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Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift rules in songwriting and creativity, while Ariana Grande has better vocal talent. I'd still probably choose Taylor Swift because her older songs had so much originality.

Taylor Swift is better because she puts passion into what she makes and wrote some really sweet and beautiful country songs. Plus, "Ronan" which is Taylor's best song, is way better than Ariana's best, which was "The Way". - DCfnaf

Definitely going for Taylor Swift. Her lyrics are more decent

Ariana Grande because she makes songs about more than one topic - venomouskillingmachine

Real Vocals or Autotune?

Real vocals of course. Autotune makes me feel shameful for being computer literate.

REAL VOCALS by far, but I don't hate autotune if it's used with personality. Lady Gaga uses it to have a personality for her music.

Real vocals. Autotune is the worst thing that happened to music.

Real vocals. Why is this even a question?

Just Like Fire or This Is How We Do?

Just like fire

Just like fire! This is how we do was crap

Just Like Fire, I guess. - DCfnaf

Just like Fire - AliciaMae

Lorde or Halsey?

Halsey! Lorde is bad and all of her songs sound the same. Halsey is the best singer ever and all of her songs are so different and amazing. But still all 11/10...How does the best singer ever do it? We will never know...

Lorde is way better than Halsey because Halsey is trying to rip her, and Lana Del Ray, off. - DCfnaf

Lorde, but I don't listen to either.

Halsey, Lorde's voice sometimes gets annoying. - XxembermasterxX

Twenty One Pilots or Fall Out Boy?

Twenty One Pilots, no question. The guys behind Heathens and Stressed Out are awesome and deserve their attention. - DCfnaf

I like both, but Fall Out Boy is much better. Twenty One Pilots are a little too emo - venomouskillingmachine

21 Pilots. Pop/Rap is definitely by far better than rock. I like Ride, Stressed Out and Heathens better than Centuries. - AlphaQ

Fall Out Boy, because his music is more rock and more loud. - RockFashionista

Best Artist of the Decade?

Definitely Adele. Most pop artists nowadays don't seem focused on for their voices, but rather their looks and body parts. Adele is liked for her voice and her awesome music.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson.

Probably Adele.

True Colors or This Is What You Came For?

I see your true colors, shining through. I see your true colors and that's why I love you. - kontrahinsunu

Definitely True Colors. It's an '80s gem that I feel more people need to remember. - RockFashionista

True colors is such a beautiful song.

True Colors by far. It's far more emotional and meaningful. This is What You Came For is just another representation of uncreative, mainstream EDM with overly simplistic synths.

Daya or Alessia Cara?

Alessia Cara is the only one I know. - DCfnaf

Daya is better but I like both. - JamesNortonSucks

I guess Alessia - DCfnaf

Alessia cara

Just Like Fire or What About Us?

Just Like Fire. Although I don't hate What About Us as much anymore because I hear it less, I still prefer Just Like Fire. - allamassal

Just Like Fire - Yoshiandaglover

Just Like Fire - Userguy44

Austin Mahone or Cody Simpson?

Do I really have to choose from these two? - DCfnaf

Neither, that an option?

This is a hard one. - Arcxia

Austin mahone

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Work or Work From Home?

I'm not a fan of either one, but I will take "Work" by Rihanna, something that has a little bit of meaning (and it's not even terrible meaning) over "Work From Home", a song with terrible everything. - DCfnaf

Work I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate now

Work is better, but I don't like either one really. - DCfnaf

Work From Home, but both are trash. - 3DG20

Worst Artist of the Decade?

Jacob Sartorius. - 3DG20

Justin Bieber - westofohio

Justin Bieber - Userguy44

Harry Styles! Such bad, screechy music. 0/10

Grayson Chance or Jackie Evancho?

Jackie Evancho is the only one I know. - DCfnaf

Jackie Evancho duh - XxembermasterxX

Jackie evancho

Jackie Evancho - DCfnaf

Best Male Pop Singer?

Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Adam Levine.

Michael Jackson - Userguy44

Probably Bruno Mars. - 3DG20

Imagine Dragons! :D

Best Song of the Decade?

Best pop song of the decade..."Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele. - DCfnaf

For the 2010's I would say Latin Moon by Mia Martina.

Control by Halsey! It's so amazing! 19/10!

€śImperfection” by Evanescence. Yes, a rock band, but the song is a lot more “poppy” than their other stuff. - 3DG20

Foxes or Lights?

Lights. - JamesNortonSucks

Foxes. - 906389


I don’t know who those are

Ariana Grande or Katy Perry?

Easily Ariana. - AlphaQ

Katy Perry with a landslide. Way better music - westofohio

This Is Also A Hard Question. I'll Say Katy. - Stevenpenguin

Ariana Grande - AliciaMae

Best Female Pop Singer?

I have many choices, but currently my favorite is Adele by far and away. - DCfnaf

Of course Halsey. Her music is beautiful and she has amazing lyrics

Rihanna - westofohio

Rihanna - DaisyandRosalina

ABBA or The Beatles?

THE BEATLES, ABBA is still good. The Charts don't lie - westofohio

I personally like ABBA more - SoldierOfFortune

The Beatles - RoseWeasley

The Beatles. - 3DG20

Clique Girlz or KSM?

KSM. Pretty underrated. - JamesNortonSucks

I don't know either.


Fifth Harmony or Little Mix?

Little Mix. I have nothing against fifth harmony I just prefer little mix's style, vocals, and songs and think they're more talented. I don't want to say that fifth harmony aren't I just think little mix are better.

Little Mix is supposed to be a "Diet-Fifth Harmony" but they can't be because they are better than 5th Harmony. Little Mix by a mile. - AlphaQ

I don't know what Little Mix is...but considering I despise Fifth Harmony, I'm saying Little Mix. - DCfnaf

Little Mix all the way! I like Fifth Harmony, but I ADORE Little Mix.

Old Pop or New Pop?

New pop because imma teenager and no that doesn't mean I don't have a good music taste, I just grew up with more recent songs.

I don't hate new pop to be honest. Old is better, but there is good pop music now.

I personally prefer old pop, but there are some good new pop songs too!

New pop because I think 2017 counts as new. 3 out of my 5 favorite songs were released that year. 1 was 2014, 1 was 2012.

Worst Song of the Decade?

Oh lord. For pop, definitely "Trumpet Lights" by Chris Brown

Sign of The Times by Harry Styles. It's an artless pop tune.

Solo - Clean Bandit. Definition of annoying!


90s pop or 2000s pop?

Both are equally good. - Yoshiandaglover

Both are good

2000s just not 2010s - XxembermasterxX


Owl City or Bridgit Mendler?

Owl City! His songs are unique, almost with a childlike wonder in a way. For some reason, they give me a lot of nostalgia.

Of Course It Will Have To Be Owl City. He's Music Just Makes My Day Complete. - Stevenpenguin

Owl City because he made "Fireflies". - DCfnaf

Owl City but I like both

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