Top 10 Examples of Left-Wing Hypocrisy

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1 They say they can support the LGBT community and Islam at the same time, despite the two hating each other

They need to make up their mind, who are they truely supporting?

Yeah this is soo stupid

LOL, I never saw Allah with a gay flag. Also, the only things I agree with the left on are autism control, and that's about it, and I have Autism.

2 They complain about a people getting killed by guns yet celebrate abortions

Yeah.Despite my left leaning views abortion is one of the few things I can agree with the right wing on.Abortion is immoral and should only be allowed in extreme cases

3 They call Trump a traitor yet put illegal immigrants before Americans
4 They claim that $5B for a border wall is too expensive yet they think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's $93T Green New Deal is a good bargain

If the Government took all the money in the world they wouldn't be a tiny bit close to getting the GND to work.

At least the Green New Deal is for the benefit of the world.

No one can afford that

5 They call Trump a racist yet bash white people

Yeah... compare the pages of Black Pride and White Pride on Wikipedia.

Although Trump is racist, bashing white people is also racist.

Only a small minority of leftists do this.SJW's probably only represent like 10% of leftists at the very most.

6 They call Trump supporters Nazis yet some support an ideology that's killed 20x more people than Nazism (communism)

Also Trump's daughter is a convert to Judaism, his former lawyer (screw him anyway) is Jewish, and several veterans who fought the Nazis have stood for Trump.

Yeah... Communism is more dangerous than Nazism, but not as dangerous as Maoism.

7 They complain about Christians being too homophobic yet praise Islam

There are a lot of gay liking/supporting Christians. Me, Chick Fil A (who changed their minds), God himself, etc.

Not all of them are bad

8 They claim that a border wall is bad yet some live in houses with fences and door locks
9 They claim Trump is a tyrant yet they want to take away our guns
10 They call US veterans "baby killers" yet support abortion

Yeah, that's true

As an anti war/non interventionist,not all soldiers and veterans commit war crimes.Some do but not all.

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11 They freak out when Christian bakeries refuse to bake a cake for homosexual couples yet Muslim bakers have done the same and they don't care
12 They hate Trump for being a womanizer but support Bill Clinton
13 They support abortion, but try to intervene when someone wants to kill themselves

So when a mother wants to abort a baby "her body her choice", but when someone already born wants to abort themselves that doesn't apply?

14 They go crazy when a mosque gets shot up but could care less about the hundreds of Christians persecuted each day in the Middle East and Africa

Or about the many mosques that ISIS or even Israel(Not an Anti Semite, just dislike their government) have blown up. And this is a leftist.

15 They hate Detroit for its high crime and violence rate but love Chicago

Chicago has lots of crime, and I'm surprised they hate Detroit considering all the blacks/mixed people living there

16 They blame the NRA for mass shootings yet are affiliated with the political party that introduced gun-free zones, where 92% of mass shootings occur
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