Ash and Misty


I personally don't care who ash ends up with (as long as its not Serena - she deserves to be with Clemont) I just think these two sound like a good couple because of their more determined nature.

I don't like Amour, but Poke not that great ether. Ash only blushed about her once while TRio made fun of them as a couple but didn't blush when seeing her in a bikini or kimono. Isn't that odd?

Then Pokeshippers want to use the whole Rudy situation as a hint. Well, I like to see how you guys would react in a situation where a judge cares more about getting with someone then your performance. Also Ash whining "what about me? " in that other Orange Island episode again what would you say to your friend who just ignored you for no reason when you're cold? Pokeshipping was as one-sided as Amourshipping is, but it's funny pokeshippers think differently.

Oh, on how 'well' they got along... Misty put down Ash as bad as Gary did, made things worse after the fight with Ritchie, and only when they separated ways did they have a positive conversation. So no, I do NOT think these two are good for each other.

I'm actually an Amourshipper but after watching Pokemon again I found Amourshipping actually kinda boring, and I was a bit into Pokeshipping. Yep Misty was the first friend to join Ash but I don't find any healthiness in that. Let me give you my reasons;

First of all Misty doesn't end up with Ash in the anime. Like Naruto, he would've ended up with Sakura but Sakura didn't end up with him and he marries Hinata. Misty only ended up being a gym leader. Then you want to use that situation in A Date with Delcatty when Georgio likes Misty and asked her out and she rejects. She rejects because she feels like cheating on Ash, or she really doesn't have time or doesn't like Georgio.

Oh Misty was that girl who was jealous every time Ash was attracted by a girl (Macy, Melody and Giselle) but she herself likes Danny, Ash himself is jealous. That means Ash and Misty show hints they like each other. So I definitely think that one point they are meant for each other, one point they ...more

Ash and Misty are a perfect match. The time they been together was really something special and throughout the show they earned each other's friendship and more. Ash may not say he likes misty, but actions speak louder. They care for each other in the long run and they were each other's first crush. Misty will always be remembered to to along side Ash. And ash will keep Misty in his memory and heart, along with Brock and his other friends. But Brock and Misty will always be number one for Ash's friends.

They were together from the start and it's really sad when they parted ways. I think they were destined to be with each other but the writers just gave up on Misty. This ship is way better than Amour though. - NightAbsol

The shipping is real simple...Ash likes Misty and she likes him. Many people start saying that they never wanted to admit it, but can you actually blame them? They were 10 years old. Anyways, if you go to Satoshipedia (correct me if I spelled that wrong) by PokeNerd, she wrote an article that states which characters from the WHOLE anime and the WHOLE movies had a crush on Ash. As you go down the list, there's another section where it states WHO from all the WHOLE anime and the WHOLE movies he has a crush on. I began reading it and it had from ALL the main female PokeGirls, it had MISTY! It never mentioned May, Dawn, Iris, or even Serena! Haha! But it had other minor characters too. Go visit the website for yourselves.

I prefer Pokeshipping over Amourshipping. In both of the ships, the love is usually one-sided with Ash being as oblivious as always. I feel like whatever feelings Serena has for Ash just isn't love. If anything, I'd call it an unhealthy obsession. Sure, it might be canon that she likes Ash but I just don't see it. The feelings Misty has for Ash developed throughout the series and that makes it more genuine in my opinion. We'll see what happens.

I am a big ship of ash and Misty. It's foreshadowing that they will be married in the future when misty said to Ash someday they will be married that's what she said. They belong together they have a love hate relationship like Ron Hermione and Han Solo and Leia.

Also, the list is supposed to be called top ten Pokemon shippings, but it got changed. I don't know why, but it is not supposed to say "friendships" - itz_izzy

Ash and Misty were the only two main characters planned to have a child. While the child was scrapped to keep the show going (a lot longer than it needed to), it is a lot closer to being canon than Ash and Serena's kiss!

I had so many feelings watching these two. The original, and the best

Can't you see ash and misty love each other serena is the most useless character in the whole how can she be with ash misty is the best and ash and misty look best together it should be overrated

Watch misty with ash then watch Serena with ash, it can be hinted that both misty and ash like each other but as for ash and Serena, Serena likes ash and ash doesn't seem to thrilled about love

Ash and misty are truly genuine and ash has only shown evidence for liking misty. Serena covers up who she is to impress ash. How pathetic

When they were in the ship when Brook left TEAM Rocket called them love birds and they both blushed

If not Poke the Pearl, I like to see the characters go from friendship to romance. Slowly but surely.

Ash had a crush on her, but called her ugly & did nothing to try & help her out (unless forced to) what?

Who cares if it's canon or not THEY ARE CUTE TOGETHERNESS we don't need it to be canon to ship it

They were originally going to be canon... too bad the anime continued and added Serena.

There is something special about this couple I don't know why I love them...

Misty is the best female companion for ash

Ash and misty are truly the best pair

Ash called her ugly & misty put him down as bad as Gary & those two fought the worst out of anyone in the whole series yes best of friends and ash had a crush on her /eyeroll

You can see how their relationship grows.. they complement each other, and even though Ash hasn't shown any romantic interest in vos girl companions, he has shown to Misty some kind of jealously which is pretty much to ask from him..

Literally the only ship that is canon and not one-sided