see the first battle between Dawn and Zoey with Zoey winning and Dawn crying to her mother about her loss and her mother telling her to stop with the crying and focus more on how to improve her skills and confide to her friends which they did a lot better than the first battle with May and Drew. - egnomac

A Secret Sphere of Influence
O're The Rampardos We Watched

Ash has his rematch at the Oreburgh City Gym and winning, there were also a few good moments like Dawn and her Pokemon cheering Ash on and Croagunk hitting Jessie with a poison jab while trying to sneak into the gym. - egnomac

Buziel Your Way out of This

Ash, Dawn, Brock and Zoey face off against a very aggressive and mischievous Buziel after it steals there fishing rods and a move that made no sense Dawn actually captures it which she later trades with Ash for Aipom and another note we also get to see the mini Misty lure Ash got from Misty and funny moment Dawn asks Ash if she could use it and he refuses and they fight over it. - egnomac

Twice Smitten, Once Shy
The Champ Twins

Ash and Dawn battle against two tough trainers and during the battle they end up botching almost everything and lose, and it leads to both Ash and Dawn getting into a heated argument with one another over their battle eventually they do manage to cool off and work together once again to defeat the two trainers. - egnomac

The Green Menagerie
Smells Like Team Spirit

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Dawn's Early Night
Faced With Steelix Determination!
One Big Happiny Family
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