Top Ten Reasons to Think President Trump's First Impeachment Was Stupid

Well President Trump got impeached. This impeachment though honestly unfair and partisan. It contradicts the will of American people. In this list we will be going over why this Impeachment is stupid.
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1 Trump Did Nothing Impeachable

All he did was ask the Ukraine president if Biden did anything bad, which he did. But no, Biden gets nothing, yet Trump gets impeached.

Literally Trump did nothing Impeachable. Sure was this phonecall "perfect", no probably not. That does not constitute Impeachment.

2 It Was a Partisan Movement

Literally this whole impeachment was a Partisan Movement. No Republicans voted for it. Only Democrats supported this not even all the Democrats were united. If this Impeachment was Bipartisan like all the other Impeachments were then maybe I would accept it, but it simply wasn't.

Once the liberals/democrats/SJW's realize that being impeached does not mean being removed from office, first they are going to be shocked, and then mad about being dragged though the mess.

3 The Democrats Were Out to Get Him from Day One

The day Trump was elected. The Dems were out to get him. They say they come at this soberly and saddened at the Impeachment. No they came at this Impeachment process like blood crazed dogs. And they are probably rejoicing at the fact they impeached him.

I agree, but I think Republicans would be looking up for some trumped up (no pun intended) charge for Hilary Clinton if she was President.

4 Most of the Witnesses Had Nothing to Do with the Impeachment

There was one person who had anything to do with it and that was Ambassador Sondland. Otherwise everyone else was useless.

5 It is Useless

What's funny is all the Liberals who think he's gone now. None of them payed any attention in Government class in high school and it shows. But nice try Pelosi.. we all know this is fake

The whole thing will just be shut down in the Senate.

6 The Whistleblower Didn't Even Testify

Who was this whistleblower anyway? If it was real wouldn't they want him to testify?

Pretty self-explanatory. The person who started this whole shanagan didn't even testify.

7 The Trial Itself Was Unfair

You all saw it. The whole trial the Republicans were denied everything. Barely any of their requested witnesses were brought in, the Republicans got no chance to hold their own closed door testimonies, and they didn't even get consulted with on the time of the vote. That trial was unfair on many levels.

8 They Whole Case Was Based on Opinion and Conspiracy Theory Instead of Fact

This whole case was based off the opinions of Democrats and had no real facts.

Yeah there was very little facts. Because even democrats know it was fake

9 They Rushed It

The whole thing was rushed. They say it's because they don't want another "interference in the election", when it's already been proven their was no interference in the last election. They are just butthurt they lost the last election.

Well for the most part. Now Pelosi is holding up on sending it to the Senate. You wanna know why? Because even she knows it's fake. If Trump actually did something there would be no holdup

10 President Zelensky Even Said He Felt No Pressure by President Trump

So wasn't the whole accusation that Trump was pressuring a foreign power to investigate Biden? If their president says he felt no pressure then we know it's fake. He's literally contradicting the entire Democratic accusation

Zelensky, the man pressured by Trump, said he felt no pressure. Why can't we just trust him. I would rather trust him then one of those stupid witnesses who had nothing to do with it.

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11 Nothing Was Accomplished
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