Why the Pokemon Unova/Isshu Series Was Horrible

Let's all reflect on what went wrong in the Pokemon isshu/unova anime...
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1 Made Ash Seem as Smart as a Newb at Pokemon

Extremely unnecessary as they could've used Bianca to help explain how things work to newcomers to the show instead of making a person who went through 4 regions already make it look like he doesn't know what he is doing.

In all fairness though, I rather have Ash be a dumbass then him being a flawless badass superhero with bare-bones personality.

2 Camoron Beat Ash

As I like to call him. All his personality was an extremely lucky idiot. I mean, if it weren't for ash, he would've went to Johto for the ISSHU/UNOVA league. And how does an experience trainer that went to 4 FOUR other leagues before this lose to some newb?

It made no sense Ash should have been able to beat Cameron nothing against the kid but Ash has faced way harder trainers and won.

I hated this character from the start

3 Connoisseur Goal Was Made

Kalos queen is uncreative, sexist, & boring, but I found them a little more tolerable than a 'goal' that is designed for people to go around & push their personal opinion on other people based on their Pokemon. 🤢 And there's nothing to really see any progress towards. How did Cilan become a a-class? How can he become a s-class? And how would those in charge of classifing that useless crap know that he's good enough to go up a class?

4 Battles Sucked

None of them were good. In fact, a lot made OS battles look good.

5 Pikachu Lost to Snivy

It's the same problem with camoron. And it's a completely newb snivy with a newby trainer. It doesn't matter if pikachu couldn't use an electric attack. Pikachu should be able to knock it out with quick attack & iron tail alone.

Ash losing to Gary that one time after the league was reasonable. Ash tying with Paul was reasonable as Paul traveled to a lot of regions like ash did. This was complete B S that made no sense.

He lost because there was some cloud in the sky that prevented Pikachu from using electric attacks -_-

6 Skyla's Anime Character

She may as well just gave out the damn badges. In fact, I'd respect her more if she did that. But no, this stupid b***h tries to predict the battles herself & give out badges that way so she can have time fly around. Really, her grandpa would've done better giving the gym to some random joe blow on the street. But somehow she is able to have a strategy for electric type Pokemon, but she couldn't think that other people had strategies for her c****y flying type Pokemon. I'm pretty sure anyone else would think people coming to the gym would prepare to fight her Pokemon. She's too vain & stupid to think of that.

7 Trip, Burgundy, & Georgia are Awful Rivals

Nothing they did was very memorable they were all pretty much the same character.

I miss Gary, Ritchie, Harrison, Tyson, Morrison and Paul from other regions.

Trip made no sense, & was like a failed clone of Gary & paul. His reason to be a jerk to people made no sense, & nether did how he developed did. He wasn't even interesting at all in the slightest. Gary teasing ash was pretty funny. Saying "your from the bonnies" if you live in kanto isn't. Paul's rivalry with ash was interesting & intense because of their different views & how they clashed. Nothing with trip was interesting or unique.

Burgundy is the typical b***hy obnoxious rival. Her beef was with Cilan, but she picks on ash for no reason. She also loses in every battle she enters. Some 'rival'.

Georgia just hates dragon type specialist because... who knows & is snobby.

8 Ruined Bianca's Character

Game Bianca may have been klutzy, but that wasn't like her only personality! 😒 She was open to what she thought, & knew how to stand up for herself IN THE GAME. But in the anime, she's an idiot that just knocks ash in nearby water, & becomes obnoxious with muscles.

9 Jessie, James, and Mewoth Have No Personality

They are all just villionious. Great. You could've had other people take their spot, & it wouldn't make a difference. You didn't see jessie's bossy, sassy personality that she's known to have, barely saw James kind to some Pokemon side & never saw his pushover side, & barely saw meowth's conniving & the being the brains of the group. Nope most the time they come in with a plan for TR, or doing something evil. They may be good as villains, but as characters they've became so boring.

What? I actually liked edgy Team Rocket over the stupid Team Rocket.

10 Iris was the worst traveling companion

Iris wasn't the worse. she was close to nature, good at understanding dragon types and she even knew how to make medicine, if you don't believe then check in Wikipedia

Iris ruined Dawn's cameo? Haha you guys are desperate to find yet another stupid reason to hate on BW and everything in it. DAWN was the one who imitated Iris' catchphrase, Iris NEVER forced her to. Just accept that Dawn isn't the nice, flawless princess you deluded yourself to think. Good grief, I'm so done with this fandom

Iris wasn't the worst, but she could have been handled better. Yes her catchphrase was annoying, but Iris did care for and respect Ash.

Change this to cilan

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11 Dawn's Pointless Return

She came in for a useless battle tournament when she's a coordinator... w t f? And they made her seem like a prissy idiot, as all she did was pick on the guys with Iris. Then with all the buildup and hype with her here, she loses to her first battle they showed with her. Great.

Misty had a tearfelt goodbye to what was like a child to her, may even though she didn't have a lot of episodes you can tell she really developed from her being known as 'hoenn's princess' & got dawn out of her losing streak. Then we got dawn who did nothing but pick on the boys with Iris & lose. Wow, what a way to have her last appearance on the show. I feel so insulted!

I think they did that to keep people interested in the show after they ran out of ideas. I didn't mind having Dawn around even if I admit it was a tad bit pointless. And sheesh if you are mad about no pearlshipping moments during her cameo you are watching the wrong kind of show e_e

Love Dawn but Yeah! Compared to May's return it was kinda meh!

Didn't mean anything

12 Most of the Pokemon that Ash Caught Barely Did Anything

Ash's failalott mostly came out & lost, scraggy suffered from ash's stupidly, whoatoad? Unfezent was the most neglected regional bird. What did boldore do? Pignite copied charmander's past. Pikachu, krookodile, & leavanni/snivy mostly pulled the weight for ash's team.

13 Ash Did Not Catch Dunsparce

Even though in the anime, Ash only catches current gen mons. Best Wishes was Gen V. Dunsparce is Gen II.

14 Ash Lost to Cameron Who Was Too Much of an Idiot Hero.

Cameron has got to be one of the ditziest anime characters ever.

15 Cilan is a Brock rip off!
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