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1 Democratic Party

As a European my view is that at least the Democrats are a normal party. They have politicy plans and they try to improve the country - healthcare, employment, infrastructure, gun-control, climate change, etc. They also have better relations with allied countries.
Republicans would be a crazy fringe neonazi party in Europe - science-deniers, racist rhetoric, conspiracy theories, autocratic tendencies, victimization, bought by oil and gun lobbies, no actual policies except tax breaks for the rich and cutting social programs.

The Democrats have been more ineffective as a party compared to the Republicans, but the Democrats hold better views. Republicans were anti-racist, but after Abraham Lincoln was gone, most Republican presidents were racist with the exception of a few like Eisenhower. The Democrats were racist, but now they are treating everyone equally.

I just feel that overall the Democratic Party has achieved more than the Republicans. I mean, just look at JFK & Franklin Roosevelt, they stood up for black rights & helped end WWll respectively. Now, there has been many amazing Republican presidents, but I think the Democratic ones have just achieved more, even though they have had fewer presidents. My biggest hope for this country is to have both parties respect each other's beliefs & to stop accusing each other of everything. I am a Democrat, but I respect Republicans for what they believe. Peace ✌️.

Republicans are ruining the planet. They don't care about the fact that climate change is only hurting our children. If republicans care about our children, and are so pro-life, why do they want them to live in a crappy future?

2 Republican Party

Let's be objective here. Under Republicans, the US has prospered, jobs were created, international peace was achieved, ISIS was all but eliminated.

Under Democrats, ISIS flourished, people lost their jobs, the economy crashed, our borders were less secure... literally not a single positive thing. I know people from both ends of the spectrum, and I just became old enough to vote AFTER the last election, but overall, Republicans apply this long-forgotten tactic called "common sense" that most people seem to lack these days. They are just better, end of story.

The Republican Party increasingly fights for the working class and for cutting taxes.

As a Californian, I hate Democratic rule over my state. They've made taxes go up so high for basically everything that even people with pretty high incomes can struggle to survive.

I'd love to move to Florida or Texas, where the state income tax is 0 and sales taxes are much lower. It would be far more affordable than CA, and as a 19 year old college student who will soon have to consider these sorts of things, Republican controlled states seem to be the best for the middle class.

I personally think Republicans do a much better job of running state governments, though there isn't really much of a difference at the federal level. I think I might prefer Dems at the federal level since I really liked Obama but Trump hasn't been as good In my opinion (though I still approve of Trump's job in office).

Has become far to cult like in their candidate choices. Now choosing candidates because of name recognition only. Very little interest in their actual intellect or capabilities.

If anything, Id rather have peace, then constantly interfere in other diplomats. *cough* Syria and Other nations that are having US support FOR SOME REASON. Thanks democrats. And don't say Afghanistan, because again, We were attacked, we didn't go to Afghanistan and disturb them, they doing their own thing, and we doing our own. Republican Party for 4 more years!

3 Libertarian Party

The only party that allows people to hold different opinions without forcing them on everyone. I'm a very conservative Christian, but I don't want to use government and laws to enforce morality on people. If people want to be prostitutes, or do drugs, I think that's wrong and I'll try to persuade them to stop, but I won't stop them by force or ask the state to do so on my behalf.

The Libertarian party just wants to let you live your life as long as you won't hurt anyone else and that is something that I admire.

A party that overall supports guns, recreational drugs, low taxes, gay marriages, private property, and a true free market?

A party that is purely for individualism

The most anarchistic of the five largest parties according to the FEC (Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties).

4 Green Party

The big 2 political parties are too busy worrying about minor problems, when in reality the Green Party is really the only option because without a functioning planet, how can social and economic problems even become relevant? We have to learn to maintain the world on which we live before we have the time to worry about smaller problems.

I would be Republican, but I know Global Warming is real and that the environment must be preserved, so I'm Independent/Green Party. Surprisingly, a lot of Republican candidates this time seem to support the preservation of national parks.

I'm republican economically, but I don't like how most republicans just ignore global warming. Seriously, it's real people. And it is going to kill us if we don't do something about it!

I am a Democrat, and I support doing everything we can to prevent global warming and the destruction of our environment.

5 Bull Moose Party
6 Whig Party

Washington is awesome! Classical all the way!

7 Democratic-Republican Party

If only the US could be under the rule of a Democratic-Republican President. Political equality.

8 American Solidarity Party
9 Constitution Party

Constitution , states it all ...

10 Party for Socialism and Liberation
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11 Independent Party
12 Vermont Progressive Party
13 United States Pirate Party
14 Humane Party
15 Peace and Freedom Party
16 Freedom Socialism
17 Unity Party of America
18 Reform Party
19 Independent Party of Oregon
20 Federalist Party
21 Black Panther Party

I hate racist people. This is a hate group!

Just as bad as the kkk

22 Democratic Socialists of America

Down w/ socialists!

23 Populist Party
24 Transhumanist Party
25 Boston Tea Party
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