Top 10 Pokemon Shipping of the Games

No anime content. Shippings that makes sense in the original pokemon story -the games- or eventually in the manga.
If the shipping is with the main character, of course the inverse genre makes sense.

The characters need to know each other, have chesmity and share a story, so no crackshipping with characters of different regions -that show no hints of know the other existence- just because they look cute together.

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21 Soulsilvershipping (Lyra vs Silver)

The player meets silver when his life is in a trainweck. But Silver grow, became a better trainer, learning with the main character, to the point of admiring and cheering her at the end. He gets angry when discover that she joined team rocket, and at dragons den silver refuse to pair with Claire, criticizing her appearance and chosing the main character as his partner. He also says to the player that he needs to train his heart, hinting that he developed feelings and wants to understand it. - uoi

They are obsessed with each other in the entire game, so them being in love is a plausible explanation

Yaaa je repense encore au comportement de silver

Lyra is an ugly waste of space that should have never been created! Kris/crystal for the win! Hate that b***h Lyra for replacing kris/crystal! Silver deserves someone better than that waste of space that is Lyra!

22 Twinleafshipping (Barry vs Dawn) Twinleafshipping (Barry vs Dawn)

They are childhood friends and are always together. Barry has a dream to became a pokemon trainer, but is prone to give it up when he see that Rowan is not certain if he deserves a pokemon and that could affect Dawn. Jasmine points how their relationship is beautiful. - uoi

23 Conflictshipping (Leaf vs Blue) Conflictshipping (Leaf vs Blue)

The shipping of the classic game. Blue is a jerk and pretends he doesn't care, but he loves her, right? - uoi

Leaf is non canon, so just Red and Blue makes sense. - lexifoxi

No... he's an idiot and bullies her... hatdly a love story

Oak (blue/green) doesn't bully leaf (or red). Sure he's somewhat rude sometimes to her, but it's more him having an over inflated ego than anything.

Him picking a Pokemon that is super effective against hers was his grampa's fault. He even wanted to pick first, but his grandpa made him wait.

Him saying something along the lines of 'don't bother _____, I got this! ' Is again him being full of himself. He even says something along the lines of 'no offense...' meaning he really isn't trying to piss u off (though probably doesn't care if u do get pissed off).

Him telling her not to go to his sister to borrow a town map... well obviously he didn't as if u go to her, she doesn't say anything about him saying that. And in FR LG, he acts like he was trying to help her out, as he said something along the lines of 'don't expect any More favors' so I think that was to help red/leaf (but he didn't want it to look like he was).

Him saying '_____ u r so slow! ' Or ...more

24 Sunflower Shipping (Lillie vs Hau)

(GAME SPOILERS) It's so obvious Hau had a crush on Lillie, like when he admired her new look and cried when she left for Kanto

25 Expertshipping (Prof. Oak vs Agatha) Expertshipping (Prof. Oak vs Agatha)

She had a crush on her younger years, but their chose different paths married other people. Such a sad but interesting pairing

Agatha knows prof oak as the line "that old duff was once tough and handsome! Now he just fiddles with his pokedex! "

Just makes me wonder about their previous relationship before oak started 'to fiddle with pokedexs! ' I think back then it sounds like she had a crush on him! - Mariosprincessesfan

26 Eternalhoneymoonshipping (Kukui vs Burnet) Eternalhoneymoonshipping (Kukui vs Burnet)
27 Mahinashipping (Moon/Femalemcxgladion)
28 Omegatruthshipping (Brendan vs Zinnia) Omegatruthshipping (Brendan vs Zinnia)

Should be higher - diana123

I hate zinnina she's such a bossy, controling brat! So glad rayquaza attacked her favorite legendary due to that ❤️❤️❤️

29 Chessshipping (Hilbert and Hilda)
30 Kalosshipping (Calem vs Serena) Kalosshipping (Calem vs Serena)

Calem and Serena have been through some tough times, and those times helpep them into taking down Team Flare fighting side by side. They did things that they never imagined to be possible, simply because they had each other.

They use each other just to get stronger. They are better with shauna

They have feelings for each other, even if they are friedzoned - uoi

I think people take the 'i'm glad we r friends' line too far.

A. While we can't really say for sure how old they r, they could b as young as ten and I don't think that 'friend-zoning is a thing then really

B. They just met like not too long ago. The playable character just moved their while the other person was always friends with the others. Saying something like 'I'm glad I just met u & want to date u! ' Would b extremely odd

C. Saying that he/she is glad that they r friends is actually a good thing for their relationship. Friends do become lovers sometimes & he/she is saying that they impacted their lives more than their other friends did.

And other moments I liked is that he didn't mind ever that u won the mega ring fair & square & is confidant with your help with team flare.

31 Transceivershipping (Yancie vs Nate) Transceivershipping (Yancie vs Nate)

The same as livecastershipping but with diffetent genders.n..

32 Folkloreshipping (Lyra and Morty) Folkloreshipping (Lyra and Morty)

Their dinamics remember of Howl and sophie hatter. They make an awesome couple. - Carmelicb

33 Morningsunshipping (Sun and Lillie)
34 Burningleafshipping (Pokemon FR/LG)
35 Newrivalshipping (Wally vs May) Newrivalshipping (Wally vs May)

May helped Wally get ralts, and Wally was really inspired by May. He was nervous about asking to be her rival. Plus Wally is a cute sweet guy, and may is a shy, bubbly girl. It's a cute mix!

36 Boutiqueshipping (Serena and Shauna) Boutiqueshipping (Serena and Shauna)

Shauna is completly in love with the main character - Carmelicb

37 Gentryshipping (Sycamore vs Diantha) Gentryshipping (Sycamore vs Diantha)

Well... she calls him for his first name and they share a past together

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