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61 Chespin and Sylveon V 1 Comment
62 Black and White

They are so nice

63 Shinx and Vulpix

I always try to get these two when I play Explorers of Sky. Even if it's basically the same dialogue for every hero and partner, I've just always liked the idea of these two together.

64 Pikachu and Piplup V 1 Comment
65 Ash and Brock

Brock was the only companion that traveled with Ash though FOUR REGIONS. They know each other better than anyone else I think

66 Dawn and Zoey

Awesome girls got along really well and balanced each other out really well


It's really cute actually, I didn't watch DP but I looked on the Bulbapedia article and it looked cute.

Dawn and Zoe look really cute together.

Top 5 reasons
1)Dawn and Zoey may be rivals but they are still really close
2)Zoey has defend Dawn from Jessie bullying in an episode and even help Dawn to battle Jessie even if her leg was sprained
3)Dawn blushes many time with Zoey
4)They have many physical touch
5)They are just adorable

V 2 Comments
67 Brock and Lucy

Both really liked each other but couldn't get together

68 Jessie and Mako

Both awful friends and mean people they'd make a perfect dysfunctional couple

69 Saturn and Dawn
70 N and Zinnia

I am fine with this ship for the fact they're both annoying know-it-alls who got shown up

Both overrated pos self righteous asss perfect for each other

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71 Sylveon and Umbreon

I never really saw any of the Evee evolutions as like, a dating relationship, I always thought of them more as siblings. My OTP is Vaporeon x Wortortle.

Siblings for the eeveelutions makes sense. Flareon/ninetails, jolteon/megnetric, umbreon/mityena, espeon/houndoom, leafeon/Persian, glaceon/delcatty just some I like

72 Dialga and Celebi V 2 Comments
73 Riolu and Eevee
74 Arcanine and Ninetales

They are both fire types and they look so beaufiful together

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