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21 Kalosshipping (Calem vs Serena) Kalosshipping (Calem vs Serena)

Calem and Serena have been through some tough times, and those times helpep them into taking down Team Flare fighting side by side. They did things that they never imagined to be possible, simply because they had each other.

They use each other just to get stronger. They are better with shauna

They have feelings for each other, even if they are friedzoned - uoi

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22 Sunflower Shipping (Lillie vs Hau)

(GAME SPOILERS) It's so obvious Hau had a crush on Lillie, like when he admired her new look and cried when she left for Kanto

23 Newrivalshipping (Wally vs May) Newrivalshipping (Wally vs May)

May helped Wally get ralts, and Wally was really inspired by May. He was nervous about asking to be her rival. Plus Wally is a cute sweet guy, and may is a shy, bubbly girl. It's a cute mix!

24 Transceivershipping (Yancie vs Nate) Transceivershipping (Yancie vs Nate) V 1 Comment
25 Boutiqueshipping (Serena and Shauna) Boutiqueshipping (Serena and Shauna) V 1 Comment
26 Eternalhoneymoonshipping (Kukui vs Burnet) Eternalhoneymoonshipping (Kukui vs Burnet)
27 Omegatruthshipping (Brendan vs Zinnia) Omegatruthshipping (Brendan vs Zinnia) V 2 Comments
28 Gentryshipping (Sycamore vs Diantha) Gentryshipping (Sycamore vs Diantha)

Well... she calls him for his first name and they share a past together

29 Folkloreshipping (Lyra and Morty) Folkloreshipping (Lyra and Morty)

Their dinamics remember of Howl and sophie hatter. They make an awesome couple. - Carmelicb

30 Mahinashipping (Moon/Femalemcxgladion)
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