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61 Ash and Angie

Oh I love this ship! I can't believe how low it is!

Ash basically said he'd die for her! They bettered each other!

62 Brock and Lucy

Both really liked each other but couldn't get together

63 Jessie and Mako

Both awful friends and mean people they'd make a perfect dysfunctional couple

64 Saturn and Dawn
65 Calem and Shauna

So underrated but so adorable

Yas! I love this shipping

This is my go to ship if suddenly everyone hates kalosshipping. I ' love this ship

I LURVE IT - gamerkitty6274

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66 N and Zinnia

I am fine with this ship for the fact they're both annoying know-it-alls who got shown up

Both overrated pos self righteous asss perfect for each other

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67 Dialga and Celebi V 2 Comments
68 Riolu and Eevee
69 Pikachu and Piplup V 1 Comment
70 Clemont and Serena

Nah, Clemont deserves better. I don't really like Serena.

I don't really think they suit

This is garbage. I literally got sick from this. Serena has to be with Ash

Serena got wombo comboed. Oh. Oh. Oh..oh! OH! OOOH!

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