Top 10 Running Gags in the Pokemon Anime

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1 Team Rocket Attempting to Capture Pikachu

A running gag that never seems to die ever since the second episode Jessie, James and Meowth have been on life long mission to steal Pikachu and despite coming close on many occasions they always fail in the end.

Prepare for trouble
make it double
to protect the world from devastation
to unite all peoples within our nation
to denounce the evils of truth and love
to extend our reach to the stars above
Team Rocket Blast Off at the speed of light
surrender now or prepare to fight
Meowth that's right!

They still do this? They're still on the show?

Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again! they are derpy

2 Brock Flirting with Women

One of the longest running gags next to Team Rocket trying to capture Pikachu Brock would meet a beautiful girl or usually Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy as he goes gaga over them before being dragged away by either Misty, Max or Croagunk.

I hate this - it’s annoying and makes Brock really unlikeable and creepy

3 Jigglypuff Singing and Putting Everyone to Sleep

Jigglypuff shows up at random points in an episode and sings putting everyone to sleep then gets angry after seeing everyone asleep and uses a marker it took from Ash's bag and scribbles all over their faces.

4 Psyduck Popping Out of Its Pokeball

After one of Misty's pokeball accidentally captures Psyduck it constantly makes a habit of popping out of its pokeball when ever Misty tries to call out another Pokemon and only on rare occasions does Psyduck actually becomes helpful.

5 Serena's Crush on Ash

Ever since Ash helped her when they were young while at Professor Oak's summer camp Serena has been smitten with him and has tried on a number of occasions to get close to Ash show her affection towards him but due to Ash being completely clueless he doesn't pick up on any of it which leaves Serena frustrated.

Ash can be so dense sometimes.

6 No Need to Worry

Dawn's signature catchphrase she uses during the Pokemon Sinnoh region saga.

"That's when I worry the most"

7 Who's that Pokemon?

They still do this?

Yeah, it kinda VERY MUCH SUCKS NOW - Stakamakataka

iiiiits...PIKACHU! THUNDERBOLT! - UltimateHarms

8 Clemont's Inventions Malfunctioning

During the Kalos region saga Clemont would bring out one of his inventions showing it off to Ash, Serena and Bonnie before it abruptly malfunctions and explodes.

Wow, science is so amazing!

9 Ash and Misty Arguing

They're still on the show?

No, Misty left around ruby, saphirre and emerald - Stakamakataka

10 The Future is Now Thanks to Science

Clemont's best line

The Newcomers

? “Is He Your Boyfriend?"
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11 Iris Calling Ash a Kid

Ash, you're such a kid.

€�Ash you are such a kid! ”

ash you're such a kid.

12 Pikachu Destroying the Bikes of Ash's Female Companions

It all started when Ash stole Misty's bike back in the very first episode to get Pikachu to the Pokemon center and after being attacked by a swarm of angry Spearow's Pikachu unleashes a lighting bolt electrifying the spearows and also frying Misty's bike which she was really ticked off about it as she followed Ash until he repayed her for her bike which he never does this would happen yet again in Hoenn and Sinnoh when Pikachu destroyed both May and Dawn's bikes in the same fashion though they more cool about it then Misty.

13 "Jelly Donuts"
14 Characters Mispronouncing Butch's Name

I guess you could say they BUTCHered it?
I apologize for nothing.

15 Wobbuffet Pops Out of His Pokeball Randomly
16 Pikachu Always Using Thunderbolt
17 It's Evaluation Time!
18 Bianca Bumping Into Ash

Since I grew up with the B/W Pokémon anime(also with the OG, but that one was brief), I always found this running gag funny because after Ash got sent into a nearby stream, he always seemed unharmed like other running gags that involved him(besides being wet, that is XP

"Would you please stop doing that?!"

19 Tracey Drawing
20 Team Rocket Getting Caught by Bewear

Sorry if some of you haven't watched the Alola series yet, but this is one of my favorites in Sun and Moon!

21 Clemont Having to Pull Bonnie Away from Proposing to Girls on His Behalf

Probably a remake of theBrock Flirting With Girls Running Gag, yet with a double helix spiral twist or something.

22 The Team Rocket Theme
23 Meowth Having Fantasies About Giovanni
24 Scorbunny Kicking Ash
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